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BLM Using White People as Human Shields Against Police (Video)


Black Lives Matter organisers have taken to using white people marching with them as human shields to separate themselves from police.

Video out of Rochester, New York, shows organisers demanding that white people form a front line between black protesters and the police.

“If you’re white and you got a shield, you need to be making a perimeter from whatever this street is to whatever that street is. If you are black, stay in the middle,” an organiser with a megaphone is heard ordering in the footage.

“White shields! White shields make a circle!” another person demands.


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Black Lives Matter Rally Flyer Declares War on US


The flyer for Friday’s upcoming Black Lives Matter rally at Hurkamp Park in Fredericksburg, Virginia states, “If it burns, it burns. This is war.”

The flyer also states “Hands Up, Fight Back!” and “People Over Property”

It further explains “Our city has: tear gassed us, shot at us, lied on us, & sold pipe dreams of change.” The activists promise, “RVA & DC COMRADES WILL BE FIGHTING. WILL YOU?”

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Black Lives Matter Plans ‘War on Police,’ NY Leader Says

Black Trump Supporters Slam Black Lives Matter (Video)

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BLM Co-Founder: ‘We are Trained Marxists’ (Video)

BLM Protesters Call Man “Racist” For Driving Through Them to Pump Gas


Footage captured a group of Black Lives Matter protesters confronting an elderly man after failing to block him from pumping gas at a local station where police shot a black man last week.

Video from Monday shows BLM in Lafayette, Louisiana, forming a human-chain to prevent a driver from accessing the pumps at a Shell convenience store.

Despite more than seven people linking arms to deter the motorist, the man driving a giant Ford F250 proceeds to lurch forward, upsetting the protesters as he reaches the filling station and exits to pump gas.


Anti-Cop BLM/ Antifa Call Cops After Some Blocking Road Get Run Over

Crowd Cheers as Tow Trucks Remove Disabled Vans Blocking Road to Mount Rushmore (VIDEO)

Driver Attacked By Rioters Blocking Streets at Protest in Seattle, Shoots One Attacker (Video)

Leftists More Likely to Engage in ‘Victimhood’ Than Others (Video)

Study Links Victimhood, Virtue Signaling to Sociopathic Traits

Protester Blocking Traffic Walks in Front of Sheriff’s SUV, Gets Hit, Claims Victimhood

D.C. Protesters Harass Diners Seated on Patios, Target ‘White Spaces’


Protesters with Black Lives Matter signs and shirts shouted at diners who were seated on restaurant patios throughout Northwest Washington, DC, over the weekend as part of an “education” campaign.

With many Washington restaurants now featuring patio seating due to coronavirus restrictions, protesters have been increasingly targeting diners now accessible from the streets.

On Saturday, several pro-Black Lives Matter and other associated groups organized to protest throughout Northwest Washington, DC, which includes the affluent Georgetown and Dupont Circle neighborhoods.

As the sun started going down, the protesters first targeted diners at restaurants on P Street NW near Dupont Circle. Protesters shouted into megaphones and held signs that said, “Black Lives Matter,” according to tweets by Deadspin journalist Chuck Modiano.


BLM Terrorists Harass White Couple Who Refuse to Raise Their Fist (Video)

BLM Terrorists Harass White Couple Who Refuse to Raise Their Fist (Video)

blm crackheads

A video out of Washington DC shows a Black Lives Matter protester harassing a white couple at a café because they refuse to obey by raising their fist like every other diner.

The clips shows an African-American female shouting in close proximity at the couple as other BLM demonstrators film them and flip them off.

“Trash! Trash! Trash!” the woman repeatedly screeches at them.

“Racist piece of shit!” another man screams at them while another accuses them of “white supremacy.”


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BLM Terrorists Demand Whites Give Up Their Homes as Reparations (Video)

BLM Calls Looting ‘Corporate Reparations’ (Video)

Black Man Intentionally Runs Over White Boys, No Hate Crime Charges

BLM Terrorists Demand Whites Give Up Their Homes as Reparations (Video)

black lives matter

Black Lives Matter protesters on Wednesday night marched through residential neighborhoods in Seattle and screamed at white “gentrifiers” to demand they hand over their property to black people.

“Is your name Tucker or John, whichever one it is, give up your house!” a militant BLM protester shouted through a megaphone at a white person in their own home. “Give black people back their homes!”

“You’re sitting there comfortably, comfortable as f*** as if you didn’t help gentrify this neighborhood,” the protester screamed, “my family was pushed out and you’re sitting up there having a good time with your other white friends!”

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BLM Calls Looting ‘Corporate Reparations’ (Video)

Black Armed Protesters Challenge White Militia At Confederate Monument


The group, known as Not F**king Around Coalition (NFAC), marched through Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta on Independence Day, calling out white militias, along with protesting one of the largest Confederate monuments in the country, reported Reuters.

Hundreds of heavily armed NFAC members, predominantly African Americans, were seen dressed in black combat gear with military-style rifles – quietly marched up a road in the park in two columns.

One clip shows what appears to be an NFAC leader directing a right and left column of heavily armed members up a road.

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Black Lives Matter Chapter Co-Founder Called White People ‘Defects’


A Black Lives Matter chapter co-founder once referred to white people as “recessive genetic defects” and mulled over how they could be “wiped out” in Facebook post written in 2015.

Yusra Khogali, who once dubbed Liberal Justin Trudeau “a white supremacist terrorist,” has been repeatedly scrutinized for her anti-white views as her Toronto Black Lives Matter chapter gained increasing popularity.

According to The Toronto Sun, Khogali once wrote on social media that:

“Whiteness is not humxness,” the statement begins. “infact, white skin is sub-humxn.” The post goes on to present a genetics-based argument centred on melanin and enzyme.

“White ppl are recessive genetic defects. this is factual,” the post reads towards the end. “white ppl need white supremacy as a mechanism to protect their survival as a people because all they can do is produce themselves. black ppl simply through their dominant genes can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to.”

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BLM KY Chapter Co-Founder Demands White People Give Up Their Homes

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Orban Shocked by Disorder in Multicultural Western Cities


Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán says he does not know if he should “laugh or cry” when his national conservative government is attacked by liberals from multicultural countries where “statues are being toppled” and there are “gang wars” in the streets.

“Liberal imperialism reigns in western Europe, and they are trying to force their worldview on countries that think differently. American Democrats and often international courts are also involved in this,” said the Hungarian leader, in reference to a recent ruling by EU judges that Hungarian regulations requiring NGOs funded by George Soros and other overseas donors to be transparent about their funding are unlawful.

“There is this international trend in politics which is aimed at weakening and eliminating national governments and nations, and bundling them into some imperial order,” added the conservative leader, who has faced heavy criticism from the global left for his rejection of mass migration and multiculturalism and promotion of policies to support traditional families and child-rearing.


Leftists Carrying Out Cultural Revolution to Destroy American History


The Red Brigade is carrying out a Cultural Revolution in the streets while the deep state is carrying out a Color Revolution to oust our democratically elected president.

Never lose sight of the fact this is all being done with explicit government approval and only Americans stepping up to try and stop this lawlessness are being arrested and prosecuted.

“KILL WHITEY” and “KILL ALL COCLINIZERS [sic]” was spray-painted on the statue of Francis Scott Key in Golden Gate Park.

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