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Dem NM Governor Admits: “You Can’t Enforce” Limited Thanksgiving Gatherings


New Mexico Governor Michelle Grisham (D) issued a 5-person limit on Thanksgiving gatherings in her state over COVID-19 but admitted that authorities “can’t enforce” such a policy.

“You’re asking people in New Mexico to limit their gatherings to five. How do you begin to enforce that?” asked PBS “NewsHour” correspondent Amna Nawaz on Friday.

“So, you ask one of the most important questions. You can’t enforce that,” Grisham confessed.

“There is no way, anywhere in the country, we’re going to be able to say, look, you brought another household together. There [were] ten of you having Thanksgiving dinner. But we are hopeful that people will really take heed.”


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Birds Are Dropping Dead in New Mexico and Nobody Knows Why


Wildlife experts in New Mexico say birds in the region are dropping dead in alarming numbers, potentially in the “hundreds of thousands.”

“It appears to be an unprecedented and a very large number,” Martha Desmond, a professor at New Mexico State University’s department of fish, wildlife, and conservation ecology, told NBC’s Albuquerque affiliate KOB.

New Mexico residents have reported coming upon dead birds on hiking trails, missile ranges, and other locations.

In a video posted by Las Cruces Sun News, journalist Austin Fisher shows a cluster of dead birds he discovered while on a hike on September 13 in the state’s northern Rio Arriba County.

“I have no idea,” Fisher says in the video, as he pans the camera to reveal what appears to be dozens of birds laying dead on the ground.

USA Today

Former NM Dem Gov. Bill Richardson Accused Of Taking Bribes, Kickbacks


Former governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson, who has been accused by Virginia Roberts of having sex with her on Jeffrey Epstein’s orders when she was underage — faces a slew of new allegations.

Richardson, 72, “has been accused of raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes and kickbacks while in office – money which allegedly funded a luxury and debauched lifestyle including ‘sexual services and favors,” according to a recently unsealed legal complaint obtained by DailyMail.com.

According to the lawsuit, Richardson ran a scam dubbed the ‘Richardson Ring’ which saw the one-time governor benefiting from money he grafted from business investments into the state of New Mexico in the early 2000s.

The greedy politician lined his own pockets with cash, used some money to fund his political campaigns and organizations and also enjoyed lavish meals, wine and liquor as well as luxury travel and entertainment, the legal filing claims. …

Gateway Pundit

UFC Champion Jon Jones Confiscates Spray Paint Cans From Antifa Rioters


UFC superstar Jon Jones, current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, was caught on camera taking spray paint cans out of the hands of a pair of black bloc rioters who were likely set to vandalize Jones’ hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Jones posted the video of himself confronting the looters on his Instagram page, asking, “Is this shit even about George Floyd anymore?!?”

“Why the fuck are you punk ass teenagers destroying our cities!?? As a young black man trust me I’m frustrated as well but this is not the way, we are starting to make a bad situation worse,” Jones declared. “If you really got love for your city (505), protect your shit. All you old heads need to speak up, call your young family members and tell them to come home tonight.”


NM Police Discover Dead Newborn Injected With Heroin in Trash Bag


Authorities in New Mexico discovered a dead newborn in a trash bag in August, state police said.

The mother may have injected the infant with heroin, the baby’s father said according to court documents, Fox News reported.

The child’s father called state police on Aug. 17 when he returned from a trip and found his girlfriend no longer pregnant but could not find any signs of a baby, Officer Ray Wilson said Wednesday in a press release.

Daily Caller

Jennifer Garner Visits Migrant Families n New Mexico, Ignores Americans


DEMING, N.M. – Actress Jennifer Garner was in New Mexico on Wednesday to assess the emergency migrant situation.

Volunteers at the Southwestern New Mexico State Fairgrounds said the actress visited with migrant families and was seen playing with the children.

Luna County Detention Center Director Chris Brice, who’s overseeing operations, confirmed Garner’s appearance during a regular county meeting on Thursday. Brice said the actress is a national board member of Save the Children, a charity organization that assists children caught in times of crisis.

USA Today

Private Wall Construction Halted By NM Mayor, Says 18 FT Wall Must Be 6 FT


A private company building a wall along the southern US border halted construction after the mayor of a New Mexico town claimed they were in violation of a city ordinance regulating wall height.

Javier Perea, the Democrat mayor of Sunland Park, ordered a cease-and-desist order against the We Build the Wall project claiming they failed to comply with an ordinance regulating the height of fences and had neglected to obtain the proper permits.

The project, which is about 80 percent complete, “closes a gap in fencing between the Rio Grande on the east and Mount Cristo Rey to the west,” according to the Washington Times, and was privately funded with donations received through a GoFundMe crowdfund last year.


DC County Clerk Tells Newlyweds New Mexico Isn’t a State, Asks For Passports


Government workers told newlyweds that New Mexico is not a state and that they would need to provide an international passport to receive a marriage license in Washington, DC.

The groom, a New Mexican resident and a former Interior Department employee, said he and his wife were held up for 20 minutes after a court clerk and a supervisor claimed New Mexico was not a state.

“You know you are from flyover country when you are applying for a marriage license, give them your New Mexico driver’s license, and they come back and say ‘my supervisor says we cannot accept international driver’s licenses. Do you have a New Mexico passport?’ He said in a Facebook post. “They went back to a supervisor to check if New Mexico was a state… TWICE!”

In particular, the workers believed he was a foreign citizen and thus wouldn’t accept his “international” New Mexican driver’s license.


New Mexico Solar Observatory Shut Down Over Child Porn Investigation


A New Mexico solar observatory reopened Monday after an 11-day FBI investigation of a janitor who was suspected of using the facility’s internet to download child pornography, federal court documents revealed Wednesday.

The National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, abruptly closed Sept. 6 over an undisclosed security issue. The lack of explanation fueled conspiracy theories, given the facility’s close proximity to Roswell – the location of a supposed UFO sighting in 1947.

An FBI officer said she was “investigating the activities of an individual who was utilizing the wireless internet service of the National Solar Observatory … to download and distribute child pornography.”


Child Abuse Charges Dropped Against New Mexico Jihadists After “Screw Up”


The case of five New Mexico jihadists who trained children to carry out school shootings has taken another bizarre turn after it was revealed that child abuse charges against three of the five suspects have been dropped after a screw up.

11 counts of felony child abuse charges against three of the five suspects were dropped after the state failed to indict them within a 10-day window.

A Taos County judge put the blame on the DA for failing to schedule a preliminary hearing.

“There was no excuse and no reason why the District Attorney’s office could not have requested these preliminary hearings. I don’t know if they are overworked or they don’t have enough people at their office. I don’t see the district attorney here or the chief deputy district attorney, but it is disturbing to me that the district attorney would put this court in that kind of a situation,” said Judge Jeff McCelroy.


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