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FRAUD: Deceptive Editing Found in Mueller Report


Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) on Saturday called for the immediate release of “all backup and source information” for the Mueller report after internet sleuth @almostjingo (Rosie Memos) discovered that the special counsel’s office deceptively edited content which was then cited as evidence of possible obstruction.

“It’s all a fraud” tweeted Nunes, replying to a tweet by @JohnWHuber (Undercover Huber), who also posted a comparison between the Mueller report and a newly released transcript of a November 2017 voicemail message left by former Trump lawyer John Dowd, in which he asked former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s attorney for a “heads up” if Flynn was planning on saying anything that might damage the president.

Mueller’s team omitted key context suggesting that Dowd was trying to strongarm Flynn and possibly obstruct justice by shaping witness testimony, while the actual voicemail reveals that Dowd was careful not to tread into obstruction territory in what was a friendly and routine call between lawyers.

Zero Hedge

Unable to Touch Trump, Dems Move to Charge Barr With Contempt


The top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee said late Tuesday that panel Chairman Jerry Nadler will move forward with a scheduled Wednesday vote to hold Attorney General William P. Barr in contempt of Congress.

Rep. Doug Collins, Georgia Republican, said talks between the committee and the Justice Department broke down after failing to reach an accord.

Democrats have issued a subpoena for all of special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings along with the underlying evidence. The Justice Department says releasing that material to Congress would violate the law.

Washington Times

Nadler Scowls Upon Learning Trump Invoked Executive Privilege Over Mueller Report


House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) didn’t appear pleased as he read a White House letter revealing that President Trump will invoke executive privilege to prevent release of the unredacted Mueller report.

A picture taken of Nadler reading the White House letter Wednesday captures his frustration as the Trump administration made clear they would not break the law to release the unredacted Mueller report and its underlying materials.

The White House indicated Trump would use his executive privilege after the Democrat-led committee voted Wednesday to hold Attorney William Barr in contempt of Congress.

In the letter, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders made it clear that Trump had no choice but to invoke his executive privilege in the face of Democrats’ attempts to demonize Barr over his handling of the report’s release.


MSM Forced to Admit Trump More Popular Than Ever Thanks to Mueller


Washington (AFP) – US President Donald Trump is enjoying the strongest polling of his presidency following the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report and positive economic news, according to public opinion poll agency Gallup.

Trump’s job approval rating crept up one point to 46 percent for the two-week period ending April 30, a substantial rise from the 39 percent approval he recorded in early March.

“In addition to the initial interpretation of the Mueller report, which Trump claimed vindicated him from charges that he had colluded with Russia, the economy has offered several reasons for Americans to look more favorably on Trump,” Gallup said late Friday.

Trump remained underwater in Gallup polling, however, with disapproval of his performance at 50 percent, although down from 57 percent on March 10.


Mueller Was Concerned MSM Coverage of Report Would Be “Misinterpreted”


Special counsel Robert Mueller didn’t find Attorney General William Barr’s memo summarizing his report inaccurate, but was worried about mainstream media coverage misinterpreting the investigation, according to federal officials.

The mainstream media jumped on a recently released letter Mueller sent to Barr in late March in which Mueller claimed the memo didn’t “fully capture the context, nature, and substance.”

According to the letter:

“There is now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation. This threatens to undermine a central purpose for which the Department appointed the Special Counsel: to assure full public confidence in the outcome of the investigations.”


Brian Williams Adamant That Mueller Report ‘Proves’ Russian Collusion


In another display of dishonesty, NBC host Brian Williams interrupted coverage of Attorney General William Barr’s congressional testimony to push back against Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-S.C.) claim that Special Counsel Robert Mueller found “no collusion.”

“We’re reluctant to do this, we rarely do, but the chairman of the judiciary Committee just said that Mueller found there was no collusion,” Williams said Tuesday. “That is not correct. Nicole Wallace, the report says collusion is not a thing they considered. It doesn’t exist in federal code.”

Wallace then launched into a tirade against Barr, saying that he “mischaracterized” the Mueller report and served as President Trump’s “human shield.”


Ted Cruz Humiliates Dems Over Mueller Report Hearing


Ted Cruz unloaded on Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats so thoroughly during a hearing over William Barr’s handling of Special Counsel Mueller’s report that it evoked a chuckle from the Attorney General.

Cruz said that Democrats and the media went on for over two years about “Russia collusion,” but during the Tuesday meeting nothing about that was mentioned.

“We heard very little of that in this hearing today,” Cruz told the committee. “Instead, the principle attack that Democratic senators have marshalled upon you concerns this March 27th letter from Robert Mueller. And it’s an attack I want people to understand just how revealing it is – if this is their whole argument, they got nothing.”


Hillary Clinton: President Trump Should Have Been Indicted by Mueller


President Trump would have been indicted by Special Counsel Mueller for obstruction of justice if he wasn’t President of the United States, according to Hillary Clinton.

“I think there is enough there that any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted,” she said during the Time 100 conference on Tuesday.

“But because of the rule in the Justice Department that you can’t indict a sitting president, the whole matter of obstruction was very directly sent to the Congress.”


Clapper Spins Dud Mueller Report Into “Devastating Road Map For Impeachment”


Appearing Thursday on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper said special counsel Robert Mueller’s report is “devastating” and provides a “road map” for impeachment of President Donald Trump despite exonerating him of criminal conspiracy with Russia.

CHRIS CUOMO: First of all, your take on how the AG has handled this process culminating today?

JAMES CLAPPER: Well, to be honest Chris, I’m a bit disappointed. I think the Attorney General is clearly trying to paint as favorable a light on the Mueller report as possible and when you read it, it’s pretty devastating. I’ll tell you though, the big deal for me in this is laying out in very rich detail the magnitude and pervasiveness of the Russia interference in our election in 2016. And it’s personally gratifying because the intelligence community’s assessment that we rendered on January 6th of 2017, briefed President-elect Trump on about the Russia interference. But this report, we only scratched the surface and I hope Americans will take the time to read that, the collusion, obstruction aside. The big deal to me is the magnitude of the Russian interference. No one can say they didn’t interfere and, in fact, taint the election.