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UK Govt Medical Officer: Masks Will Be Worn For Years, COVID Here to Stay


The UK’s deputy chief medical officer warned Wednesday that despite the arrival of COVID vaccines, face masks will still have to be worn “for years” to come.

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam said that he expects to see the face coverings become as commonplace as they are in China and other places in the far east.

Van-Tam urged that there will be no opportunity to “have a massive party and throw out our masks and hand sanitiser” now that a vaccine is here.

Van-Tam also warned that “the vaccine isn’t going to help you if you don’t take it,” adding that “Watching others take it and hoping that this will then protect you isn’t going to work.”


Deep State Admit “New Normal” is Permanent, COVID Not Going Away

World Economic Forum Encourages People to Eat Weeds, Drink Sewage


The World Economic Forum published two articles on its website which explored how people could be conditioned to get used to the idea of eating weeds, bugs and drinking sewage water in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

Yes, really.

“Finding new plant-based foods is becoming increasingly urgent with the world’s population forecast to grow by two billion in the next 30 years,” states an article authored by Douglas Broom published on the official WEF website

“While farming animals for meat generates 14.5% of total global greenhouse emissions, weeds capture carbon from the atmosphere and can therefore help to control climate change.”


Globalist Magazine Tells War-Torn Congo to Eat Bugs to “Save the Planet”

EU ‘Green’ Agenda Calls For Eating Bugs To Save the Planet

Klaus Schwab Brags About the COVID “Great Reset”

‘Great Reset’ Seeks to Eliminate Currency, Private Property, Civil Rights

John Kerry Says ‘Great Reset’ Needed to Stop Rise of Populism

The Great Reset: Corporate America Can Operate, Small Businesses Shut Down

Trudeau Calls “Great Reset” a Conspiracy the Day After Celebrating it

NYT Says “Great Reset” a “Conspiracy” While Deep State Celebrates It

“Great Reset” Mastermind Suggests “Brain Scans” Before Allowing Travel!

Illegal COVID Lockdowns Designed to Break Will of the Public


When people become desperate enough, those in power can get most of them to do just about anything. 

The first wave of lockdowns knocked us into the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s, it sent suicide rates soaring all over the globe, and it plunged millions upon millions of ordinary citizens into a deep state of despair. 

Now another wave of lockdowns is being instituted all over the planet, and this is going to perfectly set the stage for the “solutions” that the elite plan to offer all of us in 2021.

It has been said that if you want people to be willing to accept a solution, first you have to make them realize that they have a problem.

And once this “dark winter” finally ends, almost everybody will be absolutely desperate to return to their “normal” lives.

Economic Collapse

COVID Was Used to Wreck Trump’s Record-Breaking Economy (Video)

Illegal Lockdowns Are Being Used to Break the Will of the People

MSM Want to Permanently Cancel American Holidays, Culture, History

commie trash 3

Not content with metaphorically canceling Christmas in recent years in an attempt to be ‘woke’, CNN wants to literally cancel the holiday this year, declaring “we just can’t do it” because of COVID.

CNN Newsroom host Boris Sanchez rolled out “medical analyst” Dr. Jonathan Reiner, setting up the segment by announcing that Reiner had last week called Thanksgiving “the mother of all super spreader events.”

The Grinch then decreed that Americans shouldn’t even be thinking about gathering or traveling for Christmas.

“People tend to travel, want to travel, want to be with family, but we just can’t do it this year,” Reiner declared.


CDC Wants to Cancel the Holidays

COVID Police State Wants to Take Holidays Away

CDC Wants to Cancel Halloween, Says It’s Not Safe

CDC Instructs Americans on How to Enjoy Thanksgiving

Andrew Cuomo to Have Thanksgiving Family After Telling New Yorkers Not to

Dem NM Governor Admits: “You Can’t Enforce” Limited Thanksgiving Gatherings

Oregon Governor Criminalizes Thanksgiving

Biden Wants You to Have A 5-person Thanksgiving Where Everyone Wears Masks Inside the Home

CDC Recommends Virtual Gatherings, Bringing Your Own Food For Thanksgiving CA

Gov. Newsom Announces Draconian Rules For Thanksgiving

Deep State Admit “New Normal” is Permanent, COVID Not Going Away


In a Thursday interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais, Dr. Ian Lipkin, director of the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health, said that the novel coronavirus may never go away.

Per Newsweek, which published a translation of the interview, Lipkin said that the public will have to adapt and learn how to “live the rest of our lives with this virus.”

“It is going to be a recurring problem. I don’t think life will ever be completely normal again.”

Lipkin said that it is likely future generations will be vaccinated against COVID-19, but noted that additional booster doses may be necessary. The expert described the progress in vaccine development as “staggering,” suggesting that vaccines developed by Moderna and Pfizer will be able to significantly reduce the spread of the virus.

Zero Hedge

Sedition is the New Normal (Video)

New Normal: MP Urges Mandatory Vaccination to be Allowed to Travel

Rhode Island Officials Prepare ‘New Normal’ Rules For Film Crews

New Normal: Concert-Goers Enjoy Show in Plastic Bubbles

New Normal: UNC Develops “Health Greeter Kiosk” to Enforce Mask Wearing

Deborah Birx Tells Americans to Accept the ‘New Normal’

Life in a Pod: The New Normal

New Normal: College Students Welcomed Back by Robots, Radical Changes

New Normal: TSA to Check Passengers’ Temperature at Airports

Corporate America to Maintain ‘New Normal’ Long After Lockdowns End

Eco-life in 2040 (Planned-opolis)

Those Who Fear Disease Most Are Likely to Prefer Authoritarian Regimes


Covid-19 has unleashed a pandemic of restrictive measures on the population. 

Lockdowns and mask mandates are becoming widespread. Libertarians have been vociferously denouncing covid-19 containment strategies as draconian. Evolutionary psychologists, however, argue that reactions in favor of government restrictions are the norm in environments where the public fears contamination. According to the parasitic stress theory popularized by Randy Thornhill and Corey Fincher, societies with a high prevalence of diseases are more supportive of authoritarian policies. This is unsurprising because to prevent transmissions experts often recommend limiting movement. Due to fear, citizens would have a vested interest in promoting policies claiming to lower infections. Likewise, the aversion to contracting covid-19 has forced many to advocate hysterical policies. For anthropologists interested in analyzing the parasitic stress theory, covid-19 is a perfect case study.

Murray, Schaller, and Suedfeld (2013) in their discussion of the relationship between pathogens and authoritarianism elucidate the importance of disease control mechanisms in germ-rich societies. “Because many disease-causing parasites are invisible, and their actions mysterious, disease control has historically depended substantially on adherence to ritualized behavioral practices that reduced infection risk. Individuals who openly dissented from, or simply failed to conform to, these behavioral traditions, therefore, posed a health threat to self and others.” Unfortunately, as covid-19 has demonstrated, people are willing to subject themselves to rituals even if they have no discernible impact on deterring transmissions. One must appear to be complying with the crowd or face expulsion. Humans are emotional creatures, and hence they give primacy to symbolic gestures. For example, recently researchers noted that “no direct evidence indicates that public mask wearing protects either the wearer or others.” Yet despite the dearth of evidence in favor of wearing masks, the researchers nevertheless advocated their use in the name of group solidarity: “Given the severity of this pandemic and the difficulty of control…we suggest appealing to altruism and the need to protect others.”


Belgium: Police Will Knock on Doors at Christmas to Enforce COVID Rules


Belgians have been told that they can expect a knock on the door from police at Christmas if they are not properly following COVID-19 rules.

Yes, really.

Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden warned citizens that their Christmas parties will be interrupted by authorities if they make too much noise.

“If necessary, if there is a lot of noise, for example, the police will knock on doors,” she said.


Belgium to Scrap Face Mask Rules

Belgium Moving Migrants to Air Force Base Against Mayor’s Rejection of Idea

Massive Unemployment Among Migrants In Belgium

Belgium to Open Asylum Center Packed With ‘Young Men,’ Concerning Citizens

‘Peaceful’ Syrian Refugee in Belgium Tests Bombs in Back Yard For “Fishing”

Farage: EU, Belgium Are Artificial Creations

Leader of the Islam Party in Belgium Ignored Women During Live TV Debate

Muslim Couple in Belgium Beat Their Children For Being “Too Western”

Belgium and Netherlands Move Shared Border After Headless Corpse Found

Belgium Wants Kids To Practice Oral Sex, Calls Criticism ‘Prudishness’

Dominion is Proof That Our Republic Has Been Hijacked by the Deep State (Video)

deep state

Due to widespread evidence of vulnerabilities including memory card infiltration and security protocol failure. The Controversial Diebold election system that threatened Democracy in the 2000’s wasn’t replaced. Diebold changed its name to Premier Election Solutions in 2007. In 2009 Election Systems & Software acquired Premier Election Solutions. Soon after the Department of Justice filed a civil antitrust lawsuit against ES&S, requiring it to divest voting equipment systems assets it acquired from Premier Election Solutions. The company then sold the assets to Dominion Voting Systems.

Currently the United States is not a functioning Republic. Our system has been hijacked. And it is up to you. Not your politicians and not the mindless propagandists on television gaslighting you into oblivion. It is up to you.


Globalists Planning to “Subvert Your Rights and Take Your Prosperity”


Fox News host Laura Ingraham laid out in stark terms the future for America should Joe Biden actually get sworn in as president in January, warning that the Democrats and their globalist allies are already plotting how to take away American freedoms.

During her Friday monologue on “The Ingraham Angle”, Ingraham broke down how prominent globalist figures are already charting how to limit your Constitutional rights and wealth via the Great Reset.

“The globalists are determined to ram through their agenda,” she said. “And given Biden’s age and mental acuity – or lack thereof – they probably feel like they have a very narrow window, a very short window to achieve their grand designs.”


‘Great Reset’ Seeks to Eliminate Currency, Private Property, Civil Rights

‘Great Reset’ Seeks to Eliminate Currency, Private Property, Civil Rights


With the results of the 2020 General Election soon to be discovered, the next great threat on the horizon – aside from losing the Republic to Democratic Socialism forever, is “The Great Reset.” It will impact everyone on the planet and be the declaration that Big Brother is here to stay.

Global political elitists, like European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and failed Democrat presidential candidate and former Secretary of State John Kerry, are positioning themselves to use Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden as the driver of the World Economic Forum’s “The Great Reset” mission.

The Great Reset seeks to execute an intrusive and wholesale transformation of the world’s economy and the economic system we have known since the beginning of time. It seeks to radically alter the world’s economy by: abolishing money in deference to digital currency, which the government would be able to adjust and control; eliminating all private property, and greatly reducing the potency of democracy for the sake of a “New World Order.”

National File

John Kerry Says ‘Great Reset’ Needed to Stop Rise of Populism

Trudeau Calls “Great Reset” a Conspiracy the Day After Celebrating it

NYT Says “Great Reset” a “Conspiracy” While Deep State Celebrates It

“Great Reset” Mastermind Suggests “Brain Scans” Before Allowing Travel!

Klaus Schwab Brags About the COVID “Great Reset”

The Great Reset is a Dystopian Nightmare

“Fourth Industrial Revolution” Will Be a Dystopic Technocratic Hell