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Maryland Governor Claims Citizens Have No Right to Disobey COVID Martial law


Besides Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R) telling inhabitants of the Mid-Atlantic state this week that they have ‘no constitutional right‘ to refuse wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic, the governor has also dispatched “compliance units” to enforce coronavirus safety measures at businesses, including bars and restaurants. 

Starting at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Maryland State Police and local officials will combine forces in “high-visibility compliance units” to monitor capacity levels, mask-wearing, and social distancing at bars and restaurants, reported WBAL TV

For the first time since June, the state recorded 32 new virus-related deaths in a single day – also reporting 4,325 new cases – adding to total cases of more than 185,000. The positivity rate of 6.6%, makes it a red zone state.

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MS Liberals Try to Paint RINO Tyrant Tate Reeves as a Patriot ‘Fighting’ Leftists

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Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves lashed out today at “so-called experts” in the medical field as he continued to defy their pleas for him to reissue a statewide mask mandate. The governor’s outburst came during a press conference in Jackson hours after four of the state’s top health-care professionals urged him to issue the order, saying it is “vital to maintain the integrity of our health-care system.”

“The COVID-19 crisis continues to plague our state. Sadly, Mississippi’s healthcare system is again overwhelmed by COVID-19, just as it was this summer. The data shows that the statewide mask mandate you instituted on August 4 worked well, and we are asking you to institute it again,” the letter reads.

Instead, Reeves instead used today’s press conference to double down on the same strategy he has followed since mid-October, by implementing more county-level mask mandates in the hardest-hit areas. Today, the governor added 19 more counties to the list, bringing the total number with those orders to 41—half of all counties in the state.

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Tate Reeves ‘Fights’ Socialism Despite 60 Executive Orders Enforcing ‘COVID Rules’

MS Leftists Slam Sheriff For Refusing to Enforce Tate Reeves Face Mask Mandate

Sidney Powell: GA Gov Kemp, Sec. of State Took Bribes From Dominion


Sidney Powell: Georgia’s probably gonna be the first state I’m going to blow up and Mr. Kemp and the Secretary of State need to go with it because they’re in on the Dominion scam what with their last minute purchase or award of a contract at Dominion of 100 million dollars. The state Bureau of Investigation for Georgia ought to be looking into financial benefits received by Mr Kemp and the Secretary of State’s family at that time, and the Secretary of State family about that time. And another benefit Dominion was created to award is what I would call election insurance. That’s why Hugo Chavez had it created in the first place, but also wonder where he got the technology where it actually came from, because I think his Hammer and Scorecard from the CIA.

Just to clarify, you’re saying that Governor Kemp who’s been a longtime ally of the president is is directly involved because of financial benefit and the conspiracy to defeat the president in Georgia?

Sidney Powell: We have certainly been told that there is evidence of that and would warrant an investigation if anybody were actually going to do an honest investigation.

What more could you tell us about that alleged conspiracy is the governor’s involved in

Sidney Powell: I can’t give you any more details on that now, but it would certainly warrant. an investigation.”

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Waitress Fired After Trying to Shame Maskless Nebraska Governor


The server who recorded the now-viral video of GOP Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts posing for a photo while not wearing a mask at a public restaurant has been fired.

The video, recorded and shared on social media by 25-year-old single parent Karina Montanez, went viral this week, as it shows Ricketts dining with a group of maskless patrons on Election Day. The footage has fostered a feeding frenzy for those angry with Ricketts’ refusal to issue a mask mandate in the state he governs as COVID-19 cases and deaths in the state are surging alongside the rest of the country. 

Social media users shamed the governor for refusing to impose a statewide mask mandate as Nebraska is seeing a major surge in COVID-19 cases.


Tate Reeves ‘Fights’ Socialism Despite 60 Executive Orders Enforcing ‘COVID Rules’

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To prevent the “poisoning” of an entire generation, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves is looking to give $3 million to schools and nonprofits to educate young people on the “incredible accomplishments of the American way.”

Part of the governor’s job is to submit his proposal for the upcoming executive budget and this year, Reeves prioritized the economy, the pandemic and education. Along with $5 million for training teachers in computer science and increasing math coaches, Reeves wants to create a “Patriotic Education Fund” to combat the “indoctrination in far-left socialist teachings.”

Those teachings, Reeves wrote in the budget proposal, emphasize America’s “shortcomings” instead of the “exceptional achievements of this country.”

MS Leftists Slam Sheriff For Refusing to Enforce Tate Reeves Face Mask Mandate

MS Dictator Tate Reeves Adds Counties to Illegal COVID Restrictions

RINO Tate Reeves Reissues Illegal Face Mask Mandate, Cites “Rising” Cases

Mitch McConnell Slams ‘Premature’ Military Exit From Afghanistan


A premature US military exit from Afghanistan could have disastrous consequences, US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in a statement on Monday.

Earlier on Monday, media reported that the US Department of Defence was anticipating an order from the White House as early as this week that would cut the number of US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq in half by mid-January.

“The consequences of a premature American exit would likely be even worse than President Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq in 2011, which fueled the rise of ISIS [Islamic State terror group, banned in Russia] and a new round of global terrorism. It would be reminiscent of the humiliating American departure from Saigon in 1975,” McConnell, a Kentucky Senator and the top GOP lawmaker, suggested on Monday evening.


Mitch McConnell’s Campaign Hires Covington Teen Nick Sandmann

McConnell Brags About Authority, Ignores Being a Public Servant

RINO MS Governor ‘Vows’ to ‘Fight’ National Lockdown Despite Locking Down MS

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Mississippi will not cooperate if President-elect Joe Biden orders a national lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19, Gov. Tate Reeves said in a live-streamed address today.

“We’re going to try to work with whomever the president is, but we’re not going to participate in a nationwide lockdown,” Gov. Reeves, a vocal Donald Trump supporter, said today. (He avoided definitely referring to Biden as the winner of the 2020 election; President Trump has refused to concede the race despite a large margin of victory for Biden).

Reeves was responding to remarks Dr. Michael Osterholm, one of President-elect Biden’s COVID-19 advisers, made this week. Osterholm, who serves as the director for the Center of Infectious Disease Research Policy at the University of Minnesota, warned that the U.S. is racing toward “Covid hell” this winter. 

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MS Leftists Slam Sheriff For Refusing to Enforce Tate Reeves Face Mask Mandate

MS Dictator Tate Reeves Adds Counties to Illegal COVID Restrictions

RINO Tate Reeves Reissues Illegal Face Mask Mandate, Cites “Rising” Cases

Liberal MS Media Attacks ‘Fake’ Tate Reeves Letter Calling Out His Illegal Orders

RINO Senator Will ‘Step In’ if Trump Doesn’t Share Intel Briefings With Biden


U.S. Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) declared his intention to “step in” if President Donald Trump does not allow Joe Biden, who the media claims will be elected president, to begin receiving presidential intelligence briefings in preparation of assuming the presidency.

In an interview with Tulsa talk radio station KRMG, Lankford said “There’s nothing wrong with Vice President Biden getting the briefings to be able to prepare himself.” Lankford then made his apparent threat, saying that “If that’s not occurring by Friday, I will step in as well,” and “say that this needs to occur so that regardless of the outcome of the election, whichever way that it goes, people can be ready for that actual task.”

He went on to say that the Government Services Administration “has to certify that election to start turning it around, the first day they can do that on the calendar is Friday, and when that occurs, they should actually step in,”

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RINO Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds Announces Illegal Mask Mandate


Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) announced a statewide mask mandate on Tuesday for certain indoor and outdoor activities and gatherings as cases of the Chinese coronavirus spike in the Hawkeye State.

Reynolds announced the implementation of a mask mandate as part of a proclamation aimed to reduce the spread of the Wuhan virus. The proclamation requires proper social distancing at any “social, community, recreational, leisure or sporting gathering” and limits group sizes to eight people, unless the group is “from the same household.”

Any outdoor gatherings that exceed 100 people will be “prohibited” unless individuals in the group wear masks or face coverings. The same rule applies to indoor gathers that exceed 25 participants. The mask mandate, in those situations, applies to everyone over the age of two and permits individuals to remove their masks to eat and drink.

“In addition to these distancing and masking requirements, at an indoor youth sporting or recreational gathering, only two spectators are permitted for each youth athlete,” per the governor’s office.


Whitmer Calls For Statewide Face Mask Law With Republican Support

Biden Admits Own National Mask Mandate Proposal is Unconstitutional

Man Sues Broward County Over Emergency Order Violating Constitutional Rights

States Force Face Masks on Citizens as President Refuses National Mandate

Texas Judge: Mandatory Face Masks Laws Unconstitutional