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Pelosi Orders Mandatory Mask-Wearing On House Floor


Following the announcement that Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-Texas), who reportedly was rarely seen wearing a mask in the halls of Congress, that he has tested postive for COVID-19, Speaker Nancy Pelosi told House Democrats on a call Wednesday evening that she will require masks to be worn on the floor of the House.

“Members and staff will be required to wear masks in the halls of the House,” she says, adding she can direct House sergeant-at-arms to tell members to leave if they aren’t wearing one.

Given Dr. Fauci’s comments earlier today – and his name is apparently holy writ – we wonder how long before goggles and masks are mandatory in the House?

Zero Hedge

Ted Cruz: Pelosi Is ‘Shoveling Money to Her Friends’ with Coronavirus Stimulus

ted cruz

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) argued Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was using the coronavirus relief bills for “shoveling money to her friends.”

Partial transcript as follows:

MARGARET BRENNAN: I do want to ask you about the business at hand, which, as we know from the White House and from Leader McConnell’s office, is this bill they plan to introduce tomorrow to provide another round of aid. You opposed it earlier this week. Are you on board now?

CRUZ: I- I am not. We have right now two simultaneous national crises. We have a global pandemic. It is serious. It is taking the lives of over 600,000 people. We need to do significantly more to fight the disease. At the same time, we have an absolute economic catastrophe. We have over 44 million Americans have lost their job, and we have got to get America back to work. Unfortunately, I just listened to your interview with Speaker Pelosi, her objectives are focused on neither of those. Her objectives are shoveling cash at the problem and shutting America down. And in particular, you look at the three trillion dollar bill she’s trying to push. It’s just shoveling money to her friends and not actually solving the problem. Our objective should be Americans want to get back to work. They want to be able to provide for their family.



Dr. Phil Received $7M in PPP Loans While Son Splurged on $10M Home

Pelosi Calls COVID-19 “Trump Virus” (Video)


House Speaker and insufferable harpy Nancy Pelosi referred to COVID-19 as the “Trump Virus” during an interview Tuesday, blaming the president for making the coronavirus pandemic “worse.”

“With the president’s comments today, he recognized the mistakes that he has made by now embracing mask-wearing and the recognition that this is not a hoax; it is a pandemic that has gotten worse before it will get better because of his inaction, and in fact clearly it is the Trump virus,” the Democrat career politician from California told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Elsewhere in the interview, Pelosi claimed Trump was wrong for not mandating face masks sooner, and claimed he refused to wear one because of “a manhood thing.”

“I think a good deal of what we have suffered is clearly the Trump virus,” Pelosi added, agreeing with Blitzer that “thousands of Americans” had died due to the president’s policies.

The president, on the other hand, pointed out during a recent interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace that NIH director Anthony Fauci and US Surgeon General Jerome Adams both at the start of the pandemic told the public not to wear face masks.


Communist Chinese Propaganda Video Claims Covid Was Weaponized To Beat Trump

Pelosi on Leftist Mob Tearing Down Columbus Statue: “People Will Do What They Do”


During a press conference Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi essentially gave a pass to the numerous mobs of radical leftists that have been toppling statues throughout the country.

Pelosi appeared to dismiss concerns from a reporter who asked if the statues should be taken down in an orderly civil fashion that involves local governments.

“Shouldn’t that be done by a commission or the city council, not a mob in the middle of the night throwing it into a harbor?” a reporter asked, referring to a statue of Christopher Columbus that was chucked into Baltimore’s Inner Harbor on July 4th.


Dems Revive Push For Masks to Regain Control of COVID Narrative After Riots


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called President Trump “cowardly” for not wearing a mask in the public eye.

When asked on NPR’s “All Things Considered” on Friday whether she agreed with Biden’s proposal to mandate mask-wearing, Pelosi agreed, adding that Trump is acting cowardly for not personally acknowledging the risks of the virus.

“Absolutely. In fact, the reason the CDC hasn’t made it mandatory is because they don’t want to embarrass the president, or insult the president, whatever it is, offend the president. They said they recommend it they didn’t require it,” Pelosi said.


Pelosi Gifts Philonise Floyd Folded Flag Reserved Only For Fallen Veterans

photo op

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi bestowed an encased folded American flag to the brother of George Floyd, who was killed by a Minneapolis police officer last month.

“Congresswoman Pelosi presented Mr. Floyd an American flag flown over the U.S. Capitol – a symbol of our shared commitment to securing justice for George & all victims of police violence,” Pelosi’s official website stated.

Folded American flags are traditionally presented by the U.S. government to families of fallen veterans during military funerals.

The National Cemetery Administration of the Veterans Affairs Department states the specific criteria necessary to receive a folded American flag.


Dems Channel African Slave Traders In Kneeling BLM Photo Op

House Republicans Sue Pelosi to Stop Proxy Voting Amid Coronavirus Concerns

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House Republicans filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to block a system of proxy voting put in place during the coronavirus pandemic on the grounds that it is unconstitutional.

Proxy voting would allow House members to vote on another person’s behalf if they are not able to be physically present at the Capitol, an unprecedented exception for an unparalleled health crisis.

At least 59 Democrats have submitted letters to the House Clerk’s office to authorize their vote to be cast by proxy. Meanwhile, GOP lawmakers have said they will be in the Capitol to cast their votes.

Not a single Republican supported the measure as it passed earlier this month, arguing that the Constitution requires a quorum, or a majority, of lawmakers to be physically present in order to vote on measures, thus concluding that the proxy system is unconstitutional. Republicans also worry that the system concentrates too much power in the hands of only a few members.

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Democrats’ House Rule Change Undermines the Constitution

As Senate Returns to Work, House Works to Use ‘Proxy Vote’

New Dem Bill Meant to Destroy Economic Gains, Bail Out Bankrupt Blue States

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A new Democrat-sponsored bill in the House of Representatives would allocate an additional $10.15 billion to American colleges and universities amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and economic crisis.

The funds would in addition to the $14 billion already distributed to colleges.

The Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act would allocate $10.15 billion to U.S. colleges and forgive up to $10,000 in student loan debt for private borrowers.

Even if the Democrat-sponsored legislation passes the House, however, it is virtually dead on arrival in the Republican-controlled Senate.

GOP lawmakers say that while additional action from Congress may be necessary eventually, it’s best now to wait to see the effects of the previous $2 trillion pumped into the U.S. economy back in March.

Campus Reform

States Facing Biggest Budget Crisis in U.S. History Thanks to Idiotic Lockdowns

American Universities Still Have Chinese Propaganda Centers

Dems Unveil $3 Trillion COVID Bill to Bail Out Bankrupt Blue States

As Senate Returns to Work, House Works to Use ‘Proxy Vote’


President Trump’s task force has been working hard to fight the coronavirus pandemic and open up America. Meanwhile, the House of Representatives has been silent — AWOL, you might say.

Even as the Senate returns to work this week, the House remains shuttered. And now, feeling the heat for their prolonged absence, House Democrats are floating plans that would upend centuries of legislative precedent and concentrate power in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hands.

One Democratic idea would allow a representative to ask a colleague to cast a vote on her behalf, known as a proxy vote. And this proxy vote would count for purposes of a quorum, the majority needed to proceed with business. If implemented, this brainstorm would create a procedural fiction in which a representative would be considered “physically” present in the Capitol when she is home with her freezer full of gourmet ice cream.

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