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Vitamin Deficiency Will Increase Likelihood of Illness, Death

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Israel’s Coronavirus National Information and Knowledge Center revealed Monday that vitamin D deficiency might be linked to an increased risk of contracting COVID-19.

According to the center’s report, published Monday and reviewed by the Jerusalem Post, research studies have shown a circumstantial link between vitamin D levels and the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus. Despite the lack of a known causal relationship between the vitamin and COVID-19 risk, the center still recommends that people take vitamin D supplements.

Following the publication of its report, the Coronavirus National Information and Knowledge Center launched a communications campaign to inform the public about the benefits of vitamin D. 


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MSM Hoping Fall/ Winter Flu Will Drive Up COVID Numbers

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The U.S. will top more than 410,000 Covid-19 deaths by the end of the year as the country heads into the fall and winter, according to a new forecast from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.

Covid-19 has already killed at least 186,800 people in the U.S., according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. The model by IHME, whose models have previously been cited by the White House and state officials, forecasts that the death toll will more than double by Jan. 1 and could reach as high as 620,000 if statesaggressively ease coronavirus restrictions and people disregard public health guidance.

“The worst is yet to come. I don’t think perhaps that’s a surprise, although I think there’s a natural tendency as we’re a little bit in the Northern hemisphere summer, to think maybe the epidemic is going away,” Dr. Christopher Murray, director of IHME, told reporters on a conference call Friday.


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UK ONS Figures Show 3x More Deaths From Flu, Pneumonia Than COVID-19


New figures from the UK’s Office of National Statistics show that the number of deaths from flu and pneumonia is three times higher than the total number of coronavirus deaths this year.

The figures show that there were 18,500 total deaths in England and Wales in the week up until April 10, which is around 8,000 above what would be considered “normal” at this time of year. Around a third of those 18,500 are linked to coronavirus.

“But the figures for 2020 also show the impact of flu and pneumonia compared to coronavirus,” reports the BBC. “The number of deaths from flu and pneumonia – at more than 32,000 – is three times higher than the total number of coronavirus deaths this year.”


UK: COVID-19 Peaked Before Lockdown, Fatality Rate Could be as Low as 0.1%

MSM Ignores 1,000+ Missouri Flu Deaths


Missouri is close to recording 1,000 flu-pneumonia deaths so far this flu season, though the state’s flu death toll is lower than last year at the same time.

According to the state health department’s Weekly Influenza Surveillance Report, as of Feb. 22, Missouri has seen 46 deaths directly related to the flu, and 973 deaths where flu victims also contracted pneumonia.

During the same time last year, there were 78 flu deaths and 1,141 flu-pneumonia deaths, according to the Department of Health and Senior Services.


Italy’s Flu Season Left a Larger Victim Pool For COVID-19

Italy Faces The Coronavirus

Italy’s 10% mortality rate has been one of the most disturbing mysteries of the global pandemic.

Italy’s mortality rate is roughly 20x Germany’s (a relatively benign 0.4%), and many multiples of China’s (roughly 2.5%) rate.

As scientists puzzle over the reason, researchers have proposed a theory that’s being vetted by peers: Italy’s mild flu season left a larger victim pool for COVID-19.

Zero Hedge

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National Guard at COVID-19 Test Site Say “It’s the Flu!” (Video)


Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe filmed his experience at the Glen Island Park COVID-19 drive-thru testing facility in New Rochelle, New York.

A New York National Guardsman and a medical professional both told O’Keefe the media is making the virus out to be worse than it actually is.

In the first encounter, O’Keefe asked, “What about the situation itself. Is it as bad as–the media is saying? The whole pandemic?”

“Oh no. It’s just, it’s the flu!” he responded.

“So, it’s not as bad as the media’s saying?” O’Keefe reiterated.

“No. I’m in the tents with them. I’m doing all this shit and I’m not getting sick, I’m good,” the National Guardsman answered.


Dr. Fauci Concedes Coronavirus Death Rate Like ‘Very Bad Flu’


Dr. Anthony Fauci, a key member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, co-authored an article published Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine predicting the fatality rate for the coronavirus will turn out to be no worse than that of a “severe seasonal influenza.”

In an exceptionally bad flu season, the case fatality rate is about 0.1%, the authors write.

Regarding the current coronavirus pandemic, they said: “If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%.”


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Dr. Fauci: Coronavirus Less Severe Than the Flu


Chief medical advisor to the Trump administration, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recent findings have just been published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the world’s leading medical journal. Published continuously for over 200 years, NEJM delivers high-quality, peer-reviewed research and interactive clinical content to physicians, educators, and the global medical community.

“In another article in the Journal, Guan et al. report mortality of 1.4% among 1099 patients with laboratory-confirmed Covid-19; these patients had a wide spectrum of disease severity, If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%.

This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%)  or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to sSARS or MERS, which had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36% respectively.”

Geller Report

80,000 Americans Died From Flu Last Year, No Lockdowns


Sept. 27, 2018 — Influenza was deadlier last season than it has been for at least four decades, killing 80,000 Americans. So said the head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention late Tuesday in an interview with the Associated Press.

As autumn brings another flu season, CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield told the AP that “I’d like to see more people get vaccinated.”

The agency recommends that everyone over the age of 6 months get the annual flu shot.

Last year’s flu season made headlines for its scope and severity, but the new number still surprised experts.


CDC, China Hid Coronavirus For Months, Put World Behind in Fight Against it

Fauci Has A $100 Million Conflict of Interest With Bill & Melinda Gates

60 Flu Cases Confirmed in San Diego From Sick Illegals Flown in From TX


Nearly 60 illegal immigrants at a detention center in San Diego have been diagnosed with flu cases after being transferred from an overcrowded facility in Texas.

San Diego County Public Health Officials reported Wednesday there have been 59 cases of “influenza-like illness” among illegals from Central America who were transferred to California from Texas on May 19.

Some 82 illegals are being quarantined at hotels, while others are being housed in a former San Diego County courthouse converted in January.

The illegals arrived from an overcrowded facility in McAllen, Texas, which stopped receiving people after a flu-related death at the facility caused by an outbreak earlier this month forced them to shut down for cleaning.