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Massive Nationwide Rallies Protest Sex Trafficking as Epstein Pedo Details Break


Not worried about coronavirus concerns, hundreds of people came together at the Arizona Capitol to raise awareness about sex trafficking. They heard from different speakers around 5:30 p.m. on Friday before a peaceful march in the area. Some held signs that said “Save The Children” and “Child Lives Matter.”

“This is happening in all communities,” said Laura Suttle, a demonstrator. “This isn’t just a Phoenix problem. This isn’t an Arizona problem. This is world, human problem.”

Some of the protesters weren’t wearing masks, and the large group stayed close together. But they were passionate about the cause and wanted to get the word out that even during the pandemic, sex trafficking of kids and adults isn’t going away.

AZ Family

Hundreds rally in Salt Lake City for end to human trafficking

Bill Clinton visited Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, unsealed court documents suggest

Social Media Questions Tom Hanks’ New Citizenship in Greece Where Pedophilia is a “Disability”


Actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson announced Sunday they’re officially citizens of Greece, prompting a whirlwind of internet rumors claiming the couple’s move was due to pedophilia being classified as a “disability” in the Mediterranean country.

Hanks and Wilson were featured in a photo shared on Instagram by Greece Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who stated the couple were now “proud Greek citizens!”

It didn’t take long, however, before conspiracy-minded netizens claimed to have honed in on a possible motive for the move by Hanks, who’s long been at the center of conspiracy theories asserting he’s a Jeffrey Epstein-esque billionaire pedophile.


UK: Labour Councilor Caught With Over 1 Million Child Porn Images


A former Labour councilor was handed a suspended sentence after being caught with over a million indecent images of children dating back to 2008 across dozens of devices police recovered from his home.

Former Exeter Labour councilor Roger Spackman, 50, worked at a secure children’s home when he started his immense collection of pedophilic images. One image included the sickening rape of a 12-year-old girl and 48 “extreme pornographic images involving an animal.”

The disgusting footage was found across 68 electronic devices recovered at his home. The images qualified across three categories: for serious category A images and others of category B and C–all contributing toward his conviction.

National File

Italian Pedo Cult Tried to Recruit Members of the Elite

Supreme Court Protects Indian Pedophile in Oklahoma

The British Legal System is a Joke (Video)

Germany Investigating 30,000 Potential Suspects in Pedophile Probe

Ghislaine Maxwell Asks For Gag Order Against Epstein witnesses

skank hoe

Ghislaine Maxwell ambushed prosecutors by asking for a gag order on witnesses in her criminal trial, court documents seen by DailyMail.com claim.

Maxwell’s lawyers filed an affidavit in her child sex trafficking case on Monday, asking a New York judge to prevent prosecution witnesses from publishing information about the case online.

Prosecutors scrambled to file a letter to Judge Alison Nathan in response, claiming they had been negotiating with Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged madam’s legal team ‘as recently as 6p.m. last night’ and were surprised by the gagging request.

The British socialite’s attorney wrote to Judge Nathan asking her to keep discovery materials from being published, but wanted permission to identify witnesses and Maxwell’s alleged victims who have already come forward in the case.

Daily Mail

Lawyers For Ghislaine Maxwell Trying To Keep X-Rated Evidence From Going Public

Epstein Accuser Says Ghislaine Maxwell is “Worse” and Was “Pulling the Strings”

Judge Orders Release of Epstein Flight Logs in Ghislaine Maxwell Lawsuit



Oprah Winfrey’s monthly magazine will stop printing at the end of the year after being in circulation for two decades, according to reports.

The queen of all media’s namesake glossy, O: The Oprah Magazine, started by Winfrey and Hearst Communications, told staffers Friday it will publish its last magazine in December 2020, according to a report by the Business of Fashion.

Hearst and Winfrey did not immediately return requests for comment.

Oprah’s magazine to stop print issue by end of 2020

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson officially become Greek citizens

‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Workplace Under Investigation by WarnerMedia (EXCLUSIVE)

Countess Who Took 30 Flights on Paedophile’s ‘Lolita Express’ Quits NSPCC


The wife of an aristocrat who flew more than 30 times on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ private jet has stepped down from her role at the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Clare Hazell raised thousands of pounds for the charity by hosting a classic car show each year at her family’s sprawling Elveden Estate in Norfolk.

The Mail on Sunday last month revealed that the interior designer – who became the Countess of Iveagh in 2001 when she married Edward Guinness, 4th Earl of Iveagh and a member of the brewing dynasty – had repeatedly travelled with serial paedophile Epstein on his private jet.

Flight logs revealed she took 32 flights between 1998 and 2000, including trips to his homes in New York, Florida, the Caribbean and New Mexico.

Daily Mail

Judge Orders Release of Epstein Flight Logs in Ghislaine Maxwell Lawsuit


A federal judge in Manhattan on Thursday approved the unsealing of documents from a civil lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell — the alleged madam of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein — as the British socialite faces charges for enticing minors to engage in illegal sexual activities.

Reuters reports:

Over Maxwell’s objections, U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska in Manhattan said the presumption the public has a right to access large portions of the more than 80 documents at issue outweighed Maxwell’s arguments for keeping them under wraps, including that they could prove embarrassing.

Preska also said personal identifying information contained in the documents, as well as the names of many “non-parties,” will be redacted. If the documents are released, they are likely to shed more light on Maxwell’s dealings with Epstein, as well as Epstein’s own conduct. They include flight logs from Epstein’s private jets, deposition testimony in 2016 in which Maxwell’s lawyers said she was asked “intrusive” questions about her sex life, and police reports from Palm Beach, Florida, where Epstein had a home.


Italian Pedo Cult Tried to Recruit Members of the Elite


A “powerful” pedophile cult busted by police in Italy set up a sophisticated legal front to hide its activities and tried to recruit wealthy members of the elite.

The sect was exposed after a 2 year police investigation dubbed ‘Operation Dionysus’ during which authorities uncovered a “very powerful” cabal that subjected young women and minors to sexual abuse and torture.

Like many sex trafficking networks, the organization appeared to be into occult sex magic rituals that promised inductees entry into a “magical, fantastic and secret world” and the lighting of an “inner fire,” while making them dependent on a 77-year-old leader known as ‘the Doctor’.


Attorney Demanding Another Prosecution of Roger Stone Had Argued For Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein To Be Exonerated


An attorney who had helped billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein get a reduced sentence for his sex trafficking of minors is now arguing that Roger Stone should be prosecuted again over the debunked Russia collusion narrative.

Gerald B. Lefcourt and another lawyer penned an op-ed for CNN calling for New York to bring state charges against Stone after President Trump commuted his 40-month sentence last week.

Lefcourt claimed that the Constitution is “under assault” due to Trump’s perfectly legal commutation of Stone’s sentence.

“To almost no one’s surprise, days before Roger Stone’s prison sentence was about to begin, President Donald Trump has spared his long-time political crony from the pen — late Friday, Mr. Trump commuted Stone’s sentence,” Lefcourt wrote. “It is time for New York prosecutors to answer this latest assault by Trump on the rule of law: They should ready a state prosecution of Stone.”


Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Fled’ Across House During Raid, FBI Found Tin Foil-Wrapped Cell Phone


According to a Monday court filing (see below), Ghislaine Maxwell bolted to another room when FBI agents showed up to her secluded New Hampshire estate to arrest the accused sex-trafficker.

When agents entered, they found a cell phone wrapped in tin-foil sitting on a desk in what prosecutors described as a “misguided effort to evade detection, not by the press or public, which of course would have no ability to trace her phone or intercept her communications, but by law enforcement.”

FBI agents were first barred from entering the property by a locked gate they had to pry open and were then confronted by one Maxwell’s private guards, according to the U.S.

When the agents approached the front door, they caught a glimpse of Maxwell through the window, trying to “flee” rather than answer them. The FBI ultimately forced to “breach” Maxwell’s door to enter and only arrested Maxwell after she was found “in an interior room in the house,” according to the government. –Bloomberg

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