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JPMorgan: Investors Should Prepare for Rising Odds of a Trump 2020 Win


JPMorgan Chase & Co. informed investors on Monday that they should prepare for rising odds that President Donald Trump could win reelection in 2020.

Company strategist Marko Kolanovic indicated that although most investors were preparing for a Joe Biden win, they should be aware of the growing trends in Trump’s favor. Biden still leads Trump by a slim margin in many polls, but Kolanovic warned that poll bias could miss a five to ten point unseen gap for Trump.

“Betting odds that earlier had Trump well behind challenger Joe Biden are now nearly even – largely due to the impact on public opinion of violence around protests, as well as potential bias in polls,” Kolanovic wrote according to Bloomberg News.

He noted that shifting public opinion against the ongoing riots in America’s major cities could help Trump as well as an improvement in coronavirus numbers.