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Melbourne: Police Can Enter Homes Without a Warrant For ‘Spot Checks’


Police in Melbourne, Australia now have the power to enter people’s homes without a warrant and perform ‘spot checks’ to enforce compliance with new coronavirus lockdown rules.

After the state of Victoria announced a “state of disaster” in response to a spike in coronavirus cases, Premier of the state Daniel Andrews told residents, “We can no longer have people simply out and about for no good reason whatsoever.”

In addition to an 8pm to 5am curfew, residents can only leave their homes outside those hours to shop for food and essential items, carry out care and caregiving, as well as daily exercise and work.


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Lockdown ‘Killed Two People For Every Three That Died of Coronavirus’


Lockdown killed two people for every three that died of the coronavirus, shocking new government figures have revealed.

It is thought that as many as 16,000 people died because they didn’t get medical care between March 23 and May 1.

In the same period, 25,000 Britons died of the virus.

The new figures were presented to the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) in the middle of July.

Daily Mail

Thousands Protest COVID Restrictions in Berlin (Video)


Thousands of protesters fed up with authoritarian coronavirus lockdown restrictions filled the streets of Berlin, Germany, Saturday for a “Day of Freedom” rally.

Few protesters wore a mask or respected the 1.5-metre (five-foot) social distancing requirement, an AFP journalist reported, despite police repeatedly calling on them via megaphone to do so.

Berlin police tweeted they had launched legal proceedings action against organisers for not respecting virus hygiene rules.


Trump Says Fauci Would Lock USA Down For ‘Couple of Years’ If Not Overruled by President (Video)


In a rare candid interview with Barstool Sports President Dan Portnoy, President Donald Trump revealed that Dr. Anthony Fauci would like to see the country “closed up” for a “couple of years,” but that he frequently overrules the doctor in his capacity as president.

While being interviewed at the White House by Portnoy, who has taken up day trading as a hobby while his sports website receives less traffic due to COVID-19 cancelling or postponing nearly all sports, President Trump revealed that he has to “overrule” Fauci to ensure the government does what is best for the American economy as well as the American people.

Portnoy began the segment by asking President Trump about Fauci’s opening pitch, which was scheduled to occur after the interview was recorded, questioning the doctor’s athleticism.

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The COVID-19 Testing Hoax is About to Go Mainstream (Video)


Local news across the United States is confirming that people who have never been tested are being told they tested positive for COVID and are then being forced to take a test to prove they are not positive!

Alex Jones breaks down how this is all part of the organized hysteria and fraud being pushed so the country can be kept on lockdown, the nation bankrupted, and the election sabotaged.

Watch & share this exclusive report exposing the astronomical phony numbers we are currently seeing that do not reflect reality.


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Second Round Of $1,200 Stimulus Checks To Be Sent Out Next Week


Senate Republicans under the leadership of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have confirmed plans to send out a second round of stimulus relief checks during the coronavirus shutdown.

The coronavirus relief plan was originally slated to be sent out next week, but has been delayed while officials go over the fine details.

According to CNBC, the Republican plan will cost roughly $1 trillion, a number which Democrats believe is far too low.

In March, House Democrats under the leadership of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempted to push through a stimulus plan that included “racial pay equity,” mandated corporate board diversity quotas, newspaper bailouts, early voting plans, and windmill and airplane carbon emission regulations:

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U.N. Pushes Permanent COVID-19 Lockdown (Video)


On this special live Saturday broadcast, Alex Jones breaks down the globalists’ latest push via the United Nations and World Health Organization to keep the world under an indefinite state of lockdown to cripple all economies to introduce a world currency and technocratic medical world government. President Trump is also prepared to announce that the United States and China are officially at war, with China firing the first shot by unleashing the coronavirus pandemic upon the world.


TX Gov Warns More Shutdowns Coming if Mask Mandate Isn’t Obeyed


The state of Texas has surpassed 10,000 current hospitalizations for the first time while reporting more than 9,000 new cases for the third time this week.

Governor Greg Abbott is again warning if the mandatory mask order does not help significantly slow the spread, some other restrictions are possible.

The governor is really delivering a warning that things will get worse, and he hasn’t ruled out further shutting down portions of the economy.

Gov. Abbott isn’t holding back. In an interview with KLBK-TV on Friday, he’s bracing Texans the pandemic will get worse.


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Lockdown 2.0 Orders Advised in 20 States


Americans who live in 20 states — over one third of the country — should not be traveling right now, according to the Harvard Global Health Institute’s risk-assessment map, which shows a growing number of states surpassing the thresholds for allowing non-essential travel.

According to CDC guidelines, you should reconsider traveling if COVID-19 is spreading where you live. “Even if you don’t have symptoms, you can spread COVID-19 to others while traveling,” says the CDC’s travel page.

The HGHI’s color-coded map provides a simple way for Americans to assess that risk. Each state has a rating of green, yellow, orange or red, based upon the number of new daily cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 people over a seven-day rolling average. The tool also lets you drill down to the county level.


Residents of Melbourne, Australia, Ordered Back Into COVID LOCKDOWN


Australian officials have reissued stay-at-home orders for the 5 million residents of Melbourne amid a sudden spike in cases of COVID-19 in the area. The border between Australia’s most populous states will close.

Officials issued a six-week stay-at-home order on Tuesday to Melbourne, Australia’s second-most populous city.

The lockdown went into place hours before the border between the state of Victoria, of which Melbourne is the capital, and New South Wales (NSW) was due to close.

Victoria reported 191 new cases of the coronavirus between Monday and Tuesday, its biggest spike since the outbreak began.