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27 Missing Children Have Been Found Thanks to 5-Day Operation


Authorities in Virginia were able to recover more than two dozen missing children as part of a five-day operation.

In a press release, the Department of Justice announced that “Operation Find Our Children” had found 27 missing children and had confirmed the location of six additional children who had been previously reported as missing but were found with their legal guardians. It is unclear what led to the initial missing report of these six children.

“I can think of no more critical or satisfying mission for a law enforcement officer, than rescuing an endangered child,” said Nick E. Proffitt, U.S. Marshal for the Eastern District of Virginia.  “This operation brought together a formidable team that was, and is, determined to come to the aid of our youth and bring to justice those among us that choose to prey on these vulnerable children.  I am proud of the Deputy Marshals in the Eastern and Western Districts of Virginia and their partners for the work they accomplished this week – and the results speak for themselves; these 27 children are safe once again.  I am deeply humbled and highly honored that our team in Eastern Virginia is a continuing part of this critical Marshals Service mission.  We want the missing children across this great nation to know the U.S. Marshals Service will never stop looking for you, we will find you.”

45 Missing Children Rescued, 179 Arrested in Ohio Trafficking Sting

U.S. Marshals Spearhead Efforts to Nab 262 In Operation Triple Beam and Rescue 5 Missing Children (Video)

Trump Unleashes HELL on Child Sex Traffickers (Video)

U.S. Marshals Spearhead Efforts to Nab 262 In Operation Triple Beam and Rescue 5 Missing Children (Video)


It’s good to know that the diversions Antifa and BLM riots create haven’t stopped other law enforcement efforts. The U.S. Marshal’s anti-gang operation recently netted quite the haul.

In a two-month-long Oklahoma operation, US Marshals say they have arrested hundreds and found five missing children. The sting effort is labeled Operation Triple Beam. State, local, and federal agencies joined forces in the operation. Targeting violent crime and gang activity in the Oklahoma City area, they successfully made 262 arrests. 141 of the 262 arrested are confirmed gang members. Six of those arrested were wanted for homicide. $17,000 in cash, 72 firearms, and more than nine kilos of narcotics were seized as well.

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AZ GOP Senator Threatened For Exposing Foster Care Links to Child Sex Rings


Arizona Sen. David Farnsworth (R-Mesa) accused a fellow colleague of threatening his life for refusing to stop investigating a possible link between missing children in the state’s foster care system and organized sex trafficking.

Farnsworth told the Arizona Department of Public Safety that Sen. Kate Brophy McGee (R-Phoenix) made a veiled threat to him during a meeting the two had earlier this month, reported the Arizona Capitol Times.

“I’m not asking you to stop. I’m telling you to stop. Stop or my husband will stop you,” Farnsworth recalled Brophy McGee telling him in the meeting.