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Democrat Houston Mayor to Fine People Who Refuse to Wear Masks


Democratic Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has announced that police will begin issuing citations against people not wearing masks, hitting them with a fine of $250 dollars.

“For months, we have been focusing on education and not citations, but now I am instructing the Houston Police Department to issue the necessary warnings and citations to anyone not wearing a mask in public if they do not meet the criteria for an exemption,” the mayor said Monday at a press briefing.

Police said that the wouldn’t respond to call outs reporting people for not wearing masks, but they would issue the fine if they saw someone not covering up during regular patrols.


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Netherlands Refuses To Mandate Face Masks; Sweden Says They Are ‘Pointless’

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The Netherlands has decided not to mandate the wearing of face masks in public, citing the fact that there is no scientific evidence to suggest they are effective against the spread of the coronavirus.

“From a medical perspective there is no proven effectiveness of masks, the Cabinet has decided that there will be no national obligation for wearing non-medical masks” announced Netherlands Minister for Medical Care Tamara van Ark.

The country’s National Institute for Health (RIVM) noted that it is aware of studies from other countries that purport to show masks slow the spread of disease, but will not be heeding them.


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Pelosi Orders Mandatory Mask-Wearing On House Floor


Following the announcement that Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-Texas), who reportedly was rarely seen wearing a mask in the halls of Congress, that he has tested postive for COVID-19, Speaker Nancy Pelosi told House Democrats on a call Wednesday evening that she will require masks to be worn on the floor of the House.

“Members and staff will be required to wear masks in the halls of the House,” she says, adding she can direct House sergeant-at-arms to tell members to leave if they aren’t wearing one.

Given Dr. Fauci’s comments earlier today – and his name is apparently holy writ – we wonder how long before goggles and masks are mandatory in the House?

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Walmart Won’t Force Mask Rules on Public to Avoid ‘Physical Confrontations’


Shoppers who refuse to wear a face mask to visit Walmart will still be served, as the company seeks to protect its staff from “a physical confrontation,” according to a CNN report.

Walmart had announced that as of July 20, face masks would be compulsory for all but those whose medical conditions prevent it, as Business Insider’s Hayley Peterson reportedAt least 27 other retailers have recently required the same thing.

However, a training video seen by CNN tells management to let people who refuse to wear a mask “continue to shop.”

Home Depot, Lowe’s, CVS, and Walgreens have also said they’ll serve customers without masks, CNN reported. 

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Man Sues Broward County Over emergency order violating constitutional rights

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The man who staged a protest against beach closures on July 4th and who was taken into custody last week at a Broward County news conference is back with a new complaint against the county’s latest emergency order, which he says is unconstitutional.

Chris Nelson, the Fort Lauderdale resident behind the group ReOpen South Florida, said he intends to file a lawsuit against the county’s order this week.

His complaint refers to Section 4A of the order, which says that residents of single or multi-family homes must enforce mask mandates on their property, including when they have guests over.

“What this is saying is the property owner is responsible for telling everybody, any person on that property, including family plus guests, that they have to wear a mask,” Nelson said. “So basically, if I want to have anybody come over to my house, I have to ensure they wear a mask and if I don’t and my neighbor suspects I’m not and calls the cops, I’m subject to a legal fine for not making people in my own house wear a mask. This steps way over the line.”


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Miami Creates 39-Cop Mask Force to Enforce Fines, Jail Time For ‘Offenders’


Miami is pulling out all the stops to make you wear a mask.

Francis Suarez, Miami’s Republican mayor, said this week that the city is now cracking down on non-mask wearers with fines and a dedicated police team.

According to the Sun Sentinel, those who disobey the mandate to wear a mask in public spaces will receive a $100 fine for the first and second offenses, followed by $500 for the third offense. After that, the individual could face jail time.

The outlet reports that the rules will be enforced by a group of 39 police officers assigned specifically for that purpose.

Miami-Dade has led Florida counties in coronavirus cases, comprising approximately 24 percent of the state’s case total, as well as 25 percent of the state’s overall coronavirus-related fatalities and 22 percent of total hospitalizations.

While there have been some reports of individual Miami hospitals running out of adult ICU beds, county-wide adult bed capacity has been at 18.52-percent availability.

Miami-Dade’s mask order was updated on July 1 by County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez to include mask-wearing even when outdoors “with few exceptions.”

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Bizarre: “Obey” Message Appears in Kentucky Sky Following Mask Mandate


Residents of Kentucky were alarmed to look up in the sky and see a message instructing them to “Obey.”

Appearing in the skies of Frankfort near Lexington last week, people snapped photos of the message telling them essentially to shut up and do what they’re told.

The message, reportedly written multiple times, appeared mere days after Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear implemented a statewide face mask mandate, prompting many to speculate it was backlash against the order.

The eerie skywriting brings to mind the message repeated in the 80s dystopian film, “They Live,” in which a man discovers hidden messages throughout print, video, and news media subliminally instructing the unsuspecting population to “obey” and “consume.”


States Force Face Masks on Citizens as President Refuses National Mandate


In an interview set to air on this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” President Donald Trump rejected the possibility of a national mask mandate.

Trump told Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace he was against the mask mandate because he wanted people to have a “certain freedom.”

“No, I want people to have a certain freedom, and I don’t believe in that,” Trump said. “No, and I don’t agree with the statement that if everybody wear a mask, everything disappears. Hey, Dr. Fauci said, don’t wear a mask. Our Surgeon General – terrific guy – said, don’t wear a mask. Everybody who is saying don’t wear a mask – all of sudden everybody’s got to wear a mask, and as you know, masks cause problems, too. With that being said, I’m a believer in masks. I think masks are good.”


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Ohio County Implements Hotline to Report People Not Wearing Masks

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Cuyahoga County — which houses Cleveland, Ohio — has created a hotline so that people can tattle on their neighbors for not wearing masks. Ironically, the county executive claims that they “want people to [wear masks] voluntarily.”

Cuyahoga County has taken Ohio governor Mike DeWine’s mask order to the next level by establishing a hotline that allows people to report others for not wearing what is now considered proper attire in the new era of the Chinese coronavirus, according to a report by Cleveland.com.

The report added that the governor’s mask order will largely rely upon complaints filed by the public, rather than proactive policing.

“This is not intended to be going out and finding people not wearing masks,” insisted Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish in an announcement on Friday. “We want people to wear their masks — we want people to do it voluntarily.”


London Police Slam UK Face Mask Plans as ‘Impossible’ to Enforce


The chair of London’s Met Police Federation has hit out at UK government plans to make the wearing of face masks mandatory in shops, insisting it’s farcical that officers may end up driving round the capital looking for offenders.

During an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today program on Tuesday, Ken Marsh – who represents police officers in the UK capital – claimed it would be “nigh-on impossible” to enforce the new requirement on face masks, due to come into law in England on July 24. People who do not comply with the new law face being stung with a £100 fine.

Marsh insisted that it shouldn’t be left to police to oversee yet more coronavirus pandemic rules and suggested that shopkeepers must “take some responsibility” for their customers.

The chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation said that by the time officers get to the scene, perpetrators will most likely be long gone as shopkeepers do not have powers to detain.

“We’ll be driving round and round London looking for people who weren’t wearing masks, it’s absolutely absurd.”

However, it appears the buck passing has already started, even before face coverings become mandatory. Some retailers have voiced their concerns at the idea shop workers may have to confront shoppers who are not abiding by the new law.

Peter Cowgill – chairman of UK clothing chain JD Sports – believes that it shouldn’t be down to his employees to enforce the law.