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Academy Lists New ‘Diversity’ Requirements to Win Oscar for Best Picture


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced Tuesday that it will require films to meet extensive new “diversity” standards to be eligible to win the Oscar for Best Picture.

A press release for the Academy explained that starting in 2024, films competing for Best Picture will be required to meet at least two of the following four standards (original emphasis):

To achieve Standard A, the film must meet ONE of the following criteria:

A1. Lead or significant supporting actors

At least one of the lead actors or significant supporting actors is from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group.
• Asian
• Hispanic/Latinx
• Black/African American
• Indigenous/Native American/Alaskan Native
• Middle Eastern/North African
• Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander
• Other underrepresented race or ethnicity

A2. General ensemble cast

At least 30% of all actors in secondary and more minor roles are from at least two of the following underrepresented groups:
• Women
• Racial or ethnic group
• People with cognitive or physical disabilities, or who are deaf or hard of hearing


NFL Announces Social Justice Slogans Will Be Inscribed on Every Field


NFL end zones will be inscribed this season with two slogans: “It Takes All Of Us” on one end line, “End Racism” on the other.

As part of its social justice awareness initiatives, the NFL also will allow similar visuals on helmets and caps.

Previously announced were decals on the back of helmets, or patches on team caps, displaying names or phrases to honor victims of racism and/or police brutality.

“Each player will have the option to honor an individual by displaying that person’s name via a decal on the back of their helmet,” the memo said, according to ESPN.

Western Journal

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Threatening to Call 911 on Minorities Now Illegal in New Jersey


New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) signed a law Monday making it illegal for citizens to threaten to call 911 on someone of a different race, ethnicity, religion or gender.

Murphy technically just amended a current law “to include false incrimination and filing a false police report as a form of bias intimidation.”

“The bill also establishes crime of false 9-1-1 call with purpose to intimidate or harass based on race or other protected class,” a statement from the Governor reads.

Filing a false police report or falsely calling 911 is already a crime, but Governor Murphy went further, explaining, “Using the threat of a 9-1-1 call or police report as an intimidation tactic against people of color is an unacceptable, abhorrent form of discrimination.”


Young People Refuse to Use Full Stops in Sentences to Avoid Offending Others

war on language

The world’s leading language experts have noted that young people are ‘fundamentally’ altering written communication based on what they perceive to be aggressive or offensive.

In particular, the use of the full stop, or period, in sentences is diminishing according to linguists because it has come to signify annoyance or offence.

“Full stops are, in my experience, very much the exception and not the norm in [young people’s] instant messages, and have a new role in signifying an abrupt or angry tone of voice,” notes Owen McArdle, a linguist at the ­University of Cambridge.

Fellow linguist Dr Lauren Fonteyn of Leiden University said “If you send a text message without a full stop, it’s already obvious that you’ve concluded the message. So if you add that additional marker for completion, they will read something into it and it tends to be a falling intonation or negative tone.”


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Berlin Film Festival Switching to Gender Neutral Acting Awards


Berlin Film Festival directors Mariette Rissenbeek and Carlo Chatrian have announced a major change to the annual event: Beginning with the 2021 festival, the Silver Bear acting prizes will go gender neutral. A statement from the festival reads: “Instead of the awards for the Best Actor and the Best Actress, a ‘Silver Bear for Best Leading Performance’ and a ‘Silver Bear for Best Supporting Performance’ shall each be awarded on a gender-neutral basis.” The Silver Bear prizes for actor and actress have been handed out since 1956. The most recent recipients are Elio Germano (“Hidden Away”) and Paula Beer (“Undine”) from the 2020 festival.

“We believe that not separating the awards in the acting field according to gender comprises a signal for a more gender-sensitive awareness in the film industry,” said Berlinale directors Rissenbeek and Chatrian in a statement.


Berlin Bans Protest Against COVID Restrictions, Deploys Police

DC Comics Caves to Leftists, Turns Wonder Woman Pale Blue & Overweight

wonder woman

DC comics has continued to bow to pressure from ‘woke’ trolls online, unveiling a “variant cover of the Wonder Woman 1984” on which the superhero is overweight, has a weird purple skin colour, and sports really bad mom jeans.

The new version of Wonder Woman has seemingly also had a massive breast reduction, following complaints that the superhero’s large mammaries contributed to an overtly sexualised image that sends the wrong message to young girls.

Writing for RT, Nicholas Sheppard comments “The image exemplifies everything the comic-book industry has succumbed to in recent years – the latest example in an ongoing trend of agenda-driven identity politics, in which classic themes of heroism and sacrifice have been superseded by themes of diversity and inclusivity and the avoidance of anything that could be interpreted as problematic.”


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Kansas City Chiefs Ban Fans From Wearing Headdresses, American Indian Face Paint


The NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs released a statement Thursday announcing they are banning fans from wearing ceremonial headdresses and American Indian-themed face paint in Arrowhead Stadium.

The organization claims, “our goal was to gain a better understanding of the issues facing American Indian communities in our region and explore opportunities to both raise awareness of American Indian cultures and celebrate the rich traditions of tribes with a historic connection to the Kansas City area.”

Erasing the tradition of your fans is an odd way to “celebrate” the traditions of tribes in the area.

The team is also reviewing the famous “Arrowhead Chop,” a celebration where fans tomahawk chop the air with their hands in unison.


NASA Calls “Eskimo Nebula” & “Siamese Twins Galaxy” Insensitive


NASA is now officially cracking down on the nicknames of cosmic objects in an effort to address “systemic discrimination & inequality” in the scientific community.

America’s top space agency is calling unofficial terms like “Eskimo Nebula” and “Siamese Twins Galaxy” insensitive and even “actively harmful.”

“I support our ongoing reevaluation of the names by which we refer to astronomical objects,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, the associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate. “Our goal is that all names are aligned with our values of diversity and inclusion, and we’ll proactively work with the scientific community to help ensure that.”

“Science is for everyone, and every facet of our work needs to reflect that value.”


Redskins Change Name To “The Washington Football Team” For 2020-2021 Season


After years of controversy, the NFL team formerly known as the Washington Redskins has finally abandoned its moniker, simultaneously beloved by its fandom and loathed by white progressives and SJWs across the US. But with the 2020-2021 season just a month away, the team has decided that – until a more suitable name can be chosen – it will be going by “the Washington Football Team.”

The team confirmed the decision in a tweet.

The team added that it’s still in the process of “retiring” its former name; it’s hoping to have scrubbed the moniker from all physical and digital spaces belonging to the team within 50 days, hopefully before the team’s Sept. 13 regular-season opener against Philly.

Washington won’t change its color scheme: It’s still planning on using the burgundy and gold that fans know and love. On their helmets, players will see the team’s former logo replaced with their number in gold, ESPN reported.

The Washington Football Team will debut its home uniforms in Week 1 against the Eagles, and its road uniforms in Week 2 against the Arizona Cardinals.

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Red Bull Fires US Executive Team For Pushing Company to Support BLM


Red Bull has fired two top executives in the US who had lobbied for more diversity in the company and were blamed for the leak of a letter that criticized its ‘public silence’ on Black Lives Matter

North America chief executive Stefan Kozak and North America president and chief marketing officer Amy Taylor were let go, the energy drink company said Tuesday. 

While Red Bull employees in the US have been pressing for the company to be more vocal about racism, Red Bull’s billionaire CEO Dietrich Mateschitz is a Donald Trump admirer who has spoken out against ‘political correctness’. 

The 76-year-old tycoon also owns a media firm which has been criticized for giving a platform to far-right activists in his native Austria. 

Sources told Business Insider that Red Bull’s top executives in Austria are thought to have fired Kozak and Taylor in ‘retaliation’ for the leak, although no official reason was given for their departure.  

The letter signed by more than 300 employees had criticized the company for ‘saying nothing’ amid the global anti-racism protests and ‘abandoning the communities we claim to support and foster in their time of greatest need’.  

Both Kozak and Taylor have pushed for more diversity and inclusion but Taylor was ‘met with opposition’ when she called for the company to take a more public stand on racism, The Wall Street Journal reports.   

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