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Police Interrogated French Teacher Four Days Before His Murder


Police interrogated French schoolteacher Samuel Paty over Mohammed cartoons just four days before his murder after complaints were made by the father of a schoolgirl.

Paty was beheaded by 18-year-old Chechen Aboulakh Anzorov who lay in wait for two hours outside the Bois-d’Aulne school with two boys who identified the teacher in exchange for £300.

The 47-year-old history and geography teacher will today be awarded France’s highest order of merit, the Legion d’Honneur, in recognition of his efforts in trying to explain the importance of freedom of speech.

Daily Mail

FL Woman, BF Who Vowed to Kill Her Dead in Murder-Suicide

murder blood

Sabrina Marie Dumdei was scared when police officers went to her Florida home one night this summer.

Her boyfriend, Zachary John Winton, refused to let her out of his sight and made ominous threats of what would happen if she left their Bradenton Beach residence.

“Leave and see what happens,” Winton, 34, told the 37-year-old Dumdei as he grabbed her by the face and held a knife to her throat, according to court records.

A momentary lapse in Winton’s careful watch allowed Dumdei to call 911, summoning help to their home on Anna Maria Island.

“Upon my arrival, (Winton) was yelling and walking at (the) victim with a large kitchen knife I observed in his right pocket,” a Bradenton Beach police officer wrote in the Aug. 31 arrest affidavit.

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9Denver is Center of Investigation After Man is Executed at Patriot Rally


All the left needs is a Hitler/Mussolini/Pol Pot/Chairman Mao-style leader to rally them to a full blown revolutionary violent overthrow of the United States.

That voice will likely arise from the crumbling ESPN ranks that Psychopaths like Keith Olbermann graduate into political theater from, spewing totalitarian nonsense that sounds vaguely familiar.

It is purely un-American hysterical disinformation that fuels what transpired at a Denver Communists-led Soup Drive for the homeless in Denver Colorado over the weekend; a drive that should have been appropriately titled a “Hurl Soup Cans At Patriots and Defunded Police” event.

Jon Bowne

Denver Shooter of Patriot Protester — Matthew Robert Dolloff — Has Long History of Leftist Activism, Media Says He Was Security Guard?

BLM/Antifa Militant Shoots, Kills Conservative In Denver

Security guard arrested on suspicion of first degree murder after fatal shooting near dueling Denver rallies

Patriot in Denver Was Reportedly Defending Himself with Bear Spray from Two Men When He Was Shot in the Face and Killed

L.A. Socialite Charged In Alleged DUI Crash That Killed Two Young Brothers


A Los Angeles socialite, known for her philanthropic work involving burn victims, has been accused of fatally striking two young brothers while driving drunk.

Rebecca Grossman, 57, is facing two counts of vehicular manslaughter after allegedly hitting brothers’ Jacob and Mark Iskander in Westlake Village, according to NBC affiliate KNBC

The boys, aged 9 and 11, respectively, were struck by a car as they attempted to cross the street with their family shortly after 7 p.m. on Sept. 29, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said. One of the children was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. The other brother died in the hospital hours later. 

“The children were walking with their family. It is a very tragic situation. The mother and father were able to pull the other two children back in time, and the vehicle struck the two other children,” Capt. Salvador Becerra of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said, KABC reported.


Court records show Grossman had previous contacts with the law

Georgia: Young Girl Killed by Head Lice Lived in a Rat-Infested Bedroom

poor girl

A 12-year-old Georgia girl who died as an indirect result of a severe lice infestation, lived in a house of horrors where her bedroom was infested with rats.  

Kaitlyn Yozviak died on August 26 from cardiac arrest with a secondary cause being severe anemia, as it’s believed repeated bites from the lice lowered her blood iron levels and may have triggered the cardiac attack.

When agents got to the home and found her body, the inside was filthy and in disrepair with vermin covering the mattress, stuffed animals and other furniture in Kaitlyn’s room.  

Her parents Mary Katherine ‘Katie’ Horton, 37, and Joey Yozviak, 38, said she hadn’t bathed for a week-and-a-half. 

Her mother made the 911 call saying she was unresponsive and she later died in hospital. 

Daily Mail

‘We never imagined it would end like this’: Couple who planned to adopt Kaitlyn Yozviak speaks after her death

Parents Face Murder Charge in Death of Girl With Severe Lice

Shooting at Amazon Warehouse Leaves One Dead, One Wounded


A woman is dead and a man wounded following a shooting at an Amazon fulfillment center in Jacksonville, Florida, authorities say.

Police are calling the fatal shooting a “domestic incident” involving two people who are believed to have been Amazon employees.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s deputies arrived to the facility at around 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday night and discovered a 22-year-old black female and an injured black male, both suffering from gunshot wounds.

The woman was declared dead at the scene, and the man was transported to a hospital in unknown condition.

“This does not appear to be any type of active shooter incident. This does not appear to be any type of workplace violence,” Lt. J.D. Stronko told local media. “As you would expect in a facility of this size and operation, there were multiple witnesses to this incident.”


Man Stabbed to Death by Migrant For Trying to Prevent Girlfriend Being Raped Was Targeted Over ‘Sweden Democrats’ Cap


A 19-year-old Swedish man who was stabbed to death by a Sudanese migrant while trying to prevent the culprit from raping his girlfriend was targeted because the migrant thought he was “racist” for owning a Sweden Democrats cap.

The results of the police investigation into the incident, which occurred in Härnösand on May 10 this year, have now been revealed.

A group of migrants entered a house party uninvited before 23-year-old Abubaker Mohamad Awad noticed the SD cap. Sweden Democrats is a right-wing populist party that opposes mass immigration.

Having repeatedly entered the bedroom of 19-year-old Tommie Lindh’s girlfriend where she was trying to sleep and being told to leave, Awad then pointed a knife at her while accusing Lindh of being a “racist” for owning the cap.


Man Found Guilty of Killing Ex-GF, Eating Her Remains


An man in Indiana accused of raping and killing his ex-girlfriend before eating her organs has been found guilty six years after the brutal slaying.

Tammy Jo Blanton was found dead in the bath tub of her Jefferson home the morning of Sept. 11, 2014. Authorities also found Joseph Oberhansley at the residence with a skillet, a bloody pair of tongs and a plate with what appeared to be skull and bones on it nearby.

Police said the 46-year-old victim was raped and stabbed at least 25 times.

On Friday, a jury in Clark County found Oberhansley guilty of murder and burglary, according to WLKY. He was found not guilty of rape.

NY Daily News

Black Georgia Man Who Stabbed AutoZone Employee Murders White Cell Mate Following His Arrest


The Georgia man arrested for stabbing a stranger last month claiming that he “felt the need to find a white man to kill” after watching videos of “police brutality,” has murdered the white cell mate he was placed with following his arrest.

Jayvon Hatchett, 19, was charged with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime after stabbing a random AutoZone employee in late August. Following his arrest, he was placed in the Muscogee County Jail. If convicted for the initial stabbing, Hatchett could be one of the first people sentenced under a new Georgia Hate Crime Bill. On Saturday, Hatchett murdered his white cell mate at the county jail, 39-year-old Eddie Nelson Jr. Nelson was imprisoned for violating probation for failing to report as a sex offender.

Domi Good

Black Man Says FB Videos of Police Shootings Inspired Him to Murder White People

Authorities Seek Witnesses After Fatal Shooting of Cleveland Officer


Authorities in the US city of Cleveland are appealing to the public for information following the fatal shooting of an officer, the local police department said on Friday.

“On September 3, 2020, at approximately 10 pm, a Cleveland Police officer was shot and killed in the line of duty in the area of W. 65th Street and Storer Avenue. Very little information is available at this time. We are asking that anyone with information call 9-1-1,” Cleveland’s Division of Police (CDP) said via Twitter.

The FBI’s Cleveland office in a separate Twitter post identified the officer as Detective James Skernivitz, “one of CDP’s finest” and said reward money would be paid for any information leading to an arrest and conviction.

Local Fox News affiliate WKBN said the 53-year-old officer was killed along with a 50-year-old man who has yet to be identified.