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GA Governor Kemp Calls For Audit of Signatures on Ballot Envelopes (Video)


Georgia Governor Brian Kemp on Friday pressed the state’s top election official to conduct an audit of signatures on ballot envelopes.

The Republican governor said he would sign off on the certification of the election after a risk-limiting audit, also known as a hand recount, was conducted in Georgia.

“It’s important to note that this audit only looked at ballots, not the signatures of the absentee applications or the signatures on the ballot envelopes,” Kemp said during a press conference.


Giuliani Slams Georgia After State Recounts Same Fraudulent Ballots


The Georgia secretary of state announced Thursday the completion of the state’s hand recount of votes cast in the 2020 presidential election and affirmed former Vice President Joe Biden’s lead.

The recount, which consisted of a full manual tally of all five million votes cast, began November 13, per the secretary of state’s office. The office is required to certify the results by Friday.

Initial results found Biden ahead of President Donald Trump by about 14,000 votes. The recount found Biden ahead by 12,284 votes. The secretary of state’s office said the variation in the results was anticipated.


GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Responsible For Its Election Failures

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Georgia’s Secretary of State Announces Election Vote Recount (Video)

Ex-Kemp Staffer Lobbies For Dominion, Voting Madness Leads To Lame ‘Recount’

Georgia Recount Reveals 2,600 Uncounted Ballots In Pro-Trump County


A recount of ballots in Georgia’s presidential race revealed more than 2,600 ballots in Floyd County that were never entered into the final tally.

Floyd County Republican Party Chairman Luke Martin says the ballots, once counted, will likely give President Trump a roughly 800-vote bite into Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s roughly 14,000-vote lead, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Trump is currently leading Biden in Floyd County by a nearly 43% margin of difference.

The recovered votes may also help out GOP Sen. David Perdue, who is roughly 14,000 votes away from securing 50% of the vote in his bid for reelection and avoiding a runoff against Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff.

Daily Wire

Democrat Judges Overseeing FL, GA Recount Efforts


The federal and state judges charged with making crucial decisions in the vote recount efforts in Florida and Georgia all have ties to the Democratic party.

There are currently a handful of recounts going on in Florida and Georgia, including gubernatorial, Senate, and statewide races. Arguably, the most crucial decisions in these recounts are being overseen by judges that were either appointed by a former Democratic president, or, at the very least, have loose ties to the Democratic party.

In Florida, U.S. District Judge Mark Walker and Leon County Circuit Court Judge Karen Gievers are the judges in question. Both judges made consequential rulings this week that extended the weekslong recount efforts that have drawn ire from Florida Republicans and President Trump.

Washington Examiner

Tucker Carlson Points Out Political Hypocrisy of Election Fraud


Tucker Carlson pointed out the hypocrisy that comes with questioning the legitimacy of an election based on which political party won the race during his opening monologue on Monday night.

Florida Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott initially won the open seat, but days after the election, election supervisors in Broward and Palm Beach counties were still finding new — allegedly uncounted — votes. The GOP called foul two days later as supervisors allegedly refused to share where the additional ballots were originating and how many were left to count. But with the vote within half of a percent now, a recount is ongoing.

“Just last week, as you’ll remember, Republicans Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis defeated Democrats Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum in the Senate and gubernatorial races there. The results seemed to be conclusive at the time, they were reported on this and every other news channel on election night, last Tuesday. And yet just six days later, it is very possible that both those Democrats will win the seats, the ones that just the other day they had lost. How did that happen, exactly?” he began.

Daily Caller

Dems Win Senate Seats After ‘Recount’


Rep. Kyrsten Sinema won Arizona’s Senate contest, becoming the state’s first Democrat in 30 years to win Senate election.

The Associated Press on Monday declared Sinema the winner over Republican Rep. Martha McSally following a tight race that took about a week to produce a winner. McSally conceded defeat.

With Sinema’s victory, the Democrats have now flipped two Senate seats and the Republicans three, with the Florida Senate race still outstanding and a Nov. 27 runoff election still to come in Mississippi. Sinema won by more than 38,000 votes, or about 1.7 percentage points.

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Dem Candidate Kyrsten Sinema Who Lost AZ Vote Gains 32,000 Votes After Recount


Democratic candidate Kyrsten Sinema increased her advantage over Republican challenger Martha McSally in the Arizona U.S. Senate to more than 32,000 votes Sunday as the state’s gradual count continued.

As of 8:30 p.m. ET, Sinema had received 1,071,280 votes statewide, giving her 49.58 percent, according to the Arizona Secretary of State office. Meanwhile, McSally received 1,038,988 votes, giving her 48.07 percent.

In Maricopa County, where approximately 162,000 ballots remained uncounted, Sinema received 649,445 while McSally received 603,070, officials said. Sunday’s tally included a batch from Maricopa County, the most populous in the state, that Republicans hoped could help McSally narrow the margin. Instead, it added 2,200 to Sinema’s lead.


Dems Demand Recount After Soros Darling Andrew Gillum Loses to DeSantis

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The tight gubernatorial race between Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum and former Rep. Ron DeSantis will likely head toward a recount.
As additional votes were tallied following the general election, DeSantis’ lead narrowed to 0.47 percent, according to the most recent unofficial election results from the Florida Division of Elections as of Thursday afternoon.
This means the margin is close enough to trigger a machine recount.
Florida law mandates that races where unofficial results show a margin of 0.5 percent or less will be subject to a machine recount, ordered by Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner. If the machine recount shows a margin of 0.25 percent or less, the ballots will be manually recounted. (A manual recount is done by hand and considers overvotes and undervotes rejected by the machine.)