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Netanyahu Stabs ‘The Most Pro-Israel President in History’ in the Back


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stabbed President Donald Trump in the back on Saturday night by rushing to congratulate Joe Biden after he was prematurely declared president by the media amid a host of recount efforts and legal challenges.

On Sunday morning, Netanyahu released a video where he congratulated Biden and Harris on their victory and then congratulated Trump for doing a bunch of stuff for Israel.

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Trump’s “Historic” Israel-UAE Peace Plan to Normalize Relations


President Trump just announced a “historic” deal that will see Israel and the UAE open full diplomatic relations and Israel suspend its annexation plans in the West Bank.

The shock announcement Thursday marks perhaps the biggest diplomatic development out of the Middle East in decades, after the regime change war against Assad in Syria had for years reportedly brought Saudi-led gulf countries of the GCC into quiet, covert cooperation with Israel.

Both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump hailed the “historic day” in tweets confirming full normalization of diplomatic relations between prior enemies that had always lacked official recognition.

Trump helped to broker the agreement, which also crucially involves Israel agreeing to halt its hugely controversial plans of annexing sections of the West Bank that included the sprawling Jordan Valley.

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Netanyahu Threatened in 2018 to Bomb Hezbollah Missile Site in Beirut Warehouse


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of Hezbollah missile sites in downtown Beirut in a warehouse that happens to be near or the exact location of Tuesday’s devastating explosion, according to resurfaced footage of a 2018 UN speech.

Netanyahu stressed that Hezbollah was using the locals as “human shields” given the sites’ locations in the densely populated city.

“Here’s a picture worth a thousand missiles,” said Netanyahu. “Here’s the first missile site, it’s in the Uzai neighborhood on the water’s edge.”

“Hezbollah is deliberately using the innocent people of Beirut as human shields.”

Just yesterday, President Trump said the incident looked like an attack, based on counsel he had with his generals.


Netanyahu Calls For All Children to Be Microchipped


Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is calling for all children to be microchipped in the name of protecting public health.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Netanyahu suggested the Health Ministry use new technology to help Israel socially adapt ahead of lifting the coronavirus lockdown. “That is, technology that has not been used before and is allowed under the legislation we shall enact,” he clarified.

“I spoke with our heads of technology in order to find measures Israel is good at, such as sensors. For instance, every person, every kid – I want it on kids first – would have a sensor that would sound an alarm when you get too close, like the ones on cars,” Netanyahu said.


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US Media Tries to Sell Microchipping

UK Companies “Chipping Workers Like Pets”

Sweden Experiments With Microchips Under the Skin

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Netanyahu: Files Show Iran Lied ‘Big Time’ About Developing Nuclear Weapons


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday revealed a cache of files he claims were obtained from Iran and prove the country ran a secret program to build nuclear weapons.

Iranian leaders have long said their nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes. But Netanyahu on Monday unveiled tens of thousands of pages of documents that he said undercut those claims.

“Tonight I’m here to tell you one thing. Iran lied, big time,” he said.

Netanyahu’s office billed the televised statement as a “significant development” regarding the Iran nuclear deal, but it largely presented evidence to prove what the world long ago accepted: that Iran sought to develop nuclear arms.


Soros Bankrolling Chaos Worldwide

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed that billionaire George Soros is funding efforts to oppose the country’s plan to deport thousands of African migrants – an accusation that the philanthropist denies.

Netanyahu told Likud ministers on Sunday that Soros, who is known for his deep-pocketed philanthropy and political contributions towards “progressive” causes, is bankrolling a campaign to undermine Israel’s plan to deport thousands of African migrants.

“George Soros is also funding the protests. Obama deported two million infiltrators and they didn’t say anything,” Netanyahu told the ministers, according to Haaretz.

A spokesman for the billionaire pushed back against Netanyahu’s claim, telling Haaretz that while Soros is not funding protests in the country, he nonetheless “adamantly believes that, in accordance with the 1951 Refugee Convention and international law, it is wrong to forcibly send asylum seekers back to countries where they might be persecuted or killed.”