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Abortion: America’s Genocide


Hip hop superstar Kanye West joined Joe Rogan’s podcast to discuss, among other topics, his pro-life stance, which he’s made a central issue around his presidential platform.

During “The Joe Rogan Experience” on Saturday, West explained that he’s trying to reorient America’s culture away from abortion and Planned Parenthood.

“Because Plan B and Planned Parenthood were planned by eugenics that set out and said out loud, ‘I’m doing this to kill the black race, and to create population control,’” West told Rogan.

“Let me talk about Planned Parenthood. There’s the last figure I saw is there were 210,000 deaths that’s due to COVID in America. And everywhere you go, you see someone with a mask on…With abortion culture, there are 1,000 black children aborted a day,” he said.


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Salem Leftists Bitch About “Frustrating” Crowds, Will “Restrict” Pedestrians

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Despite repeated requests for potential visitors to stay away from the city amid the coronavirus pandemic this year, the crowds keep coming to Salem in hopes of getting a little taste of Halloween in the holiday’s unofficial hometown.

Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll once again urged those considering a trip to Salem in October to wait until next year — or, at least, next month — as she announced restricted access to the Essex Street Pedestrian Mall starting this weekend.

The city will close the Peabody Essex Museum entrance to the mall and put barricades in place to help control crowds that she said become stagnant and don’t allow for social distancing. She added in a news conference Friday morning that there will be greater enforcement of the limit on lines waiting to get into restaurants.


Bill Gates’ Vaccines Making People More Sick Than COVID, Trials Paused


U.S. pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson paused its late-stage clinical trials of its COVID-19 vaccine after a participant was diagnosed with an unexplained illness. 

The pause was first reported Monday by the health care news website Stat, which obtained a document the company sent to outside researchers.  

Johnson & Johnson had just launched its wide scale testing of its single-dose experimental vaccine. The trial involves 60,000 volunteers across more than 200 locations in the United States and internationally, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and South Africa.   

The company said in a statement that so-called “adverse events” such as illnesses and accidents are an expected part of a clinical study, especially with such a large number of participants.  It also said the hold was a “study pause” and not a “clinical hold” which is imposed by a formal health regulatory agency.  

Because it can be administered in a single dose, Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine has significant advantages over the other three potential vaccines, which require two doses.   The single-dose vaccine would not have to be kept frozen in ultracold temperatures, making it easier to utilize in a mass immunization campaign.   

Voice of America

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Bill Gates: World Won’t Return to Normal Until Everyone is Vaccinated

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Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates says the world won’t return to normal until “a lot of people” take a second “super-effective” coronavirus vaccine that could be years away.

Gates told NBC that the situation will not be reversed until we reach ‘Zero COVID’ – totally eliminating the virus worldwide, a goal that represents a higher bar than for any other disease in history.

“The only way we’ll get completely back to normal is by having, maybe not the first generation of vaccines, but eventually a vaccine that is super-effective, and that a lot of the people take, and that we get the disease eliminated on a global basis,” said Gates.

“That is where we can finally start taking all the problems that have been created — in education, mental health — and start to build back in a positive way,” he added.


Bill Gates Figuring Out How to Influence America to Take Vaccines

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Billionaire software tycoon Bill Gates has urged the US to prepare for a Covid-19 vaccine rollout by deputizing trusted community leaders to “reduce vaccine hesitancy,” bemoaning the rapid spread of “conspiracy theories” online.

The Microsoft founder-turned-vaccine-evangelist painted a mostly rosy picture of a vaccine rollout getting “rich countries” back to normal by the end of 2021 in an interview during the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council on Tuesday.

However, with less than half of Americans saying they’d get a Covid jab – even if paid $100 for it – in a recent survey, Gates then focused his talk on enlisting the nation’s “trust network” to overcome the skeptics.

Lamenting that “vaccine hesitancy is in all countries and predates the pandemic,” Gates suggested American health officials start “thinking about which voices will help reduce the hesitancy, so we can get a level of vaccination that really has a chance of stopping” the virus.

Gates provided the example of challenges the polio vaccine faced in some countries – and the cunning lengths some were willing to go to get their populations jabbed.


Govt, Yale Holding Clinical Trials to ‘Persuade’ Americans to Take COVID Vaccines

WHO: Countries That Resist Taking COVID Vaccine Endanger the World


World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned Monday that “vaccine nationalism” poses a threat to the globalist effort to administer coronavirus vaccines to the entire world.

“Vaccine nationalism only helps the virus. The success of the COVAX facility hinges not only on countries signing up to it, but also filling key funding gaps,” Ghebreyesus said, likely referring to President Trump and America, during the WHO’s latest coronavirus vaccine briefing.

So far, he said, 172 countries representing 70% of the world population have signed up for the coronavirus vaccine distribution scheme, where 2 billion doses of the vaccine will be distributed across the world by 2021.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel. As I said last week, together we can do it,” Ghebreyesus stated.


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WHO Director Warns Covid Will Last For YEARS


The Coronavirus pandemic could last for another two years, according to a World Health Organisation chief.   

Director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus described COVID-19 as a ‘once-in-a-century health crisis’.

He said globalisation allowed the virus to spread quicker than the Spanish Flu did in 1918, but added that the world had technology to stop it which wasn’t around a hundred years ago.

‘We hope to finish this pandemic (in) less than two years, especially if we can pool our efforts,’ he said Friday.

Daily Mail

Coronavirus Could Last Another Two Years “in Waves” (Video)

Americans Will Wear Masks For ‘Several Years’ Due to COVID

Maine Governor Orders Restaurant Staff to Wear COVID Dog Cones

The Governor of Maine has ordered restaurant staff to wear anti-COVID visors upside down so they resemble dog cones in order to direct breath upwards.

Yes, really.

Governor Janet Mills’ decree states that “front-of-house staff in restaurants who choose to wear face shields must now wear them upside down so that they are attached at the collar instead of the forehead, so that their breath is directed up, not down,” reports Maine Public Radio.

Given that air conditioning units can facilitate the spread of coronavirus, Mills’ order looks like another ridiculous and pointless measure.

“As a symbol of submission, forcing us to obliterate our individuality by wearing masks was not explicit enough,” writes Dave Blount. “So they pushed the envelope even further. No one can miss the significance of making people wear dog cones.”


Mills Administration Updates COVID-19 Prevention Checklists For Businesses

The World is Awake to the New World Order Globalist System

new world order

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, you probably agree that the global elite have too much power and influence. 

It has been said that “money is power”, and today that seems to be more true than ever.  Those at the very, very top of the pyramid dictate the rules of the game for the rest of us, and there isn’t too much that the rest of us can do about it.  When we talk about how the global elite dominate our lives, the focus tends to be on how they influence national governments, but the truth is that is one of the areas where the global elite have the least control.  I know that may sound strange, but I believe that things will become clearer by the end of this article.

I would submit that corporations are the primary vehicle that the elite use to control our lives.  In fact, many global corporations are now larger and more powerful than most national governments, and collectively the network of global corporations that dominates the planet is far larger and far more powerful than any single national government.

Economic Collapse

AMC Prepares to Open Theaters Under NATO Safety Guidelines

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AMC Theatres’ reopening plans, announced August 13, included more detailed safety measures, a gradual rollout, and several ticket and concession promotions. The element that grabbed the most media attention was the one featured in the headline of its press release: “AMC Theatres Reopens Its Doors on August 20 by Celebrating 100 Years of Operations with ‘Movies in 2020 at 1920 Prices.’”

There’s nothing wrong with a marketing tactic, and the stunt might lead some people to learn more about AMC’s overarching strategy. However, this is the world’s largest exhibitor announcing its return to business after being waylaid by the ongoing pandemic. By trumpeting one-day, 15-cent ticket pricing at approximately 100 locations — which allows audiences to see blockbuster classics like “Ghostbusters,” the same films that played drive-ins all summer — it reads as an industry addressing an existential crisis with a William Castle gimmick.

Indie Wire

Theaters that play “Tenet” must agree to pay Warner Bros. 63 percent of the gross, and to uphold mask-wearing safety standards.