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Thousands Protest COVID Restrictions in Berlin (Video)


Thousands of protesters fed up with authoritarian coronavirus lockdown restrictions filled the streets of Berlin, Germany, Saturday for a “Day of Freedom” rally.

Few protesters wore a mask or respected the 1.5-metre (five-foot) social distancing requirement, an AFP journalist reported, despite police repeatedly calling on them via megaphone to do so.

Berlin police tweeted they had launched legal proceedings action against organisers for not respecting virus hygiene rules.


UK Police Forbid “Counter-Protest” to Black Lives Matter Gathering


A police force in the UK is “facilitating” a Black Lives Matter protest despite it violating coronavirus laws, while forbidding any form of counter-protest.

“We’ll be in attendance to facilitate a planned Black Lives Matter vigil at Keel Square in #Sunderland tonight,” tweeted Northumbria Police

“A Section 14 order is in place forbidding any other public assembly, including counter-protests, to ensure the public’s safety. Anyone with concerns should ring 101.”


UK Riot Police Crack Down on Brits Protecting Monuments (Video)

Atlanta Cops Walk Off The Job In Protest


In response to charges, including felony murder, being brought against their former colleague, Atlanta police officers walked off the job last night, according to multiple reports.

Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe shot and killed 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks, sparking more backlash against police and accusations of racism.

Rolfe faces 11 counts including felony murder and aggravated assault, criminal damage to property, and violations to his oath of office.

A FOX affiliate in Atlanta also reported on the police walkouts, noting it had “received several tips that officers were walking off the job en masse.”


France: Violent Leftists Hijack Healthcare Workers Protest, Cause Chaos


Violent leftists hijacked a healthcare worker protest in Paris, prompting running battles with riot police as chaos ensued.

The original demonstration by healthcare workers sought to guarantee better pay and increased funding, but it was soon usurped by ‘black bloc’ Antifa-style militants who attacked cops with missiles and overturned vehicles.

Several thousand workers descended on the Ministry of Health, but attention was dragged elsewhere in the city as left-wing radicals staged violent riots.

“These more violent demonstrators hurled bottles and fireworks at the police, who responded by firing tear gas at the mob, some of whom flipped vehicles and set fires,” reports RT.


NYC Protest Crowd Chants ‘De Blasio, Resign’


Hundreds of protesters have found themselves corralled on the Manhattan bridge after police refused to let them leave from either side, prompting some to demand the New York mayor’s immediate resignation.

A sea of people filled the bridge connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan on Tuesday evening, long after the 8pm curfew imposed by Mayor Bill de Blasio came into effect. Peaceful protests against police brutality in the city have been tainted by widespread looting and unruly rioters, prompting a massive police presence.

It’s unclear why the NYPD decided to cordon off the bridge in the first place, with videos shared online showing protesters chanting: “I don’t see no riot here, why are you wearing riot gear?”


Iowa Woman Fatally Shot While Leaving George Floyd Protest


A 22-year-old Iowa woman was killed in an apparently random shooting while leaving a George Floyd protest in Davenport — one of two fatal shootings reported overnight during demonstrations in the city.

Italia Marie Kelly was leaving the protest with a friend around midnight Sunday when she was struck from the back by a bullet and collapsed near a local Walmart, according to her aunt.

Police said she was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

“She was always smiling, always laughing,” aunt Amy Hale said. “That’s why it’s so sad that she was taken in such a violent way.”

“That is not Italia,” she said. “She was the bright, bubbly big personality in the room.”

Kelly had decided to leave the demonstrations when it became unruly, her aunt said.

NY Post

“One Of You Shot My Sister”: Protester Killed by Another Protester in Iowa

Crowd Converges After Cops Threaten to Arrest Woman Protesting Beach Closure


Footage out of California shows a patriotic crowd come to the defense of a lone female protester after police threaten to arrest her for violating lockdown orders.

In the video, a woman carrying a “1776” flag and carrying an “Open Kali” sign dares to venture out onto the surf before two police officers approach her, grabbing her by the arms in attempts to arrest her.

The woman is next seen kneeling on the beach arguing with police who’ve taken her flag, as protesters filming begin yelling at the cops and invading the beach.


Civil Unrest in America Shows Rejection of Tyrannical “New Normal”

Over 1 Million Flood Hong Kong Streets For Latest Anti-Chicom Rally


Hundreds of thousands of anti-government protesters joined a mass rally in Hong Kong on Sunday, filling major thoroughfares in heavy rain in the eleventh week of what have been often violent demonstrations in the Asian financial hub.

Sunday’s turnout showed that the movement still has broad-based support despite the ugly scenes witnessed during the past week when protesters occupied the Chinese-ruled city’s airport, for which some activists apologized.

There was an uneasy calm after nightfall, with no violent confrontations and protesters unclear on what would happen next. Police in riot gear checked the IDs of some demonstrators to the west of the Central business district, and there was a large police presence outside the Western District police station.


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