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AUSTRALIA: Four Newborns Die After Being Denied Surgery Due to COVID


Four newborn babies in Adelaide, Australia have died after being denied life-saving heart surgery due to coronavirus travel restrictions.

Adelaide is the only mainland Australian capital that doesn’t provide paediatric cardiac surgery, therefore around 100 babies a year have to be sent interstate to receive treatment.

However, due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions imposed by the Australian government, transfers to Melbourne have stopped and the babies have to make a longer journey to Sydney instead.

“Obsetrician Professor John Svigos said four babies who had died in Adelaide in the past month had been unable to be transferred and would have “almost certainly” benefited from on-site surgery,” reports 9 News.


Parts of Europe Enter ‘Second Wave’ Lockdown


Ireland has imposed some of Europe’s toughest coronavirus restrictions as it went back into lockdown.

Prime Minister Micheal Martin laid out the new level-5 measures on Monday after Ireland’s National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) recorded 1,031 new cases of infections on Monday.

Under the new measures, non-essential retail businesses will be shut while bars and restaurants will be restricted to a takeaway service.

The new measures will come into effect for six weeks on Wednesday, making Ireland the first EU nation to re-enter the coronavirus lockdown.

“Everyone in the country is being asked to stay at home,” Martin said in a televised speech, with exercise allowed only within a 5-kilometer (3-mile) radius of home. The government also announced “there will be a penalty” for violating the 5-kilometer restriction.

Schools will also be allowed to function “because we cannot and will not allow our children and young people’s futures to be another victim of this disease,” Martin said.


First Minister of Wales: Lockdown designed deliberately to be ‘short but very sharp’

WHO Europe Director Says Govts Should Stop Enforcing Lockdowns

CCP’s WHO Now Urges World Leaders NOT to Use Lockdowns to Fight COVID

Betray America and Go To Hell (Video)

go to hell

America is faced with a Legion of Doom. Recently, two of its top villains expressed their utter contempt for reason and the basic facts regarding their dangerous power-wielding hypocrisy.

Michigan Governor Whitmer got a reality check when President Trump recently visited her state on a campaign stop. She reacted by playing the victim card for a kidnapping plot where the smoke hasn’t even cleared yet.  And does she have a rational explanation for the “8645” numbers placed indiscriminately behind her.  Everybody knows 86 is the slang term to murder someone while President Trump is our 45th President.

After Whitmer’s draconian emergency pandemic lockdown orders were ruled unconstitutional by the Michigan Supreme Court, Whitmer, no stranger to toying with the upcoming election, vetoed legislation that would stem the tide of voter fraud.


Michigan Supreme Court Strikes Down Whitmer’s COVID Restrictions

tyrany bitch

The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled, for the second time in less than 30 days, that Governor Gretchen Whitmer illegally overstepped her authority, substituting executive orders for legislation during the COVID crisis.

The state’s Supreme Court struck down all executive orders Whitmer had issued during the COVID-19 pandemic. The 4-to-3 ruling declared the executive orders Whitmer issued under the Emergency Powers of Governor Act have “no continuing legal effect.”

In a separate ruling, the Michigan justices ruled 6-to-1 to reject Whitmer’s request to delay the annulment of her orders until October 30, 2020.

Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield (R), celebrated the ruling, writing on Twitter, “Another big win at the Supreme Court today!”


Whitmer Kidnap Plot Distracting From Illegal Lockdown Ruling (VIdeo)

Suspect in Whitmer Kidnap Plot Was Pardoned by Delaware Governor in 219

MI Supreme Court: Whitmer Lockdown Measures Unconstitutional

Whitmer Uses Emergency Alert System To Dictate Mask Wearing

How Sweden Avoided Lockdown “Fatigue”


Swedish health chief Olivia Wigzell explained that her country didn’t impose the kind of draconian coronavirus lockdown seen in other European countries in order to prevent the public from developing “pandemic fatigue.”

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sweden chose to go for herd immunity by refusing to impose a hard lockdown, meaning bars, restaurants, gyms, workplaces and schools remained open and vulnerable people were told to shield while mandatory mask rules were avoided.

Despite the mainstream media predicting that this would lead to massive fatalities, Sweden has recorded under 6,000 coronavirus deaths and now has the lowest death rate in Europe.

The Scandinavian country’s GDP fared better than the rest of Europe and now large segments of the population have developed herd immunity, reducing the impact of any potential “second wave.”

Illustrating how the country is already virtually back to normal, a young woman posted a video of herself boarding a train in Stockholm showing minimal social distancing and hardly anyone wearing masks.


TX County Judge Calls on Governor to Reopen Texas


A county judge in North Texas is calling on Governor Greg Abbott to completely reopen businesses in the state, based on the “science and data.”

Following Gov. Abbott’s announcement last week allowing bars to reopen in areas where there are low COVID numbers – and after a county judge approves – Ellis County Judge Todd Little on Friday issued a memo expressing the state should be fully reactivated.

“It’s past time for businesses to be wide open for Texans to enjoy life as we once knew it,” Judge Little wrote in his memo. “I am requesting Governor Abbott fully reopen all businesses to 100% capacity.”

Judge Little went on to highlight the economic devastation caused by the lockdown, and declared Texans can responsibly manage their own health.


New Orleans Will Move to Phase 3.2 Friday

new orleans

The City of New Orleans will move to Phase 3.2 this Friday, Mayor Cantrell announced Tuesday.

The announcement came as she and city CAO Gilbert Montano went before the House Appropriations Committee in Baton Rouge.

There will be a news conference Thursday to formally announce the move to Phase 3.2.

The mayor also addressed city furloughs that will affect thousands of city employees.

“The hurt is real,” the mayor said to lawmakers as she pointed to a $150 million deficit because of COVID-19.

Cantrell said $200 million in city expenses qualify for federal COVID-19 aid, but city has only been approved for less than $60 million.

The mayor went on to say her restrictions are designed to slow the spread of COVID-19 and have successfully done that. She says bars will open to outside patio service this week and visitors want to travel to a place they feel is safe.

Fox 8 Live

Federal Judge Slams PA’s Shutdown Order, Wolf to Appeal Ruling


PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP) – Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration says it will appeal a federal judge’s ruling that pandemic restrictions that required people to stay at home, placed limits on gatherings and ordered “non-life-sustaining” businesses to close are unconstitutional.

Butler, Fayette, Greene and Washington counties — and some Republican officials like Congressman Mike Kelly and state Reps. Marcie Mustello, Daryl Metcalfe and Tim Bonner — filed a lawsuit against Gov. Wolf and Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine.

“We didn’t seek a dollars worth of damages, we sought a declaration that these things were wrong and that’s exactly what Judge Stickman’s order finds. The state was wrong,” said Attorney Tom King.

Tom said the plaintiff’s constitutional rights were violated. The counties were in the “red” phase when they filed the lawsuit in May, saying the restrictions on businesses and gathering limits were unconstitutional.

“It declares that the stay at home orders were unconstitutional — should never have happened, that the business shutdown orders violate two sections of the U.S. Constitution and picking winners and losers shall not happen again in Pennsylvania under these circumstances,” King said.

CBS Pittsburgh

MI Supreme Court: Whitmer Lockdown Measures Unconstitutional

Kentucky AG Calls Governor’s Travel Restrictions Unconstitutional

Texas Judge: Mandatory Face Masks Laws Unconstitutional

Pennsylvania Admits Using Face Masks to Socially Condition Public

Tom Wolf Holds Pennsylvania Hostage Until a ‘Foolproof’ Vaccine is Available

Lockdown 2.0: Harsher Rules, Deeper Confusion


Australia’s second-largest city, Melbourne, is grappling with a spiraling coronavirus outbreak that has led to a lockdown with some of the toughest restrictions in the world — offering a preview of what many urban dwellers elsewhere could confront in coming weeks and months.

The new lockdown is the product of early success; the country thought it had the virus beat in June. But there was a breakdown in the quarantine program for hotels. Returning travelers passed the virus to hotel security guards in Melbourne, who carried the contagion home.

New York Times

Melbourne Authorities Use Surveillance Drones to Enforce Face Masks

Melbourne COVID Checkpoints Ensure Workers Allowed to Leave Their Homes

Melbourne Police Put Chokehold on Woman For Violating Lockdown (Video)

Melbourne: Police Can Enter Homes Without a Warrant For ‘Spot Checks’

Melbourne Police Surround Tower Blocks Following New Lockdown

Melbourne Imposes COVID Lockdown, Door-to-Door Forced Testing

Residents of Melbourne, Australia, Ordered Back Into COVID LOCKDOWN

Disneyland, Universal Studios Beg Newsom to Allow Them to Reopen


Disneyland, Universal Studios, and the other members of the California Attractions and Parks Association (CAPA) are urging California Governor Gavin Newsom to reopen theme parks across the state as soon as possible. In a statement released Monday by CAPA executive director Erin Guerrero, the group revealed it’s hoping to get residents back to work quickly in a safe manner. In addition to representing Disneyland and Universal Studios, the Sacramento-based organization represents Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain, SeaWorld San Diego, Legoland California, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and California’s Great America.

All locations have been shuttered since March as Los Angeles and the surrounding area served as a hotbed for coronavirus activity.

“California’s amusement parks urge the governor to issue amusement park guidelines expeditiously so these vital community attractions can reopen their doors in a responsible manner and get residents back to work,” Guerrero’s statement read.

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