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Media Are Playing Games Yet Again With Anonymous Russia Leaks


Much of the case for the Iraq War was based on the Bush administration’s claim that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. When the United States declared an end to the war late in 2011, more than 4,400 American military members had been killed and nearly 32,000 wounded. No weapons of mass destruction had been found.

It’s one of the most significant and catastrophic intelligence errors in U.S. history. A bipartisan commission found that U.S. intelligence “seriously misjudged” Iraq’s weapons program because of their “heavy reliance on a human source–codenamed ‘Curveball’–whose information later proved to be unreliable.” The commission wrote, “Even more misleading was the river of intelligence that flowed from the CIA to top policymakers over long periods of time–in the President’s Daily Brief (PDB)” and other reports that were “more alarmist” and “less nuanced.”

the Federalist

Kremlin, Trump, Taliban Refute NYT Report Claiming Russia Paid Islamic Group to Kill US Soldiers

Russian Anti-Terror Chief: Jihadis Are Intentionally Spreading Coronavirus


The head of Russia’s Anti-Terrorism Center has warned that terrorists are intentionally trying to spread the coronavirus, using it as a form of bio-weapon.

Andrei Novikov, head of Russia’s Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), told Russian state news agency Tass that the terrorists are using the health crisis to further their own agendas.

“While governments are trying to ensure health security, focusing on protecting the lives and health of their people, recruiters of international terrorist groups are not just taking advantage of the difficult situation in order to recruit more ‘Jihad soldiers,’ they are calling on infected members to spread COVID-19 as wide as possible in public places, state agencies and so on,” Novikov said.

The anti-terror chief also noted that terrorists have been hampered by lockdowns and so are finding other ways of recruiting and spreading fear.


John Brennan Suppressed Intel Saying Russia Wanted Hillary Clinton to Win


Fox News’ Ed Henry reported Tuesday evening that Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has declassified information calling into question the conclusion that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump.

Henry told Tucker Carlson on Tucker Carlson Tonight that the new information would suggest John Brennan, who headed the Central Intelligence Agency under President Barack Obama, “also had intel saying, actually, Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to win because she was a known quantity, she had been secretary of state, and Vladimir Putin’s team thought she was more malleable, while candidate Donald Trump was unpredictable.”

Former National Security Council chief of staff Fred Fleitz made a similar claim in an article on FoxNews.com April 22:

House Intelligence Committee staff told me that after an exhaustive investigation reviewing intelligence and interviewing intelligence officers, they found that Brennan suppressed high-quality intelligence suggesting that Putin actually wanted the more predictable and malleable Clinton to win the 2016 election.

Instead, the Brennan team included low-quality intelligence that failed to meet intelligence community standards to support the political claim that Russian officials wanted Trump to win, House Intelligence Committee staff revealed. They said that CIA analysts also objected to including that flawed, substandard information in the assessment.


Giuliani Slams Comey, Brennan For “Orchestrated Treason”

John Brennan Suppressed Intelligence That Putin Wanted Clinton to Win 2016

CrowdStrike Admits ‘No Evidence’ Russia Stole Emails From DNC Servers (Video)


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and The Grayzone’s Aaron Mate on Monday broke down new evidence released by the Department of Justice exposing RussiaGate as a farce.

Mate broke down newly released testimony from CrowdStrike president Shawn Henry admitting behind closed doors before House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) that “we did not have concrete evidence” that Russian hackers stole emails from the DNC’s servers.

As Mate noted, the DOJ in March quietly dropped their case against the Russian “troll farm”Robert Mueller accused of meddling in the 2016 election.

Tucker Carlson reported on new documents showing how former national security advisor Susan Rice said Obama discussed denying classified evidence to the incoming Trump White House with James Comey.

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Third Russian Doctor Falls From Hospital Window After Coronavirus Complaint


A paramedic who complained about being forced to work despite contracting coronavirus is in critical condition after he fell from a hospital window in western Russia this weekend, local media reported.

This is at least the third incident in which a Russian healthcare professional has plunged from a hospital building under mysterious circumstances in the past two weeks. The two previous doctors have died from their injuries.

Alexander Shulepov is in critical condition with a skull fracture after falling from the second floor of a rural hospital where he was being treated for Covid-19, the local crisis center told the Vesti Voronezh outlet Saturday.

Shulepov, 37, and his colleague filmed a video on April 22 complaining that the chief doctor of the Novaya Usman village hospital forced him to work despite the fact that he tested positive for Covid-19.

Moscow Times

RUSSIA: Robots Will Replace Soldiers in Combat


For Russia, the question of robots taking over the role of soldiers on the battlefield is a matter of when, not if.

“Living fighters will gradually begin to be replaced by their robotic ‘brothers’ who can act faster, more accurately and more selectively than people,” Vitaly Davydov told RIA Novosti on April 21. Davydov is the deputy director of Russia’s Advanced Research Foundation, its DARPA analog.

Developing robots for war is an international phenomenon, and Davydov’s remarks fall into a broader pattern of Russia seeking to augment its existing military with new, autonomous capabilities.


James Lovelock: Cyborgs Will Replace Humans, Remake the World

Russia Sends Plane With Medical Supplies to U.S. For Coronavirus Response


Russia is sending a planeload of masks and other supplies to help the United States fight the coronavirus pandemic as the number of cases threatens to top 200,000 across the country.

The plane will arrive today, after President Donald Trump accepted an offer on Monday by Russian President Vladimir Putin to send personal protective equipment and other gear, a senior administration official confirmed to POLITICO.

The Russian government first announced that the plane, an An-124 Ruslan cargo aircraft filled with equipment to help America battle the pandemic, was en route early today.


Russia Creates Anti-Covid-19 Drug


Earlier in the day, Russia’s operational headquarters for preventing the spread of COVID-19 reported that the number of patients infected with the coronavirus in Russia has increased by 228 people over the past 24 hours, and that one more person has died.

The Russian Federal Medical-Biological Agency (FMBA) said in a statement that it has presented a drug to treat the coronavirus, which has affected almost every corner of the globe.

Russia’s FMBA is working “on an effective and safe scheme to prevent the coronavirus infection on the basis of mefloquine, which will not only overcome the peak of incidence but also effectively control it in the future”, their press service said.


Coronavirus Patients Treated With Vitamin C in NY Seeing Improvement

Scientist Who Suggested COVID19 Drug Branded Him Fake by ‘Fact checkers’

Unqualified Nevada Health Officials Ban Coronavirus Drug Treatment

Democrat Nevada Governor Bars Treatment From Coronavirus Patients

MSM Blames Trump For People Dying From Self-Medicating

Russia Mulling Jailing Quarantine Breakers For Up to 7 Years


After preaching calm, the Kremlin sounds like it’s ready to take the coronavirus pandemic a lot more seriously, The Guardian reports.

There was a healthy amount of skepticism over the low coronavirus numbers Russia had been reporting in recent weeks, which seems to have been validated after Russian President Vladimir Putin changed his tune Wednesday, delaying a public vote (which was mostly a formality) on constitutional amendments that will allow him to remain in power until 2036, requesting people to remain at home, and announcing a week-long holiday during which workers will receive their salaries.

Moscow’s Mayor Sergei Sobyanin told Putin on Tuesday that the government was underestimating the number of coronavirus cases in the country, arguing “a serious situation is developing” and Russia’s health care system could be overwhelmed as the spread accelerates. Before that the Kremlin’s message was mainly to avoid panic.


Putin Dons Hazmat to Visit Coronavirus Patients (Video)


Russian president Vladimir Putin visited coronavirus patients at a hospital in Moscow Tuesday, donning a hazmat suit before entering the “high risk” location.

Footage from Russian media RT shows hospital workers helping Putin suit up in the protective gear, complete with gloves, protective boots, and a ventilator before entering a hospital in the Kommunarka region of Moscow.

“Let’s see your work,” the president reportedly stated before going in.


Putin Says Multiculturalism “No Longer Tenable”

Vladimir Putin Calls For Defending Internet Free Speech

FBI Tried, Failed to Recruit Russian Oligarchs in Desperate Attempt to Create Collusion Story