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Media Are Playing Games Yet Again With Anonymous Russia Leaks


Much of the case for the Iraq War was based on the Bush administration’s claim that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. When the United States declared an end to the war late in 2011, more than 4,400 American military members had been killed and nearly 32,000 wounded. No weapons of mass destruction had been found.

It’s one of the most significant and catastrophic intelligence errors in U.S. history. A bipartisan commission found that U.S. intelligence “seriously misjudged” Iraq’s weapons program because of their “heavy reliance on a human source–codenamed ‘Curveball’–whose information later proved to be unreliable.” The commission wrote, “Even more misleading was the river of intelligence that flowed from the CIA to top policymakers over long periods of time–in the President’s Daily Brief (PDB)” and other reports that were “more alarmist” and “less nuanced.”

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Kremlin, Trump, Taliban Refute NYT Report Claiming Russia Paid Islamic Group to Kill US Soldiers

Kremlin, Trump, Taliban Refute NYT Report Claiming Russia Paid Islamic Group to Kill US Soldiers


The New York Times’ allegation that Russia has been offering reward money to Taliban-linked militants in Afghanistan to kill US and coalition troops has been attacked from all sides, with Moscow, the Trump administration and the Taliban itself saying that the claims aren’t true.

There is no general agreement among US intelligence agencies about the veracity of claims made in the New York Times about Russian military intelligence offering reward money to encourage the killing of US troops in Afghanistan, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has announced.

“There is no consensus within the intelligence community on these allegations and, in effect, there are dissenting opinions from some in the intelligence community with regard to the veracity of what’s being reported, and the veracity of the underlying allegations continue to be evaluated,” McEnany said, speaking to reporters on Monday.


Fake NYT Report Claims Trump Threatened to Fire Mueller

Poll Confirms 77% Think ‘Traditional’ Media is Fake News

NYT Admits It Is Fake News Hellbent on Derailing Trump

Sixth Name on NYT’s List of ‘Coronavirus Victims’ is Murder Victim

Media Can Turn Anything About Trump Into Fake News

NYT Debuts Trump Coup D’etat: Anonymous Official Admits Subverting MAGA Agenda

NYT Staff Writer/ Pulitzer Prize Winner Calls Whites ‘Barbaric Devils,” ‘Bloodsuckers’

racist bitch

The founder of the New York Times’ 1619 Project and Pulitzer Prize winner wrote a letter as a sophomore, colorfully condemning all white people in a barnstorming screed to the editor in Notre Dame’s The Observer.

A common theme in recent weeks has been anti-white racism, following the Black Lives Matter-led backlash that ensued after the in-custody killing of George Floyd. Several opinion pieces promoted fallacious notions of so-called “white privilege” – which is now widely accepted as gospel to many.

Nicole Hannah-Jones wrote a piece titled “Modern Savagery” in 1995 where she accused the “savage” white race of being “the biggest murderer, rapist, pillager, and thief of the modern world,” in a letter exercising questionable historical understanding.

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EU Countries Ban US Travelers to Hurt Trump Ahead of 2020 Election


European Union countries eager to revive their economies are prepared to bar entry to Americans because the United States has failed to control the coronavirus pandemic, the New York Times reported from Brussels on Tuesday, citing draft lists of acceptable travelers.

The United States, which has the most coronavirus cases in the world and is experiencing a surge in new infections, would be in the same category as No.2 hotspot Brazil and Russia, according to the Times, citing the proposal.

There was no immediate comment from the White House.


NY Governor Cuomo Still Blames Trump, Europe For COVID

New York Times Columnist Demands White People Ditch Family Members Who Don’t Support Black Lives Matter


A New York Times columnist wrote an article in which he demanded that people ditch family members who don’t make financial donations to Black Lives Matter.

Yes, really.

“The fear that when I go for my morning stroll through Central Park or to 7-Eleven for an AriZona Iced Tea, I won’t make it back home. I fear I won’t get to celebrate my parents’ 40th anniversary; I won’t get to add money to my nephew’s brokerage account on his third birthday; I won’t get to take my partner out dancing in her favorite Bed-Stuy bars.”

Sanders then attacks his liberal friends for burdening him with their white guilt.


Establishment Panicking Over Strong Jobs Numbers

weasel dick

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman speculated President Trump got the Bureau of Labor Statistics to skew its May jobs report to create a rosier picture of the economy.

Krugman, who won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, reacted with skepticism on Friday after the Labor Department announced unemployment had dropped to 13.3% when many economists expected the rate to soar above 20% because of the coronavirus pandemic’s effect on the economy.

“Well, the BLS reports a GAIN in jobs and a FALL in unemployment, which almost nobody saw coming. Maybe it’s true, and the BLS is definitely doing its best, but you do have to wonder what’s going on,” Krugman wrote. “I’ve been through a number of episodes over the years in which official numbers tell a story at odds with what more informal evidence suggests; often it turns out that there was something quirky (NOT fraudulent) about the official numbers.”

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NYT Leadership Loses Control over Its Own Newsroom


The New York Times is in disarray after its editorial page published an op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) that upset its readers and its own staff by calling for using the military to help restore order inside American cities gripped by violence, looting, and crime after the death of George Floyd.

Cotton’s op-ed sparked outrage from the left, including some who argued the Times was putting black lives in danger. Many subscribers said they were going to cancel their subscription.

The Times tried unsuccessfully to quell the outrage. Its editorial page editor, James Bennet, first added a note to the top of the op-ed explaining why the paper published the op-ed.


NYT Changes Trump Headline After Caving To Democrat Backlash — Again

NYT Changes Trump Headline After Caving To Democrat Backlash — Again


The New York Times has once again changed its front-page headline about President Trump after receiving intense backlash by the left.

The original Tuesday headline read “AS CHAOS SPREADS, TRUMP VOWS TO ‘END IT NOW’”, referring to the widespread far-left riots gripping the nation.

The accurate headline, which for once didn’t portray Trump in a negative light, drew the ire of the left, including prominent socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).