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FRANCE: Macron Announces 1-Month Curfew to ‘Fight’ covid


France will impose a nightly curfew on almost one third of the country’s 67 million people to tackle a resurgent coronavirus, but a new national lockdown is not envisaged, President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday.

Macron announced the curfews, which will take effect from Saturday and run each night from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. the following morning, shortly after the government declared a new public health state of emergency. The restrictions will last for at least four weeks.


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Macron Announces Indefinite ‘Limit’ on Travel For French Citizens

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President Emmanuel Macron has told French citizens that international travel will be restricted over the summer, dashing the hopes of those who were planning holiday getaways abroad.

The French leader said on Monday that “normal life” cannot resume until the coronavirus pandemic has ended, noting that summer plans will have to be modified accordingly.

“It is too soon to say whether we can take holidays. What I can say is that we will limit major international travel, even during the summer holidays. We will stay among Europeans and, depending on how the epidemic evolves, we might have to reduce that a little more. We will know [by] early June,” Macron told reporters while visiting a school outside Paris.


Cops Arrest ‘Stormtrooper’ Over Plastic Blaster Rifle Toy (Video)

AP Liberal Praises Europe For Working With China, Shunning US


PARIS (AP) — When France’s president wants to carry European concerns to the world stage to find solutions for climate change, trade tensions or Iran’s nuclear ambitions, he no longer calls Washington. He flies to Beijing.

President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to China this week suggests that the United States risks being sidelined on the global stage under President Donald Trump. One moment spoke volumes: Chinese President Xi Jinping sampling French wines, which Trump’s administration recently slapped with heavy new tariffs.

Macron portrayed himself as an envoy for the whole European Union, conveying the message that the bloc has largely given up on Trump, who doesn’t hide his disdain for multilateralism.


Brazil Slams Macron Fire Aid: “He Couldn’t Save Notre Dame”


Brazil has turned down the G7 countries’ offer of aid in combating the massive Amazon rainforest fires, suggesting that the funds would be better used to plant trees in Europe, and slamming French President Macron’s “colonialism.”

“We appreciate [the offer], but maybe those resources would be put to better use reforesting Europe,” President Jair Bolsonaro’s chief of staff Onyx Lorenzoni told Globo, adding that French President Emmanuel Macron – who insisted the rainforest fires be a central issue at Biarritz – was motivated by “colonialism and imperialism.”

“Macron can’t even prevent a foreseeable fire in a church that is a world heritage site,” Lorenzoni zinged. “What does he want to teach our country? He has plenty to take care of at home and in the French colonies.”


Yellow Vest Protests Continue as EU Elections Show Macron Support Collapsed


Yellow Vest protesters marched in the streets of Paris for the 28th straight week against French President Emmanuel Macron’s globalist policies as the EU Parliamentary Elections are underway.

The marches have been mostly peaceful throughout France, but some police used teargas against protesters.

The Yellow Vest movement began in November 2018 over Macron’s plan to hike fuel prices in the name of combating “climate change.”


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Macron Greets Zuckerberg With Threat to Regulate FB

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French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg to Paris with a warning about the company’s conduct.

The social media giant has been challenged in France over its perceived failure to tackle violent extremism, hate speech and disinformation across its platforms, including Instagram and WhatsApp.

Mr Macron met Mr Zuckerberg and the company’s new head of public policy, Sir Nick Clegg, who was formerly the UK deputy prime minister and head of the Liberal Democrat party.

Sky News

French Govt Forbids State Architects From Giving Interviews About Notre Dame

notre dame 2

The French government has reportedly forbidden state-employed architects from giving interviews to the media about the Notre Dame fire.

That’s according to Antoine Pasquier, editor in chief of news outlet Famille Chrétienne.

Pasquier tweeted that France’s Ministry of Culture has ordered government architects who work for Monuments Historiques, the state body responsible for preserving the architectural heritage of France, not to speak to the press.


Macron, French Mayor Mock Elderly Protestor Wounded in Police Stampede


An elderly French woman who suffered skull fractures and brain hemorrhaging when riot police stormed a crowd at ‘Yellow Vest’ demonstrations was scolded and discredited by President Macron and the mayor of Nice, according to reports.

Genevieve Legay, 73, who has been described as an anti-capitalist activist, was reportedly waving a rainbow-colored “flag of peace” when police in riot gear and shields charged into a group of protestors, seeming to knock her violently to the pavement.


France to Ban Yellow Vest Protests to Protect Macron Dictatorship


Following a weekend of destruction which saw police attacked, iconic restaurants burned, and retailers threatened, French authorities have decided to call time on the so-called “Yellow Vest” protests, banning them from the Champs Elysees and other key areas where demonstrators have been gathering.

What began as an honest protest against the country’s over-burdening climate change policies — which included a new gas tax that would cripple the transportation industry and pile an even greater financial burden on already cash-strapped Parisians — was taken over by violent, anti-Capitalist forces who claim to belong to the “Yellow Vest” protests, but seem intent only on starting riots and wreaking destruction.

Daily Wire

Wounded Yellow Vest Leader: “Macron Has Declared War on Us”

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1984: France Warns Anyone Questioning the Establishment in Response to Protests

Macron to Intervene if ISIS Terrorist is Sentenced to Death


France’s Minister of Justice has announced that the government will intervene should French Islamic State members be sentenced to death in Iraq for their activities.

Thirteen French Islamic State fighters face trial in Iraq after being captured in Syria and under Iraqi law, the penalty for anyone caught providing material aid to Islamic State or other extremist organisations is death, Le Parisien reports.

Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet said that the French would allow the Iraqis to judge the foreign fighters but would insist on imposing a limit which would not allow the use of the death penalty.