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Some Wisconsin Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Face Masks Order

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Wisconsin this week is joining the growing number of states to issue a mandatory face mask order to counter the media-stoked fears about rising COVID-19 cases.

The order, signed by Democratic Governor Tony Evers, declared a “Public Health Emergency and issued an Emergency Order requiring individuals to wear face coverings when indoors and not in a private residence, with some exceptions as clarified and defined in the order.”

Effective August 1, the order argues that widespread mask wearing is essential to curtail the spread of coronavirus.

Said Evers: “While our local health departments have been doing a heck of a job responding to this pandemic in our communities, the fact of the matter is, this virus doesn’t care about any town, city, or county boundary, and we need a statewide approach to get Wisconsin back on track.

“We’ve said all along that we’re going to let science and public health experts be our guide in responding to this pandemic, and we know that masks and face coverings will save lives. While I know emotions are high when it comes to wearing face coverings in public, my job as governor is to put people first and to do what’s best for the people of our state, so that’s what I am going to do.”

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Plantation Gym Owner Bonds Out After 3rd Arrest


A Plantation gym owner has bonded out of jail after he was arrested for a third time in as many weeks for violating the city’s mask ordinance.

7News cameras captured Plantation Police officers placing 31-year-old Michael Carnevale under arrest, Friday morning.

Carnevale, who owns Fitness 1440 along West Broward Boulevard, was first arrested in July for failing to enforce the county’s mask mandate. Police said he was allowing his clients to work out without wearing a face covering.

He was then arrested on Thursday for again violating the county executive order.


Mississippi COVID: Gov. Tate Reeves orders statewide mask mandate


Gov. Tate Reeves announced a new executive order Tuesday that requires every Mississippian to wear a mask at public gatherings and when shopping for the next two weeks. 

The announcement comes as coronavirus cases and deaths continue to surge and more than 1 in 5 COVID-19 tests in Mississippi are coming back positive, a staggering rate that indicates rampant infection.

Reeves said wearing a mask is irritating, but important to stop the spread of coronavirus.

“I hate it more than anybody watching today,” Reeves said at a press conference.

Asked about the timing of the mandate, Reeves said he is issuing the executive order because people are already following it.

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Mississippi Leftists Push Tate Reeves to Keep Schools Closed

MS Governor Maintains Lockdown Despite Just 209 Deaths in Entire State

MS Governor Issues Illegal Face Mask Mandate

Deborah Birx Tells Americans to Accept the ‘New Normal’

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Dr. Deborah Birx, President Trump’s coronavirus adviser, is now telling all Americans to accept the “new normal” of wearing a face mask after she pressured Tennessee officials to require mandatory mask wearing in public.

Dr. Birx, who stepped into the spotlight as the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator after the department of Dr. Anthony Fauci, says that wearing a face mask is the “next phase” of the coronavirus recovery and even tactically agreed to a federal face mask mandate.

“We have this new normal, and guess what we’re saying and asking every American to do is to adopt this new normal,” she told Sinclair Broadcast Group.

And, when asked if she would support a federal mask mandate, Dr. Birx said “every single public health official” would love it if “every single American wore a mask every single day.”

She had recently pushed Tennessee officials to require mask wearing in public, even in rural areas.


Mask Propaganda Intensifies: It’s “Not Your Right to Not Wear a Mask”

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This is nothing new, but for some strange reason, the political puppets need you all to wear a mask. Jim Murren, the head of Nevada’s coronavirus task force says it is “not your right to not wear a mask.”

This lacks logic on all fronts. It’s still difficult to figure out why they are so desperate to get as many people as possible in face masks unless this isn’t about logic at all, but control. Murren, who heads the Nevada COVID-19 Response, Relief, and Recovery Task Force, made the comments at the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance’s Las Vegas Perspective event on Tuesday.

It surprising that people aren’t just returning to their lives and ignoring these tyrants. Just how much enslavement will it take to get Americans to wake up? The masks are not for your good, and they never were. Just listen to Fauci say it:

Mask propaganda and the third wave are the newest brainwashing ideals being pushed by mainstream media. But what if it’s more sinister than we could imagine?


Texas Judge: Mandatory Face Masks Laws Unconstitutional

Pennsylvania Admits Using Face Masks to Socially Condition Public

Tom Wolf Holds Pennsylvania Hostage Until a ‘Foolproof’ Vaccine is Available

Georgia Governor Bans Mask Mandates

Brian Kemp

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has prohibited cities from forcing residents to wear masks in public, voiding requirements put in place by some local governments. The move led to one mayor hurling incendiary accusations at Kemp.

The ban on mandatory face coverings was part of a new executive order which extended state measures purportedly put in place to fight the spread of coronavirus. Although Kemp has encouraged voluntary mask-wearing, his order made it clear that cities and counties could not coerce people into donning a face covering. The move voids orders adopted by at least 15 local governments across the state, including the city of Savannah, local media reported.

Angered by the order, Savannah Mayor Van Johnson claimed the governor “does not give a damn about us” and was putting lives at risk.

“It is officially every man and woman for himself/herself. Ignore the science and survive the best you can. In #Savannah, we will continue to keep the faith and follow the science. Our masks will continue to be available,” he wrote on Facebook.