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China ‘Cooked Indian Soldiers Alive With Secret Microwave Pulse Weapon’


Chinese soldiers managed to repel a band of Indian troops during a border standoff in the Himalayas by turning the occupied hilltops ‘into a microwave oven’, a scientist in Beijing has claimed.

Jin Canrong, a professor of international relations at the city’s Renmin University, said the Indian soldiers were forced to retreat without a single bullet being fired when the People’s Liberation Army forces deployed a secret electromagnetic weapon.

Speaking during a lecture, he said that they stuck to the no-live-shot rule by instead aiming pulses of radiation towards the hostile soldiers, triggering pain and irritation by heating up their skin.

The professor said the weapon was directed at two critical hills on the southern bank of the Pangong Tso Lake, transforming ‘the mountaintops into a microwave oven’, The Times reports.

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Amazon Unveils New Alexa-Powered Microwave


Amazon unveiled its new AmazonBasics Microwave during an event in Seattle on Thursday. The microwave is available to pre-order on Thursday, and costs $60. It’ll ship later this month.

It looks like a pretty basic microwave, as you can see in the photo above, but Amazon’s microwave comes with Alexa built-in. The company says “you can cook just by asking Alexa.”

The Amazon Basics Microwave will include “dozens of quick-cook voice presets.” It has a built-in “Ask Alexa” button you can press to tell Alexa how long you want to cook, too: “Cook for two minutes and fifteen seconds,” for example.

It’ll also have Amazon’s Dash Replenishmen functionality, which can re-order food items when you’re running low.

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