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Man Killed in Kentucky BLM Protest Shot by Fellow Protester After Unrelated Dispute


Police say a pro-Black Lives Matter photographer was fatally shot while protesting by a fellow Black Lives Matter protester in Louisville, Kentucky, after the man reportedly had an unrelated dispute with someone else at the protest that led him to leave and return with a gun.

Tyler Gerth, 27, was fatally shot over the weekend during a protest in Jefferson Square Park in Louisville following an argument at the event according to other demonstrators at the scene.

Police say Steven Lopez, 23, is responsible for the shooting that led to Gerth’s death, and Lopez now faces charges of murder and first degree wanton endangerment after firing indiscriminately into a protest, hitting one other person, according to The Daily Caller.

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‘White Supremacist Mass Shooter’ Turns Out to Be Hispanic Homeless Man

Father of Black Teen Killed in CHOP Calls For National Guard to Clear Autonomous Zone


The father of a 19-year-old boy who was shot and killed in Seattle’s CHOP last week is speaking out against the lawless “no-cop” zone.

Two other teens have been shot this week and many citizens are saying it’s time to shut down the experimental occupied area.

Horace Lorenzo Anderson spoke with KIRO Seattle in an emotional interview following his son’s death, saying, “I ain’t been sleeping. You see my eyes. I’ve been crying. I’m trying not to cry on TV.”

“This doesn’t look like a protest to me no more,” he continued. “That just looks like they just took over and said ‘we can take over whenever we want to.’”


Seattle Police Chief Asks Why Black People Keep Dying in the ‘Black Lives Matter’ CHOP Zone

One Dead, One Wounded in CHOP Shootout (Video)

CHOP Leaders Tell Protesters to Go Home, Support Biden

Man Shot in CHOP Wants to Sue Police for Not Responding Fast Enough

Mother Believed Her Kids Were ‘Zombies’ Before They Went Missing


New charges were filed late Monday against Lori Vallow Daybell, the mother of two children found dead on the Idaho property of her husband in early June.

Daybell, 46, was charged with two felony counts of conspiracy to destroy, alter or conceal evidence, East Idaho News reported.

Daybell and her husband, Chad Guy Daybell, are currently in jail. Lori Vallow Daybell has previously pleaded not guilty to charges of child abandonment and obstructing an investigation. Chad Daybell has pleaded not guilty to two counts of destruction, alteration and concealment of evidence.

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Seattle Police Chief Asks Why Black People Keep Dying in the ‘Black Lives Matter’ CHOP Zone


Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best asked why two African-Americans were dead at a place that “clamed to be working for Black Lives Matter” after a 16-year-old teenager was killed inside the CHOP police-free zone.

Despite organizers urging occupiers to abandon the CHOP zone last week, it still remains very much active and as crime-ridden as ever.

A 19-year-old man was shot dead and another wounded during an incident in the area two weekends ago.

That was followed by a similar incident in the early hours of Monday which left a 16-year-old dead and a 14-year-old critically wounded.


One Dead, One Wounded in CHOP Shootout (Video)


Surveillance video of a shooting at Seattle’s CHOP zone that left a black 16-year-old boy dead and a 14-year-old seriously injured shows gunfire ringing out as the Jeep the teens were in plowed into a barricade and a man screaming: ‘Oh you’re not dead yet?’.

Homicide detectives said they are investigating after the two teenagers were shot in a white Jeep near a makeshift barrier around the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) zone at about 3am on Monday.

Those inside the zone say CHOP security guards, who are self-appointed and heavily armed, started shooting at the Jeep only after the teens opened fire on them and drove into a barricade.

Police say witnesses told 911 dispatchers that they saw several unidentified people firing shots into the vehicle but made no made no mention of whether the teens were armed and fired first.

In surveillance video, multiple gunshots could be heard in the distance in the minutes before the Jeep could be seen tearing around the corner.

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Chicago Man Fatally Shot 2 Teens After They Asked How Tall He Is

thug bitch

A man fatally shot two teens after they asked how tall he was, police said.

Investigators said Laroy Battle, 19, shot the teens in an alley around 5 p.m. last Saturday, WLS reported.

Investigators said the teens and a friend of theirs did not know Battle, who is 6-foot-3, but had a brief interaction with him moments earlier at a convenience store when they asked how tall he was when they bought some candy at a convenience store, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

“The victims commented, because, since Battle is quite tall, and they asked him how tall he was and you know, hoped to be that tall someday,” Deputy Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan said. “And unfortunately, obviously we’ll never see the full growth of these poor children.”

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Chicago Launches Soros-Backed CoVID Fund For Illegals

Chicago Mayor, Alderman Spar Over Riots in Leaked Audio

Chicago Mayor Begs Businesses To Stay Despite Encouraging Riots, Looting

Chicago Protestors ATTACK POLICE

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Sends Armed Police to Shut Down Black Baptist Church

MSM Ignores Over 30 Shot In Deadly Chicago Weekend

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: People Who Go Outside Could Face Arrest

‘Superheroes’ Handling CHOP Law Enforcement Flee Murder Scene (Video)


The ‘Seattle Superheroes’, a costumed vigilante team which has taken over law enforcement in the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP), had an opportunity to take real action to fight crime after a man was killed and two others injured in a shooting within the far-left autonomous territory.

As police are banned from the CHOP, the duty of law enforcement fell to the Seattle Superheroes, a motley crew of misfits in brightly colored costumes, under the leadership of a man known only as ‘Red Ranger’.

On Saturday night, a brawl appeared to take place between drunk rival factions within the CHOP, ultimately resulting in a CHOP resident shooting an African American man dead.

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Costumed ‘Superheroes’ Replace Police Within CHAZ (Video)

India Slaughters 5 Chinese Soldiers in Bloody Massacre


The news comes after Indian Army there were losses on both sides of the battle and one of its officers and two soldiers were killed in a “violent faceoff” at Galwan Valley, one of the four standoff points in the eastern Ladakh sector.

These are the first reported casualties in decades to result from a clash between the nuclear-armed neighbours. China has so far not confirmed the deaths or numbers of injured.

The Indian army said on Tuesday senior military officials from both sides were meeting to calm the situation.

The statement said: “Senior military officials of the two sides are currently meeting at the venue to defuse the situation.”

Reports suggest ammunition was used and it was a physical battle.

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FL Wildlife Conservation Officer Fatally Shot, 3 in Custody


Three suspects are in custody following the shooting death of 30-year-old Florida Wildlife Conservation officer Julian Keen Jr., who was killed on Sunday morning.

Police responded to reports of a shooting incident in LaBelle Sunday morning and found the officer. Fox 13 reported that investigators “currently have three suspects in custody and are questioning them at this time”:


How Hospitals Are Murdering People Using COVID Hoax & Profiting


Her name is Erin Marie Olszewski. She’s a military nurse. She worked at the hospital that’s touted as being at the very center of the global pandemic, in terms of numbers of cases and deaths.

Her video is out there. Infowars has it among their banned videos. David Icke has it. Solari.com has it. The Brighteon platform has it. Others have it. It’s devastating testimony, first-hand, from Erin’s undercover investigation inside the Elmhust Hospital in Queens, New York, “the epicenter of the COVID epicenter.”

But this isn’t about the virus. It’s about murder at the hospital. That’s Erin’s assessment and conclusion, after working at Elmhurst.


Yes, Hospitals Get Paid More For COVID-19 Patients

Nurse Blows Whistle on NY Hospitals ‘Murdering’ COVID Patients (Video)

NY RN: Patients Are Being Left to Die, No Treatment, “It’s Murder” (Video)

Feds Classifying All COVID-19 Patient Deaths as ‘COVID-19’ Deaths Regardless of Cause

BOMBSHELL: NYC Inflating COVID Numbers to Get Federal Funding (Video)

BOMBSHELL: Medicare Paying Hospitals $13,000 to Label Deaths COVID-19