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Bodybuilder Weds Sex Doll After Two-Year Relationship


A man has wed his long-term girlfriend, a sex doll, in front of friends and well-wishers after two years of dating.

Bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko from Kazakhstan said ‘I do’ to Margo, his man-made fiancée in a traditional ceremony in late November.

The proud groom took to Instagram to share a video and, later, photos of their big day which saw Margo dressed in a plunging white lace gown and veil while Yuri suited up in a black tuxedo.

The happy couple posed for photos with members of their wedding party before cutting the cake and sharing their first dance.

“It’s happened. To be continued,” Yuri — who describes himself as a ‘Blogger’ and ‘Sexy maniac’ in his Instagram bio — captioned the posts.

Yuri and Margo began dating at the start of 2019 after they reportedly met at a nightclub and their relationship has flourished ever since.

Yahoo Lifestyle

Japanese Sex Robot Brothel Gets Surge of Men Asking For Male Sex Dolls

Italian Brothel Full of Sex Dolls Booked For Weeks After Opening

“Expert” Wants Pedophiles to Have Child Sex Dolls

Barcelona Sex Doll Brothel Inundated With Pedophile and Rape Sessions

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Transgender Doll Designed To Sexualize Children

MSM Admits Lockdown ‘Isolation’ Killing Elderly (Video)


More than eight months into the pandemic, the very isolation that is meant to protect nursing home residents from Covid-19 is also contributing to their deaths. Confined to their rooms and largely cut off from visitors, many residents are experiencing serious mental and physical decline. Three women stand up to fight for leniency in New York state visitation policies, in the hopes of saving their loved ones.


BOMBSHELL: UK Govt Scientist Admits Lockdown a “Monumental Mistake”

CDC Admits Lockdowns Causing More Suicides Than COVID Deaths

CA Doctors Have Seen More Suicides Than COVID Deaths Since Lockdowns

Over 6000 Scientists, Doctors Sign Anti-lockdown Petition

COVID Fear Was Designed to Scare, Isolate, Depress & Control Populations

mind control

In my entire lifetime, there has never been a Thanksgiving like this. 

39 million Americans don’t have enough to eat right now, more than 70 million claims for unemployment benefits have been filed so far during this calendar year, and people are waiting in line for hours at food banks all over the nation just for some Thanksgiving handouts. 

If you and your family have plenty of turkey to eat, you should be very thankful, because many Americans can no longer even take Thanksgiving dinner for granted these days. 

On Tuesday, vehicles were lined up for hours in New Jersey as people waited to receive prepackaged Thanksgiving meals at a local food bank…

Economic Collapse

One Third Of Americans Now Show Signs Of Clinical Depression

Yale Encouraging Adult Students to Play Children’s Games to Relieve Anxiety

Lockdowns Restrictions: A Test To See How Much Tyranny Americans Will Accept

Unprecedented Multi-Front PsyWar Unleashed On Americans (Video)

Sick Joke: MSM COVID Fear Porn Creating Mentally Unstable Public

MSM Resurrects COVID Fear as Trump Investigates 2020 Election Fraud, Flips States

Travelers Trapped in Australia Scream From Hotel During Quarantine


Today in “it’s starting to look a lot like a prison-state using Covid as the excuse” news…

Harrowing scenes are surfacing at the Peppers Adelaide medi-hotel in South Australia, where travelers who were already in a 14 day quarantine have been told that they have to undergo the 2 week process for a second time. 

This has resulted in guests screaming from their balconies to be released from the hotel, where some are being forced to stay despite testing negative for Covid, according to news.com.au

The standoff comes as the country tries to deal with a local cluster of cases that has more than doubled. More than 4000 people locally, who are considered “close contacts” have been quarantined, as a result. 

Zero Hedge

Gov. Newsom Mulling Curfew For California


California Governor Gavin Newsom said he’s considering imposing some form of curfew to help slow the spread of Covid-19 after a surge in infections forced the state to tighten social-distancing restrictions in 40 of 58 counties.

“We’re considering the notion of a curfew,” Newsom told reporters at a Covid-19 briefing on Monday. “We are assessing that.” He added that he will examine studies from France, Germany and Saudi Arabia on the efficacy of curfews before making a decision.

California is tapping the “emergency brakes” under its Covid-19 protocols after seeing a doubling of new cases in the past 10 days, Newsom said. In just the past week, the number of counties in the highest tier for infection rates, purple, jumped to 41 from 13. That includes most all of Southern California and coastal areas, encompassing 94 percent of the state’s population. San Francisco County is among 11 counties in the second tier, red, while just six counties are in the bottom two tiers, orange and yellow, down from 23 a week ago.


California Lawmakers Fly to Maui to Party With Lobbyists As Second Lockdown Goes Into Effect

Gov. Cuomo Announces 10 PM Curfew Amid COVID ‘Spike’

Washington Governor Orders Sweeping New Lockdown Restrictions

N.C., Iowa, Minn. Announce New COVID Restrictions

MS Dictator Tate Reeves Adds Counties to Illegal COVID Restrictions

Sweden Refuses to Impose New Lockdown Measures

no lockdown

Health authorities in Sweden have refused to follow the rest of Europe by imposing new coronavirus lockdown measures on their population, arguing that those beset by loneliness and misery of being isolated have suffered enough.

Despite Sweden mirroring other countries on the continent with rising coronavirus infections, the government has held firm in refusing to lockdown its population, weighing the untold misery and health impacts of isolation against the threat of COVID-19.

“The elderly, they said, have suffered enough,” writes Fraser Nelson. “They have spent months being advised to avoid public transport, shopping malls and other parts of everyday life. And the result? Loneliness. Misery. This is more than unpleasant: it quickly translates into depression, mental health issues and mortality. “We cannot only think about infection control,” said Lena Hallengren, Sweden’s health minister, “we also need to think about public health.” An important distinction: focus on Covid to the exclusion of other conditions and you risk lives.”


How Sweden Avoided Lockdown “Fatigue”

Sweden Close To Victory Over COVID; Never Had A Lockdown, Mask Mandate

Sweden Had No Lockdown, Yet COVID Cases & Deaths Have Slowed to a Trickle

Social Media Was Designed to Dehumanize, Disrupt & Destroy Democracy


An important new Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma, uses former Silicon Valley insiders to lay bare the existential threat Big Tech poses to civilization. It’s much more than a dilemma.

The Social Dilemma is a remarkable documentary about social media platforms and their two billion users, and may well be the most important documentary made in America for decades. 

The documentary is a radical, insider-based critique of social media and the large tech companies that created it – and continue to profit handsomely from it (especially given that they are monopolies and pay little or no tax in many countries).

Directed by American filmmaker Jeff Orlowski, The Social Dilemma features interviews with a number of former tech giant executives who created the technologies and business model that underpin the social media empire. Social media has only been with us for just over ten years and most of the interviewees are in their thirties.


China’s Totalitarian Social Credit System

China Social Credit System Analyzes and Rewards Social Behavior

New AI Reads Your Thoughts, Replays Songs in Your Head

Social Media is the Catalyst of International & Societal Decay

How Social Media is China’s Social Credit System

Social Media Wiring Public to be Uncivil, Insecure Addicts

200 Days of Lockdown Could Trigger ‘Surge’ in PTSD

Mother and small son with face mask indoors at home, quarantine concept.
Young woman with small boy standing by window, prevention and protection.

Two hundred days into the UK’s lockdown, experts have warned the coronavirus outbreak could trigger a “surge” in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) cases.

Boris Johnson enforced the “stay at home” measure on 23 March. While restrictions have since ebbed and flowed, life is yet to return to normal.

The mental health consequences of the pandemic were flagged early on, with scientists stressing it could have a “profound” and “pervasive” impact for some time.

Since the coronavirus was formally identified on 31 December 2019, millions of people worldwide have lost loved ones, been made redundant or even become seriously ill themselves.

Yahoo UK

BOMBSHELL: UK Govt Scientist Admits Lockdown a “Monumental Mistake”

WHO Europe Director Says Govts Should Stop Enforcing Lockdowns

Madrid Court REJECTS govt Orders to Lockdown Spanish Capital

Over 6000 Scientists, Doctors Sign Anti-lockdown Petition

CDC Admits Lockdowns Causing More Suicides Than COVID Deaths

World Chaos: Lockdowns Triggering Suicides, Murders

The Lockdowns Are Killing More People Than COVID


Nearly 75,000 people could die from non-Covid causes as a result of lockdown, according to devastating official figures buried in a 188-page document.

The startling research, presented to the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), will further increase pressure on Boris Johnson to hold back on introducing further coronavirus restrictions.

The document reveals 16,000 people died as a result of the chaos in hospitals and care homes in March and April alone.

It estimates a further 26,000 will lose their lives within a year if people continue to stay away from A&E and the problems in social care persist.

Daily Mail

MSM Admits Lockdowns Killing Economies

UN Officials: Lockdowns, School Closures KILLING More Children Than COVID

CDC Admits Lockdowns Causing More Suicides Than COVID Deaths

80,000 Americans Died From Flu Last Year, No Lockdowns

CA Doctors Have Seen More Suicides Than COVID Deaths Since Lockdowns

World Chaos: Lockdowns Triggering Suicides, Murders

Former Stenographer Says Biden’s Cognitive Ability Has Declined Significantly

not the same

Joe Biden’s former White House stenographer says the presidential candidate’s cognitive functioning and speaking ability has deteriorated significantly in the last few years.

Speaking to the Washington Free Beacon, Mike McCormick, who worked as a White House stenographer for 15 years and with Biden from 2011 to 2017, said the presidential candidate is “not the same Joe Biden.”

“He’s lost a step and he doesn’t seem to have the same mental acuity as he did four years ago,” said McCormick.

“He doesn’t have the energy, he doesn’t have the pace of his speaking…he’s a different guy,” he added.

McCormick noted that Biden seems to get “lost” during interviews and has also lost his ability to smoothly go off script and connect naturally with his audience.