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Forensic Computer Scientist: Up to 120,000 Questionable Votes in PA


As the Third Circuit Court of Appeals rules against President Trump’s attorney’s in the matter of vote fraud and ballot tampering in Pennsylvania, the path is cleared for the mountain of credible evidence in support of those claims to finally be brought forward in a matter of constitutionality to the United States Supreme Court.

A critical piece of evidence was brought forward at a hearing in Gettysburg Wednesday. Gregory Stenstrom of Delaware County, self-identified as a former commanding officer in the Navy, a forensic computer scientist with expertise on security and fraud issues, and a poll watcher, alleged this week that 47 USB cards used during the state’s Nov. 3 election have gone missing.

He also stated that as many as 120,000 votes cast in the election should be called into question, based on his examination of the evidence and his expertise in forensic computer science.

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PA Supreme Court Move Signals Path to US SCOTUS

PA Supreme Court Move Signals Path to US SCOTUS


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Saturday evening dismissed a lawsuit brought by Republicans who seek to invalidate the state’s mail-in ballots, with five of the court’s seven judges arguing that the case should be dismissed because the challenge had come too late, according to the Financial Times.

The latest Pennsylvania lawsuit, led by Republican congressman Mike Kelly, was unanimously rejected by the state’s Supreme Court judges, who described it as an “extraordinary proposition that the court disenfranchise 6.9 million Pennsylvanians who voted in the general election”.

The court’s decision overturns an earlier hold on the state’s certification process made by Commonwealth Court judge Patricia McCullough. –FT

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PA Supreme Court Tosses GOP Lawsuit, Lifts Block on Certification of Election

GA/PA Confirm Election Fraud, Move To Overturn Biden HOAX Victory

We Have “Tremendous Proof” of Election Fraud By Democrats, But Judges “Won’t Allow” Us to Submit It

PA Supreme Court Tosses GOP Lawsuit, Lifts Block on Certification of Election


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Saturday evening reversed a lower court’s block on certifying the state’s elections issued Friday night, dismissing with prejudice a lawsuit brought by Republican candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives that sought to have the results nullified over constitutional concerns about a 2019 change in absentee ballot rules. The lead plaintiffs in the case are Rep. Mike Kelly and Sean Parnell.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court said the suit was dismissed because the plaintiffs failed to file their case in a “timely manner” when Act 77 was passed in 2019.

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Giuliani, Trump Pull Off ‘One Hell of a Hearing’ on PA Election Fraud


Update (1747ET): With the hearing concluded, people are commenting on how credible and well spoken the witnesses were in describing election fraud in Pennsylvania.

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Update (1445ET):President Trump joined the PA hearing by phone and was immediately on the offense, saying that “this is an election we won easily. We won it by a lot. This election has to be turned around.”

“What we saw on November 3rd was not the United States of America. Democrats cheated. It was a fraudulent election. It would be very easy for me to wait 4 years and try again. We can’t wait for 4 years. Don’t be intimidated by these people. They don’t love our country!

“They kept poll watchers in pens in Philadelphia and then they threw them out of the building. You couldn’t see a thing on those cameras. They could have been playing a baseball game.”

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PA Republicans File Emergency Request to Block Vote Certification


Republicans in Pennsylvania filed an emergency request in state court on Sunday seeking to block the certification of the state’s election results in favor of Joe Biden.

The deadline for counties to certify the state is later Monday, after which Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar will be able to certify the entire state, according to Bloomberg.

The filing by the Republicans comes after a federal judge tossed a lawsuit by the Trump campaign seeking to block certification of the results in PA.

Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, who is retiring from politics in 2022, has called on Trump to accept the results of the election, which have Biden ahead by over 81,000 votes in the state.

“President Trump has exhausted all plausible legal options to challenge the result of the presidential race in Pennsylvania,” said Toomey in a Saturday statement  following the decision by Judge Matthew Brann to dismiss the Trump Campaign’s lawsuit.

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PA Secretary of state lacked authority to change deadline 2 days before Election Day

10 Attorneys General Join Supreme Court Case Against PA Mail-In Ballot Deadline

PA Republican Senators Call on PA Secretary of State to Resign

PA State Rep Slams Dominion For Bailing on Hearings, ‘Why Are They Hiding?’


Representatives from Dominion Voting Systems were scheduled to appear before a Pennsylvania House Committee today before they abruptly cancelled their appearance, raising eyebrows as Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell accuses them of cooperating with communist regimes to steal millions of votes from President Donald Trump and deliver them to Joe Biden.

Last night it was reported that Dominion would renege on its previous promise to speak to Pennsylvania legislators, prompting the Pennsylvania House GOP to declare a press conference where they publicly levied their claims and concerns about Dominion.

State Rep. Seth Grove, who serves as the State Government Committee Chair, told viewers that “the members of the State Government Committee were looking forward to publicly addressing the plethora of accusations against Dominion Voting Systems in a format which would have offered open and honest dialogue,” and he “was impressed” by Dominion’s initial “willingness of Dominion Voting Systems to address accusations.”

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PA Supreme Court Rejects His “Claim” of Voter Fraud, Despite Clear Evidence


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected the Trump campaign’s claim that Philadelphia violated state election law in the way it handled observers at a city ballot counting center.

The ruling is likely to undercut the Trump campaign’s case in federal court, where Rudy Giuliani joined a hearing Tuesday to argue on behalf of President Donald Trump’s effort to contest the election results in Pennsylvania, baselessly alleging “widespread national voter fraud.”

According to NBC News, President-elect Joe Biden won the state by more than 74,000 votes.

Giuliani claimed that one of the main problems in Pennsylvania is that Republican election observers weren’t allowed to get close enough to the vote counting tables in Philadelphia to get any meaningful idea of what was going on.

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Alan Dershowitz: “Trump Will Win Pennsylvania Lawsuit”

Pennsylvania Judge Rules Some Late Ballots Don’t Count

Impeach Chief Justice Roberts If He Doesn’t Take Up Massive Election Fraud Case

DOJ Seeks To Suspend Constitutional Rights Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Leftist Groups Accidentally Prove PA Elections Officials Violated Laws, Judge’s Orders


To combat Trump’s motions to battle the election fraud taking place in Pennsylvania, various different leftist organizations have filed a motion to intervene in the case. As part of this motion, they included several affidavits from various community members. In some of those affidavits, citizens swear that they were contacted by people at the elections office and/or by the democrat party and were informed that there was a problem with their ballot, and they needed to come down to the elections office and cure the problem.

This is in direct defiance of the orders previously given by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which specifically stated that voters are not to be contacted to cure a ballot.

Furthermore, why are voters being contacted by partisan party officials, when it should be elections officials contacting them?

Still another concern is that this is contrary to what the “fact checkers” have told us regarding proper policy and procedure.

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Alan Dershowitz: “Trump Will Win Pennsylvania Lawsuit”


Constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz believes President Trump will emerge victorious the Pennsylvania lawsuit against ballot deadline extensions.

Dershowitz explained to Breitbart News on Friday that the reason is simple: Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court put into practice election law that hadn’t been approved by its legislature, an unconstitutional action.

“I do think that Trump will win the Pennsylvania lawsuit…namely, the lawsuit that challenges ballots that were filed before the end of Election Day, but not received until after Election Day,” Dershowitz said.

“The [Pennsylvania] legislature had basically said no to that, and the state Supreme Court said yes because of the pandemic.”


PA Results Show Statistically Impossible Pattern Behind Biden Steal


On election night President Trump totally run away with the election in Pennsylvania. 

President Trump was ahead of Joe Biden by nearly 700,000 votes! It was an insurmountable lead.

The President was still ahead in Pennsylvania with 56% of the vote to Biden’s 43% the next morning.

The President was winning Pennsylvania and held a 675,000 vote lead in the election over Joe Biden.

What happened next was corrupt and criminal as the Democrats went about to steal Pennsylvania for Biden.

They took a Trump landslide and they criminally flipped it to Joe Biden.

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