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Hollywood Pedo Network Exposed?


Oprah Winfrey’s monthly magazine will stop printing at the end of the year after being in circulation for two decades, according to reports.

The queen of all media’s namesake glossy, O: The Oprah Magazine, started by Winfrey and Hearst Communications, told staffers Friday it will publish its last magazine in December 2020, according to a report by the Business of Fashion.

Hearst and Winfrey did not immediately return requests for comment.

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Hollywood, Democrats Present ‘List of Demands’ For America

racist bitch

Oprah is leading a two-day televised racial summit on behalf of Black Lives Matter to lay out the radical organization’s list of demands moving forward following almost two weeks of nationwide rioting over George Floyd’s death.

The event, called “Where Do We Go From Here?”, which aired Tuesday and will continue Wednesday, features over a dozen black social justice and far-left political figures, including failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms.


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Heat Street Wants Globalist Billionaires to Run in 2020 Against Trump


There are no doubt many Americans today who say that Donald Trump has proven that a billionaire businessman should not be president.

Actually, what Trump has proven is what the majority of Americans already knew many years ago: that Donald Trump should not be president.

If nothing, Trump’s presidency—built on conspiracy, lies and a denial of facts—has only shown that the judgment of most voters in 2016 was good. Trump warned Americans that if they voted for Hillary Clinton, we’d wind up with a greedy, corrupt, ignorant president. He was right.

But Trump’s countless faults and failures have nothing to do with other billionaires who have their eye on the prize. For reasons which I’ll discuss in a moment, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Starbucks SBUX, -0.04%   CEO Howard Schultz have little in common with Trump, other than the fact that they’re wealthy. Nor does another person whose name has been linked with the presidency: media mogul Oprah Winfrey.

Heat Street

British Actress Says Oprah Used Her So Weinstein Could Get Laid


Television personality Oprah Winfrey lectured America about the pervasive sexual abuse culture in Hollywood during her Golden Globes speech Sunday.

What Winfrey failed to mention was her close relationship with disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein, a fact British actress Kadian Noble brought up in November as the #MeToo fallout was in full swing.

Noble said at a press conference in Manhattan that she had met Weinstein in 2014 at an event in London with Oprah “swinging off his arm,” which Noble said impressed her because she was hoping to advance her career.

“I thought, obviously, this man has something amazing in store for me,” she said at the conference.

Instead, Weinstein gave empty promises of career advancement to lure Noble to his hotel in France, where he allegedly raped her.