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Christmas Book Brainwashes Children that Masks Are Cool


A lockdown at the North Pole has made Santa so nervous! How would he get all the presents ready on time for Christmas – for all the good girls and boys?

Don’t worry, little ones!

Santa and his team of elves are figuring it all out, just like everyone in the world is doing. They are solving all the problems coming their way!

  • Work from home
  • Online supplies
  • Masks
  • Flying sleigh with restrictions


MSM Burying Hunter Biden Laptop With Story About the Repair Shop Closing


The computer repair store at the center of a scandal involving a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden that contained “smoking-gun” emails about the Biden family’s foreign dealings has closed.

A neighbor said the owner skipped town, according to the Delaware News Journal. The outlet also reported that 10 days after the election, a sign appeared on the store’s door to say that the shop had closed.

Weeks ahead of the 2020 presidential election, the New York Post published a series of stories based on emails and other data recovered from a laptop and hard drive that allegedly belonged to Hunter Biden that critics say raise concerns about foreign business dealings that present possible corruption and national security issues for him and his father, President-elect Joe Biden.

The “smoking-gun email” report claimed that the elder Biden met with an executive at the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, which employed Hunter Biden, while he was vice president and suggested he directed U.S. foreign policy to protect his son. The Biden campaign released a statement that said the former vice president’s “official schedules from the time” showed no meeting with Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the board of Burisma, as was described in the report, but it otherwise did not deny the validity of the hardware’s contents.

Washington Examiner

“White” Wauwatosa Mass Shooter Turns Out to Be 15-Year-Old Hispanic Male


The alleged “white male mass shooter” said to be in his “20s or 30s” who reportedly injured eight people at the Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin on Friday has been identified by police as a 15-year-old Hispanic male. 

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Wauwatosa police have arrested a 15-year-old Milwaukee boy who they believe opened fire at Mayfair mall Friday afternoon, sending eight to the hospital.

Police Chief Barry Weber said the suspect was arrested Saturday night and that the shooting was the result of an altercation between two groups of people at the mall. 

Information Liberation

‘Scientists’ Claim Remote Employment Making People Racist


A new study being promoted by the mass media claims that working from home makes people more “racist” because they are less exposed to ‘diversity’ in the workplace.

The survey, conducted by polling company Survation for the Woolf Institute, “warns that without alternative settings to offices being set up, opportunities for social mixing between different religious and ethnic groups will be greatly reduced,” according to the BBC.

76 percent of those who work in shared offices in the UK are exposed to ethnic diversity, meaning those who work from home are isolated from such a setting and as a result more likely to be “prejudiced,” according to the study.

37 percent of unemployed people are also more likely to only have friends from their own ethnic group.


MSM Runs With Trump Tweet That Biden Fraudulently “Won,” Claims He Concedes

trump flag

Donald Trump on Sunday tweeted his first tacit acknowledgment of former Vice President Joe Biden’s election victory — beginning a tweet with the words “He won” — but continued to claim the election was “rigged” and fraudulent without providing any evidence.

Federal agencies have deemed the voting process, conducted amid a protracted public health emergency, among of the most secure in U.S. history.

As Twitter users pondered the degree to which that initial tweet constituted the concession that Trump has withheld since the election was called in Biden’s favor eight days ago, Trump followed up: ‘He only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I concede NOTHING!”

Biden’s victory was projected last Saturday by a number of news organizations, having determined that the Democrat’s wins in Pennsylvania and other key states had foreclosed all avenues to a Trump re-election.

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MSM Resurrects COVID Fear as Trump Investigates 2020 Election Fraud, Flips States


The end may be near for the pestilence that has haunted the world this year. Good news is arriving on almost every front: treatments, vaccines, and our understanding of this coronavirus.

Pfizer and BioNTech have announced a stunning success rate in their early Phase 3 vaccine trials—if it holds up, it will be a game changer. Treatments have gotten better too. A monoclonal antibody drug—similar to what President Donald Trump and the former Governor Chris Christie received—just earned emergency-use authorization from the FDA. Dexamethasone—a cheap, generic corticosteroid—cut the death rate by a third for severe COVID-19 cases in a clinical trial.

Doctors and nurses have much more expertise in managing cases even in using nonmedical interventions like proning, which can improve patients’ breathing capacity simply by positioning them facedown. Health-care workers are also practicing fortified infection-control protocols, including universal masking in medical settings

the Atlantic

As Election Fraud Blows Up in Dems’ Faces, MSM Resuscitates COVID Fear

Dems Threaten to Extend Lockdowns as Trump Promises to Re-Open Economy

‘Misguided Social Experiment’: Professors Argue to End Lockdown

UK Officials Who Wanted ‘COVID Tax’ Extend Furlough Over Second Lockdown

CDC Claims COVID Causing Rise in Obesity, Not Endless Lockdowns

Open Letter From 100s of Doctors, Health Pros Urges End to Lockdowns

Nursing Home Prison Conditions Now Extended Under Covid Lockdowns

CDC Admits Lockdowns Causing More Suicides Than COVID Deaths

RINO MS Governor ‘Vows’ to ‘Fight’ National Lockdown Despite Locking Down MS

WHO Chief Warns Fighting COVID Agenda is “Dangerous”

NPR Shames Pro-Freedom States For Their ‘COVID Surge’

Hospitals are nearing capacity in North and South Dakota, two states where coronavirus has hit disproportionately hard for their small population size and where cases continue to rise daily.

The Dakotas have the most new daily cases per capita of any other state this week — a record they’ve held or been close to for many weeks. They’re also among the worst in the country for two other grim metrics: per capita deaths and per capita hospitalizations.

North Dakota has seen hospitalizations spike in recent days, Dr. Doug Griffin, chief medical officer at Sanford Medical Center in Fargo, N.D., told NPR’s Morning Edition


Fake News: CNBC Claims Trump Won’t Deliver COVID Vaccines to NY


President Donald Trump said Friday that the U.S. government would not deliver a coronavirus vaccine to New York if and when one is available.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo “will have to let us know when he’s ready for it because otherwise, we can’t be delivering it to a state that won’t be giving it to its people immediately,” Trump said during a press conference from the White House Rose Garden.

“He doesn’t trust where the vaccine is coming from,” Trump added. “These are coming from the greatest companies anywhere in the world, greatest labs in the world, but he doesn’t trust the fact that it’s this White House, this administration, so we won’t be delivering it to New York until we have authorization to do so, and that pains me to say that.”


Biden’s COVID Task force to Withhold Welfare From Those Who Refuse Vaccines

COVID Vaccine Announcement Was Deliberately Delayed Until After Election

Biden COVID Adviser: Vaccine Should Be Distributed Globally, Not to America First

NY Bar Association Calls For Mandatory COVID Vaccines, No Exemptions

Zuckerberg Tells Employees It’s ‘Clear’ Biden Won Still-Contested Election

fuck ugly

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly called the 2020 US presidential election for Democrat Joe Biden, soothing employees’ minds while engaging in the sort of meddling his platform purports to fight.

Apparently disregarding Facebook’s public-facing image as a fierce opponent of election meddling by entities not legitimately involved in the political process, Zuckerberg dived into the fray during a Thursday company-wide town hall, according to an audio of the meeting first obtained by Buzzfeed and later confirmed by CNBC.

“I believe the outcome of the election is now clear and Joe Biden is going to be our next president,” Zuckerberg reportedly told the assembled crowd. “It’s important that people have confidence that the election was fundamentally fair, and that goes for the tens of millions of people that voted for Trump.”


NCIS: New Orleans Pushes Mask Propaganda


The new season of NCIS: New Orleans is replete with pro-mask messaging, featuring innumerable scenes where characters are told to wear masks in situations where it’s not even compulsory.

A reader of LockdownSceptics.org wrote in to share how the new season of the show goes completely overboard in pushing COVID-19 as a “new plague.”

“Just watched the first episode of the new season of NCIS: New Orleans and a more blatant message that COVID-19 is the new plague couldn’t be put forward.”

“Within the first two minutes the lead character had masked up in the street despite there being no one else around. Within five minutes he was quoting Boris’s “hands face space” – and this is an American show! Numerous times mask-wearing was portrayed as if it was compulsory with nearly every character wearing one. Is this what we’re up against now, television shows being used to promote how dangerous this virus is without any question? No mention of how unproven any of the science or data behind mask wearing is.”


Law & Order: SVU Smears Covington Students With ‘Ilhan Omar’ Character

HuffPost Admits Hollywood Films Are Leftist Propaganda

Propaganda or Insanity: Hollywood’s War on America