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Jeremy Corbyn’s Brother Piers Fined £10,000 After Mass Anti-Lockdown Protest in London


Piers Corbyn, a famous COVID-19 dissident, brought together thousands of people in London’s Trafalgar Square on Saturday to demonstrate against the government’s coronavirus measures and reject mass vaccinations.

According to newly-introduced rules, organisers of gatherings of more than 30 people in the UK are subject to hefty fines.

The brother of former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is among the first in the UK to be fine for leading a mass rally in the coronavirus era.

Piers Corbyn, 73, tweeted on Sunday that he had received a fine of £10,000 ($13,000) “as organiser” and been held in detention for 10 hours.


David Icke Blasts Establishment at Anti-Lockdown Rally (Video)


David Icke spoke in London, England on Saturday for the “Unite For Freedom” anti-lockdown rally to expose the establishment’s desire to keep the masses isolated and scared using the coronavirus as the pretext for total control.

“If we go on allowing the psychopaths to dictate our lives, this is not going to end well,” Icke told the cheering crowd. “But if we remember where the power is, then this can end in a dramatically short time. The power is with us.”

Thousands of people gathered at Trafalgar Square to protest the UK’s mandatory mask orders, as well as its restrictions on movement, potentially mandatory vaccines, and the UK’s government’s arbitrary extension of its emergency powers even as COVID deaths continue to fall.


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Jail for Double Rapist Who Tried to Murder Victim Because ‘He Felt Like It’

A man has been jailed after carrying out a double rape and attempted murder of a stranger while on bail for a similar attack on another middle-aged victim in London.

Aaron Murphy, 21, tried to murder his victim because he “felt like it”, in a brutal attack which left the woman with multiple facial fractures and missing several teeth, a court heard.

On May 21st in Harrow, northwest London, the 49-year-old victim was “minding her own business” in the early hours of the morning when the Jamaica-educated Murphy “grabbed her and ran off with her”, prosecutor Marion Smullen told the Central Criminal Court.

The defendant “smiled menacingly” upon being shown CCTV footage of the attack in court, “before smirking again when the court was shown photographs of the victim with the severe injuries he had inflicted”, according to a report from Court News UK.


London: Man With Mask Not Fully Covering His Face Lectures Woman About Not Wearing Mask

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A video shot in the London underground shows a man wearing an ill-fitting mask that isn’t even fully covering his mouth aggressively lecturing another woman for not wearing a mask.

“So was just minding my own business when the mask police came to attack,” tweeted the woman involved in the confrontation.

“Fucking sort your shit out, yes, film me, because you’re a dickhead without a mask,” yells the rotund man as he approaches the woman in total violation of social distancing.

“You’re a cunt putting people’s lives at risk,” he continues, at which point in the video it becomes obvious that the man’s mask is not even fully covering his own mouth as he spits and snarls.


INSANE: Masked Lady Freaks Out, Assaults Unmasked Customer at Walmart

London Police Slam UK Face Mask Plans as ‘Impossible’ to Enforce


The chair of London’s Met Police Federation has hit out at UK government plans to make the wearing of face masks mandatory in shops, insisting it’s farcical that officers may end up driving round the capital looking for offenders.

During an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today program on Tuesday, Ken Marsh – who represents police officers in the UK capital – claimed it would be “nigh-on impossible” to enforce the new requirement on face masks, due to come into law in England on July 24. People who do not comply with the new law face being stung with a £100 fine.

Marsh insisted that it shouldn’t be left to police to oversee yet more coronavirus pandemic rules and suggested that shopkeepers must “take some responsibility” for their customers.

The chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation said that by the time officers get to the scene, perpetrators will most likely be long gone as shopkeepers do not have powers to detain.

“We’ll be driving round and round London looking for people who weren’t wearing masks, it’s absolutely absurd.”

However, it appears the buck passing has already started, even before face coverings become mandatory. Some retailers have voiced their concerns at the idea shop workers may have to confront shoppers who are not abiding by the new law.

Peter Cowgill – chairman of UK clothing chain JD Sports – believes that it shouldn’t be down to his employees to enforce the law.


London Mayor Sadiq Khan Spent £30,000 on Boarding Up Statues in Westminster


London mayor Sadiq Khan spent more than £30,000 on boarding up statues in Westminster including one of Winston Churchill, it can be revealed.

The monument to the wartime leader was boxed up by Mr Khan after it was daubed with graffiti during Black Lives Matter demonstrations last month.

Underneath Churchill’s name, protesters had daubed ‘is a racist’.

The Greater London Authority, run by the mayor, put hoardings around three statues in Parliament Square ahead of further protests.

Daily Mail

White BLM Liberals March Through London Despite Pride Event Cancelled For COVID


Demonstrators marched towards Downing Street on Saturday in support of Black Trans Lives Matter, as annual Pride celebrations were forced to move online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

London’s Pride event, which normally attracts thousands of people supporting the LGBTQ+ community, has been postponed this summer due to COVID-19.

Although the main celebration did not take place, a number of demonstrators held a Black Trans Lives Matter march to honour black transgender people and raise awareness of the violence and prejudice they face.

Demonstrators gathered at Hyde Park Corner before their march, with many following coronavirus safety guidance by wearing face masks and also carrying flowers as the organisers had requested.

Sky News

140 Police Officers Injured During UK ‘Street Parties’ While Government Cracks Down on Beachgoers


Around 140 police officers have been injured as a result of breaking up illegal ‘street parties’ and Black Lives Matter protests in the UK over the past 3 weeks, although the government and the media appears to be more concerned about too many people visiting the beach.

Police were attacked and pelted with objects for a second night running as they tried to break up a gathering in Notting Hill, London. This followed a similar incident in Brixton, during which 22 officers were hurt as they were chased away by street mobs who smashed up cars.

The Brixton riot occurred after a Black Lives Matter music event that had been taking place the same evening. The media has repeatedly characterized BLM protests as “largely peaceful” no matter how many police officers are attacked.


15 police officers injured after street party in South London descends into violent skirmish (VIDEOS)

15 police officers injured after street party in South London descends into violent skirmish (VIDEOS)


An impromptu block party in Brixton, South London resulted in chaos after police called to the scene were assaulted and forced to flee. At least 15 officers were injured.

Law enforcement came under attack by a large crowd that had assembled near Angell Town estate in Brixton. Footage shows a column of police facing off with the crowd.

They appear to be dodging projectiles as they attempt to clear the streets. As well as the officers’ injuries in the overnight incident, several of their vehicles were also attacked.

London police said in a statement that they had been called to the scene due to noise and public safety complaints, but that the crowd refused to cooperate. The group eventually became “hostile” towards officers, the force explained.


BLM Organiser Calls For Memorial of Churchill to be Removed


A senior Black Lives Matter organiser has called for Winston Churchill’s statue to be removed from Parliament Square – as activists geared up for protests which are feared to be under threat of violence from the far-right.

Imarn Ayton, 29, a figurehead of the movement who has given speeches alongside Star Wars actor John Boyega, said a monument to anyone who has made racist comments – including the wartime PM – is offensive and belongs in a museum.

But she urged campaigners to stay off the streets of London to prevent rallies exploding into a ‘race war’ against the far-right, who are among those trooping to the capital to defend targeted sculptures.

Daily Mail