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New Orleans Mayor Shutting Down Businesses Not Complying With COVID ‘Rules’


Mayor Latoya Cantrell says she’ll temporarily close businesses that are not following guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. She called out specific businesses, Monday, after the first weekend of compliance task force inspections. It is a new group created specifically to crack down on places that are not following the rules.

“This one seems pretty safe,” said Rouses shopper Josh Gates.

Gates and Chrystal Nause live on the Westbank but usually travel to Midcity or Uptown to buy their groceries.

“We don’t try to go there very often,” Nause said. “Because most people don’t wear masks.”

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Students Are Demanding A Professor Be Fired For OPPOSING Slavery

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Students are petitioning to have a professor at Loyola University New Orleans fired over his opinions on slavery, even though he vehemently opposes it.

Economics professor Walter Block says his opposes slavery because he is a libertarian, but that reasoning isn’t good enough for some students, who wish to see the professor removed because he doesn’t have exactly the same opinions as they do.

A petition, signed by over 600 students, alleges that Block has ‘racist and sexist beliefs’.

The petition claims that Block “has publicly stated that he believes slavery to be wrong because it goes against Libertarianism, not because it is morally wrong.”


Texas Orders 14-Day Quarantine For NY-NJ-CT, New Orleans Travelers


Texas is now requiring air travelers from Coronavirus hotspots to quarantine for 14 days.

Gov. Greg Abbott has ordered travelers from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut – the tri-state area around New York City – and from New Orleans to isolate themselves for no less than 14 days and may only have direct contact with health care providers.

Abbott’s executive order came in response to White House recommending anyone who just visited the New York City area to self-quarantine as the Big Apple is Coronavirus epicenter of the US.


Fans Cheer Donald Trump as He Attends College Football Championship Game


President Donald Trump was warmly greeted by football fans attending the NCAA college championship game on Monday.

The Clemson University Tigers are playing the Louisiana State University Tigers for the college football championship.

The president traveled with first lady Melania Trump to the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, for the game.

Fans of both teams also chanted “U-S-A!” as the president and first lady arrived on the field for the National Anthem. Others shouted, “Four more years!”


Trump Gets Crowd to Chant “Bullshit” Over Impeachment at Florida Rally

Democrats Are Pushing For Civil War by Illegally Removing Trump From Office

Erotic Dancer Defends Photo of Child Stuffing Money in Her G-String


A photo of a child stuffing money in a burlesque performer’s G-string sparked outrage this week, causing the entertainer to delete her post.

But instead of apologizing for the shocking nature of the picture, the stripper doubled down, defending her right to sexualize children.

The incident began this week when New Orleans-based burlesque dancer Bella Blue posted the photo to Facebook with a caption reading: “This little girl was at brunch a few weeks ago and her family was encouraging her to tip and engage with me. It’s always so refreshing to see families actively destigmatizing and changing narratives around bodies and sexuality.”