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Top ‘Anti-Racist’ Dem Staffer Tweeted ‘NIGGA’ Over 20 Times, Targeted Asians, Indians and ‘Super Homo’ LGBT Community

Steven Horsford (D-NV4) has repeatedly slammed the Trump administration over what he claims is “racism” or “anti-LGBT” policies.

Meanwhile, Shelbie Bostedt, who has served as the two-term African-American Congressman’s Press Secretary since June 2019, has tweeted the word “n*gga” or “n*ggas” over 20 times, as well as tweeting the hashtag “#DirtyMexicans.”

Bostedt has mocked Indian accents and taken particular aim at Asians, in a series of tweets dating back to 2013.

“THERE IS AN ASIAN BRIGADE IN MCCARRAN. I REPEAT: ASIAN BRIGADE,” she tweeted, and in another racially motivated attack, said of Asian classmates: “There are almost too many stereotypes to count.”

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Reddit Says It Will Allow Hate Speech Against “People Who Are in the Majority”


After The Donald subreddit was banned by Reddit, users drew attention to the site’s policy on hate speech, which explicitly does not protect “people who are in the majority.”

Although it had been largely inactive for months after the owners set up TheDonald.win, Reddit banned the forum which was home to over 800,000 Trump supporters.

This occurred on the same day that streaming site Twitch temporarily suspended President Trump’s channel for “hate speech”.

An interesting caveat to emerge out of Reddit’s censorship is that the site’s section on Promoting Hate Based on Identity or Vulnerability explicitly states that hate speech is still permitted towards “people who are in the majority.”


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Digital Hate Watchdog wants US websites banned from Google AdSense

hate speech

The Centre for Countering Digital Hate has released a blacklist of 10 US-based websites it wants banned from Google AdSense for “racism.”

Working together with NBC News, the Centre for Countering Digital Hate, or CCDH, succeeded in getting ZeroHedge banned from Google’s adsense, but it turns out they’re not the only websites on their blacklist.

Stop Funding Fake News, a project by the CCDH, has put 10 US-based websites, including ZeroHedge, on a blacklist for posting “racist articles about the protests.”

Sites on the list include: American Greatness, Moonbattery, American Thinker, Big League Politics, WND, The Washington Standard, Gateway Pundit, and Breitbart. The Federalist is also on the list, and were targeted by Google, but were allowed to remain on AdSense after removing their comments section.

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NBC News Reporter Thanks Foreign Groups for ‘Collaboration’ in Pushing Google to ‘Defund’ The Federalist

Politicians React to Google’s Demonetization Threat to the Federalist, ZeroHedge

Black Student Union Demands ‘Disciplinary’ Board to Punish Students For ‘Hate Speech’


Citing the recent deaths of unarmed black Americans like George Floyd, the Black Student Union at the University of Florida issued a list of demands for an “equal” learning environment including a “hate-speech” board, mandatory diversity training, and fewer police officers on campus.

According to the demand list posted to the group’s Instagram account, the BSU called on UF to implement a “zero-tolerance” policy that would punish students who use “hate speech” and “hateful and dangerous language.”

In addition, the BSU says students who use hate speech should be suspended and would go before a board that would review the evidence.

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Blogging Platform Bans Writer For Listing Corporations That Defended Rioters


An independent blogger has been banned from the Medium platform after she complied a list of corporations that have gone ‘woke’, glommed onto black lives matter activism and defended ‘protests’ that led to looting and rioting.

Medium banned conservative writer Ashley Goldenberg, who goes by the moniker ‘Communism Kills’.

Medium sent an email to Goldenberg, informing her that she had violated the site’s rules against “hate speech, disinformation, and targeted harassment.”


BannedBook: FB Removes Record Number Of ‘Hate Speech’ Posts


Facebook has released its biannual Community Standards Enforcement Report which shows the number of controversial posts the company has removed from the platform.

As Statista’s Niall McCarthy shows below, the social media giant deleted a record number of hate speech posts with 9.6 million pieces of content taken down between January and March 2020 compared to 5.7 million in the prior period.

4.7 million posts were removed that originated from organized hate groups in the first quarter of this year which is an increase of more than 3 million on Q4, 2019.

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San Antonio City Council Declares “Chinese Virus” to be “Hate Speech”

san antonio

San Antonio City Council has unanimously passed a resolution that declares the terms “Chinese Virus” and “Kung Flu Virus” to be hate speech.

President Trump and many of his supporters have used variations of both terms as a reminder that COVID-19 did indeed originate in China.

This prompted the media and leftists to claim Trump was being “racist” despite the fact that viruses are routinely named after their place of origin.

Now San Antonio City Council has officially declared such language to be “hate speech.”


‘Blackface’ Trudeau Wants “Significant Penalties” For Online “Hate Speech”


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is asking his ministers to create “significant penalties” for individuals engaging in “hate speech” on social media.

In a letter written to Minister of Canadian Heritage Steven Guilbeault, Trudeau asked that social media companies be required to “remove illegal content, including hate speech, within 24 hours or face significant penalties.”

“This should include other online harms such as radicalization, incitement to violence, exploitation of children, or creation or distribution of terrorist propaganda,” the Prime Minister continued.


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Canada: Two Men Fired For Saying “Eskimo” in Private Conversation


Two Canadian men were fired from their jobs after one of them used the word ‘Eskimo’ in a private conversation.

The two men were boarding a flight from Labrador to Newfoundland when Dave Beck said the word “Eskimo.”

His friend Thomas Scott responded by asking, “Can you smell him?”

The conversation was overheard by Innu Nation member and former Labrador MP Peter Penashue and other passengers.

Beck and Scott, who worked primarily as plasterers and painters, had been working on a hotel renovation project overseen by Kankote Enterprises.


Two Men Arrested For ‘Hate Speech’ in Connecticut


University of Connecticut Police arrested Monday two men who were allegedly seen in a viral video reciting a racial slur.

The incident occurred on Oct. 11 in the parking lot of an off-campus apartment complex. In the video, there are three men walking through the lot. An individual took the video from the window of an apartment building, according to local media reports.

The video prompted the UConn NAACP chapter to pen a letter to the editor of the campus newspaper, The Daily Campus, calling on officials “to fully investigate this incident and apply the proper justice.” Following those calls, the university confirmed to Campus Reform Monday that two of the three men allegedly seen in the video were arrested under a Connecticut state statute that makes it a crime to “ridicule” certain persons.

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