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“Numerous Red Flags” Uncovered Over Stockpile of Chemicals That Blew Up In Beirut

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Lebanese and international investigators have yet to identify the owner of the 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate which sat languishing in Beirut’s port for seven years before it detonated amid an accidental warehouse fire on Aug.4, killing over 200 people and injuring more than 6,000.

It was estimated to be worth $700,000 by 2013 prices, but no one ever came forward to claim it. It’s still a mystery even after Cypriot authorities at the request of Interpol late last week finally interviewed the man who originally abandoned Rhosus, a Russian businessman named Igor Grechushkin, during the ship’s ill-fated intended trip to deliver the substance to an explosives maker in Mozambique.

Reuters along with others have been investigating the ship, which sank while moored of Beirut in 2018, and the mystery of just who owned its volatile cargo: “Among the still-unanswered questions: who paid for the ammonium nitrate and did they ever seek to reclaim the cargo when the Rhosus was impounded? And if not, why not?”

Zero Hedge

Florida ‘Red Flag’ Gun Law Used 3,500 Times Since Parkland

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — A 23-year-old man who posted on Facebook, “I don’t know why I don’t go on a killing spree.” A West Palm Beach couple who shot up their home while high on cocaine. A 31-year-old Gulf Coast man who pointed a semiautomatic rifle at a motorcyclist.

All four Florida residents had their guns taken away by judges under a “red flag” law the state passed three weeks after authorities say a mentally disturbed man killed 17 people in a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland two years ago Friday.

The law, supported by legislators of both parties , has been applied more than 3,500 times since, with the pace accelerating during the last half of 2019. Even so, an Associated Press analysis of the law showed its use is inconsistent, with some counties and cities using it rarely and others not at all.


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Dems Using “Red Flag” Laws to Disarm White Gun Owners


Kamala Harris on Wednesday said if elected president she will press Congress to pass a red flag law that would allow law enforcement officials to temporarily seize the firearms of white nationalists that may be on the verge of carrying out a hate crime.

The Democratic presidential candidate’s proposal calls for the creation of “domestic terrorism prevention orders” that would give law enforcement and family members of suspected white nationalists or domestic terrorists the ability to petition a federal court to temporarily restrict a person’s access to guns if the person exhibits clear evidence of being a danger.

“We need to take action to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people and stop violent, hate-fueled attacks before they happen,” Harris said. “By focusing on confronting these domestic terror threats, we can save lives.”

USA Today

RED FLAG: Republicans Drafting Gun Control Bill in Wake of Recent Shootings

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Gun confiscation is picking up steam among congressional Republicans in the wake of President Donald Trump’s call for “red flag” gun control laws which allow unelected government bureaucrats to seize people’s guns after arbitrarily deeming them a “threat” to themselves or others.

From New York Times, “Red Flag’ Gun Control Bills Pick Up Momentum With G.O.P. in Congress”:

Congressional Republicans, under pressure to respond to this weekend’s massacres, appear to be coalescing around legislation to help law enforcement to take guns from those who pose an imminent danger — a measure that, if signed into law, would be the most significant gun safety legislation enacted in 20 years.

Information Liberation

Colorado Senate Passes Red Flag Gun Law


Colorado’s Senate passed the so-called ‘red flag bill’ that allows law enforcement to seize people’s guns if a court rules them at risk to themselves or others.

Thursday’s 18-17 vote, that saw no Republican support, moved the bill one step closer to Governor Jared Polis’ signature – who has already pledged to sign it into law if it reaches his desk.

The legislation, called House Bill 1177, has been slammed by the state’s sheriffs who have been supporting multiple counties’ efforts to become a “Second Amendment sanctuary.”


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Comedian Says PC is “Kindness,” Says Criticism of Censorship a “Red Flag”


Julia Louis-Dreyfus isn’t here for comedians who say PC culture is killing comedy.

The “Veep” star and recipient of the 2018 Mark Twain Award for Comedy made clear to Vogue on Thursday that she doesn’t sympathize with the complaints of comedians — such as, say, her former co-star Jerry Seinfeld — that political correctness is holding them back from doing their work.

“When it comes to being ‘politically correct’ for me, that’s a red flag word because ultimately, for me — and this is my opinion — that’s born out of ultimately being kind,” the multiple Emmy winner explained. “So for me, ‘politically correct’ means, you know, be a human being, be mindful of being kind. And it doesn’t mean you can’t satirize. And it doesn’t mean that you can’t take snark to DEFCON 5. But I think you and I both know that there’s a difference. And I do believe that when people talk about, Oh, I have to be so politically correct here, that’s a buzzword for something else that I don’t subscribe to anyway.”