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MSM Forced to Admit President Trump Right: chloroquine Fights COVID, Saves Lives


On Friday, multiple mainstream media outlets were forced to report on the results of a study showing hydroxychloroquine is actually effective in combating COVID-19, vindicating President Trump who has touted the drug for months.

The Henry Ford study reports coronavirus patients “given hydroxychloroquine were much less likely to die,” according to CNN.

More on the study from Fox News:

The study, published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases, determined that hydroxychloroquine provided a “66% hazard ratio reduction,” and hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin a 71 percent reduction, compared to neither treatment.

In-hospital mortality was 18.1 percent with both drugs, 13.5 percent with just hydroxychloroquine, 22.4 percent with azithromycin alone, and 26.4 percent with neither drug. “Prospective trials are needed” for further review, the researchers note.


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Media Are Playing Games Yet Again With Anonymous Russia Leaks


Much of the case for the Iraq War was based on the Bush administration’s claim that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. When the United States declared an end to the war late in 2011, more than 4,400 American military members had been killed and nearly 32,000 wounded. No weapons of mass destruction had been found.

It’s one of the most significant and catastrophic intelligence errors in U.S. history. A bipartisan commission found that U.S. intelligence “seriously misjudged” Iraq’s weapons program because of their “heavy reliance on a human source–codenamed ‘Curveball’–whose information later proved to be unreliable.” The commission wrote, “Even more misleading was the river of intelligence that flowed from the CIA to top policymakers over long periods of time–in the President’s Daily Brief (PDB)” and other reports that were “more alarmist” and “less nuanced.”

the Federalist

Kremlin, Trump, Taliban Refute NYT Report Claiming Russia Paid Islamic Group to Kill US Soldiers

Trump Slams NYT, Denies ‘Attacks on US Troops in Afghanistan by Russians’


On Friday, The New York Times ran an article claiming that Trump had received an intelligence report suggesting that Russia solicited the attack on US soldiers in Afghanistan by paying a bounty to the Taliban.

US President Donald Trump has lambasted the story by the New York Times suggesting that he was informed about Russia’s purported involvement in an attack on US troops in Afghanistan. In a tweet, the president stressed that no one in his administration had ever received such reports.

Soon after Trump’s response to the claims presented in the article, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told ABC that the president’s reaction indicates that he wants to “ignore any allegation against Russia”.

The story, released by The New York Times on Friday, claims that Russia paid armed Islamic insurgents from the Taliban to attack US soldiers in Afghanistan. The newspaper reported citing an unidentified source that the US president was aware of the development but failed to take action.


MSM Blackout: Obama VA Used Term “Kung Flu” in Vaccination Campaign

kung fly

After being ridiculed by establishment media for months over allegations of a Trump administration official using the term “Kung Flu,” it turns out the Obama administration used the phrase in 2015.

A pair of federal Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals used the term in a pro-vaccination campaign.

An advertisement posted to the Tennessee Valley Healthcare System’s official website showed an image of a ninja wearing a flu mask, reading, “Become a Kung Flu Fighter! Get Your Flu Shot!”


San Antonio City Council Declares “Chinese Virus” to be “Hate Speech”

Kamala Harris Introduces Resolution Condemning “Wuhan Virus” as Racist

MSM Continues Excusing Violent Leftists to Politically Hurt Trump


The New York Times will seemingly disregard sky-high homicide rates in America’s cities if doing so makes President Donald Trump look bad. To much of the media, the only facts that matter are those that hurt Trump.

The US president is known for his bombastic declarations, hyperbole, and generous use of superlatives. In his nearly four years in office, that has provided plenty of material for journalists to churn out ‘fact checking’ articles cross-examining his wilder claims in an effort to cut the larger-than-life leader down to size.

If anyone was wondering at what point ‘owning the president’ takes precedence over ‘seeing the bigger picture,’ the New York Times demonstrated that point on Saturday night, when it scrutinized Trump’s claims at a rally earlier that evening.


Race-Based Anger Stirred by MSM Since 2016 is Being Used to Hurt Trump

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace: ‘Silver Lining’ of COVID-19 is it’ll Hurt Trump

CNN’s Lemon: Riots a ‘Mechanism for Restructure in Our Country’

MSM Encouraging Anarchy by Pushing ‘Viral’ Incidents of Police Brutality


A new study into the impact that “viral” incidents of alleged police brutality have on crime found that in riot-hit cities like Baltimore and Ferguson, excess homicides and felonies rapidly spiked following highly publicized incidents.

The study was conducted by Tanaya Devi and Roland G. Fryer Jr for the National Bureau of Economic Research.

“For investigations that were not preceded by “viral” incidents of deadly force, investigations, on average, led to a statistically significant reduction in homicides and total crime,” states the study. “In stark contrast, all investigations that were preceded by “viral” incidents of deadly force have led to a large and statistically significant increase in homicides and total crime.”

In other words, due to what has been termed the “Ferguson affect,” police are seemingly more reticent to patrol high crime areas or engage with potential suspects in fear of becoming the next villain of the Black Lives Matter movement.


Establishment Pushing Race War as Hard as They Can


Protests over George Floyd’s death have also come to channel anger and despair over broader inequalities that black people have long faced in the U.S.

Heat St

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Mark Cuban: White people ‘get defensive’ when talking about white privilege

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MSM Blames Cop Thrown From Horse For Her Injuries, Not Rioters


A police officer in London has suffered serious injuries after her horse bolted when black lives matter protesters started throwing bikes and other projectiles toward the animal. Nevertheless, the media and leftists have claimed that the officer ‘knocked herself’ from the horse.

Video of the incident in Central London this past weekend shows the horse becoming agitated, and the officer trying to control the animal, but failing as it runs the officer straight into a traffic light, violently throwing her off and knocking her unconscious.


MSM Ignores Over 30 Shot In Deadly Chicago Weekend


Though largely overlooked and ignored in the now 24/7 mainstream network coverage of racial injustice in America, Chicago witnessed another deadly weekend of inner-city black on black gang-related violence, with over 30 people shot. 

“Three people are dead and at least 28 others have been injured in shootings across the city this weekend,” a Chicago NBC affiliate reports.

This after on the same Memorial Day weekend that George Floyd was heinously killed by police in Minnesota, Chicago had witnessed a whopping nearly 50 people shot in one of the city’s deadliest ever holiday weekends (where ten died from their wounds, including young people).

At a moment “Black Lives Matter” chants can be heard overtaking most every major American city, the now weekly reality of dozens tragically dying in black-on-black crime in Chicago and some other large cities (a trend that tends to increase into the hot summer months) remains a huge ‘blind spot’ in terms of the current ideologically charged media debate and public discourse.

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MSM Ignores George W. Bush’s Many Atrocities

how are you still alive

Former president George W. Bush has returned to the spotlight to give moral guidance to America in these troubled times.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Bush announced that he was “anguished” by the “brutal suffocation” of George Floyd and declared that “lasting peace in our communities requires truly equal justice. The rule of law ultimately depends on the fairness and legitimacy of the legal system. And achieving justice for all is the duty of all.”

Bush’s declaration was greeted with thunderous applause by the usual suspects who portray him as the virtuous Republican in contrast to Trump. While the media portrays Bush’s pious piffle as a visionary triumph of principle, Americans need to vividly recall the lies and atrocities that permeated his eight years as president.

In an October 2017 speech in a “national forum on liberty” at the George W. Bush Institute in New York City, Bush bemoaned that “Our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication.” Coming from Bush, this had as much credibility as former president Bill Clinton bewailing the decline of chastity.