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After Countless Terror Attacks, France FINALLY Believes Islam is a Threat


A new poll conducted after the beheading of a teacher in Paris has found that 79% of French people believe Islamism has “declared war” on their country.

The survey was carried out by polling firm Ifop following the jihadist murder of geography teacher Samuel Paty, who was targeted for showing pupils cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during a lesson about freedom of expression.

The murder prompted numerous mass protest marches across the country in defense of free speech and against the Islamic takeover of France.

“87% of French people say they agree with the fact that secularism is now in danger in France, and 79% that Islamism has declared war on the nation and the Republic,” reports Ifop.

The poll also found that the political leader the French people have the most trust in when it comes to combating Islamism is Marine Le Pen.


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Police Interrogated French Teacher Four Days Before His Murder


Police interrogated French schoolteacher Samuel Paty over Mohammed cartoons just four days before his murder after complaints were made by the father of a schoolgirl.

Paty was beheaded by 18-year-old Chechen Aboulakh Anzorov who lay in wait for two hours outside the Bois-d’Aulne school with two boys who identified the teacher in exchange for £300.

The 47-year-old history and geography teacher will today be awarded France’s highest order of merit, the Legion d’Honneur, in recognition of his efforts in trying to explain the importance of freedom of speech.

Daily Mail

FRANCE: Macron Announces 1-Month Curfew to ‘Fight’ covid


France will impose a nightly curfew on almost one third of the country’s 67 million people to tackle a resurgent coronavirus, but a new national lockdown is not envisaged, President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday.

Macron announced the curfews, which will take effect from Saturday and run each night from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. the following morning, shortly after the government declared a new public health state of emergency. The restrictions will last for at least four weeks.


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French Butcher Tear-Gassed by Youth Gang For Selling Pork


A butcher shop in Lyon, France, was targeted for selling pork by a gang of youths who discharged tear gas into the business, according to reports.

Employees of the meat market and caterer say a gang of hoodlums as young as 12-years-old began hurling insults and complaining that the store sold pork products, Le Progrès reports.

“They accused us of selling pork,” one staff work said.

The gang was told to leave the premises, which they did.

Fifteen minutes later, the group returned, this time with a “large tear gas cannister,” which they deployed in the shop with customers present.

Police arrived and chased the youths away, but they returned a third time, armed with a ‘dummy gun.’


France: Illegal Migrant Robs Woman, Sexually Assaults Two More in Drunken Rampage


A male migrant illegally present in France robbed one woman before sexually assaulting two others in separate attacks, according to reports.

The man, who is homeless, claims he was drunk and has no recollection of his crime spree, police say.

“On Tuesday night, Lyon police arrested a man in Tobie Rebatel Square in the 1st arrondissement of Lyon,” Lyon Mag reports.

“Shortly before 1 a.m., a 27-year-old drunken homeless man snatched a woman’s purse but lost his loot as he fled during events that took place at Saint-Antoine Quay in the 2nd arrondissement.”


French National Assembly Approves Abortion UP TO Birth


The French National Assembly has approved a number of amendments to the nation’s bioethics law, one of which would legalize abortion-on-demand up to birth.

By a vote of 60 in favor and 37 opposed, the legislators agreed to permit abortion at any time for a mother undergoing “psycho-social distress,” a nebulous term that allows healthcare workers total leeway to approve the procedure.

French law distinguishes between l’Interruption volontaire de grossesse (voluntary abortion), which must take place no later than the twelfth week of pregnancy, and l’interruption médicale de grossesse (medical abortion), which may be performed without restrictions up to birth.


Criminal Case Launched After 15th Century French Cathedral Catches on Fire


A Roman Catholic church located in Nantes, Pays de la Loire, France has caught fire a year after a devastating blaze hit the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, partially destroying the iconic building.

A major fire has taken place at the Nantes Cathedral, or the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul of Nantes, with the local fire service confirming the blaze.

The emergency services promptly arrived on site, with 104 firefighters and 45 fire engines working at the scene. The blaze was contained after serious efforts, according to the fire department.

In the wake of the fire, the Nantes Prosecutor’s Office has opened an arson case. According to the Ouest-France outlet, there were several sources of ignition in the church.


France: Violent Leftists Hijack Healthcare Workers Protest, Cause Chaos


Violent leftists hijacked a healthcare worker protest in Paris, prompting running battles with riot police as chaos ensued.

The original demonstration by healthcare workers sought to guarantee better pay and increased funding, but it was soon usurped by ‘black bloc’ Antifa-style militants who attacked cops with missiles and overturned vehicles.

Several thousand workers descended on the Ministry of Health, but attention was dragged elsewhere in the city as left-wing radicals staged violent riots.

“These more violent demonstrators hurled bottles and fireworks at the police, who responded by firing tear gas at the mob, some of whom flipped vehicles and set fires,” reports RT.


Marion Maréchal, Marine Le Pen’s Niece, Slams Racism Against Whites

le pen

Marion Maréchal, the niece of Marine Le Pen, has slammed BLM activists, asserting, “I don’t have to apologize as a white person…I didn’t colonize anyone.”

The former National Rally politician posted a video in which she savaged the Black Lives Matter movement, which has manifested itself across Europe in violent riots and looting.

“I don’t have to apologize as a white person and a French one,” said Maréchal in a video posted to Facebook. “You can see what we have been reduced to by having to position ourselves that way. I don’t have to apologize for the death of an offender, Adama Traoré, an accidental death that occurred after an arrest unrelated to his skin color, but to the crimes he allegedly committed.”


French Police Raid Alleged Far-Left Antifa Bomb Factory HQ


French police in the Paris suburb of Bagnolet have arrested four people after discovering the alleged headquarters of the city’s far-left extremist Antifa movement, where it is claimed explosives were being manufactured.

The raid of the building took place on Sunday with officers discovering dozens of Molotov cocktails and other incendiary devices.

The building, which has been occupied by members of the far-left extremist movement, featured various radical slogans including: “A cop, a bullet, social justice.”

The building also featured graffiti stating “Welcome to our Paris HQ Antifa75”, fueling speculation that the squat was the headquarters of the Paris chapter of the extremist group, Le Point reported on Wednesday.