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Everything Happening in the US Was Designed to Break Our Will to the NWO


We are living through the systematic collapse of society as we know it. The elites have already planned out election chaos and famine that will destroy so many people’s lives if we let it.

The same forces instigating social unrest and elections chaos are engineering a man-made famine and attempting to take over ALL food production. This is exactly what happened in the Soviet takeover of Ukraine. The people pulling the political puppet’s strings start by ramping up fear. They have done this by spreading fraudulent COVID-19 tests to farmworkers and meat plants. From John Podesta to the UFW, to Tyson, to the Rockefellers, The Ice Age Farmer explores the deep connections between those behind the agenda to “Reset the Table” and use food as a weapon.

In the video, the Ice Age Farmer lays out Podesta’s link in this matter. This is a systematic collapse of the food supply chain. It has been planned.


Illegal Lockdowns Are Being Used to Break the Will of the People

United Nations Openly Hijacks U.S. Police Departments

strong cities

The Democrats emerged to ask for civility for Black Americans, when they have not shown a shred of civility toward the rest of America.

Meanwhile, after tens of millions of dollars worth of damage to NYC, former Clinton and Obama underling Loretta Lynch is called upon by Attorney General Letitia James to oversee a predictably pro-looters and neoliberal socialist instigator cleanup job flying in the face of federal oversight. On top of that, Lynch isn’t there to follow up on the millions of merchandise looted by “peaceful” protesters. Loretta Lynch is there to apply pressure to an already crippled NYPD.

As The Hill reported, “…..New York Attorney General Letitia James’s (D)…said in a statement. ‘As we continue our investigation, I will continue to use every tool at my disposal to seek answers and accountability, and that includes calling on the sharpest minds to lend their expertise. There is no greater responsibility of government than the protection of its citizens,” Lynch said. “It is time to examine recent events to ensure that all New Yorkers receive truly equal protection under the law. I look forward to working with Attorney General James and her outstanding team on these important issues.’”


Officials Accuse DHS Chief of Personally Sabotaging Planned Trump ICE Raids


Administration officials are accusing Homeland Security Acting Director Kevin McAleenan of sabotaging Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) deportation raids by leaking key details of the plan.

President Donald Trump abruptly announced Saturday that he would delay plans for Sunday raids targeting around 2,000 illegal immigrants across the country. The president claimed the two-week hiatus would give the White House time to reach a consensus with Democrats on “asylum and loophole” issues at the southern border.

However, senior administration officials say there is much more to the story.

Daily Caller


CLAIM: Conservative Party Leader Rory Stewart Tasked With Sabotaging Brexit


A history professor at the London School of Economics asserts that Conservative Party leadership candidate Rory Stewart is a “spy” who is being backed by the establishment to destroy Brexit.

Stewart has denied claims he spied for MI6 after it was revealed that he was recruited by the Secret Intelligence Service after graduating from Oxford University.

The London Telegraph reported, “Claims from a Whitehall security source, who said that Mr Stewart had spent seven years as a spy before entering Parliament.”

However, according to Alan Sked, emeritus professor of international history at the London School of Economics, it is “very likely” that Stewart is an establishment plant who has been tasked with derailing Brexit.


Globalist Media Attempting to Sabotage North Korea Summit


Senator Rand Paul explained Tuesday that reports of North Korea threatening to cancel the imminent peace summit talks with President Trump are being ‘over-read’, and that the negotiations should go ahead unhindered.

Reports emerged yesterday suggesting that North Korea had suspended talks with the South over military drills being carried out in conjunction with the US.


Fake Mueller Bombshell Released to Sabotage Trump Recovery and Impeach Him

The Sun soft-peddles the firing of Peter Strzok from Robert Mueller’s one-sided “investigation” into 2016 election irregularities (“Trump to FBI: Losers,” Dec. 4), but it is becoming increasingly clear that Mr. Strzok’s involvement was significant and significantly biased.

Just days after whitewashing the Hillary Clinton email case, Mr. Strrzok signed the document that opened the “investigation” into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. He had led the sham investigation of former Secretary of State Clinton emails from start to finish, and it was he who softened the language in then FBI Director James Comey’s July statement characterizing Ms. Clinton’s conduct as “extremely careless” from the original “grossly negligent.” Use of the original language would have been far more likely to warrant a prosecution.

Baltimore Sun

Fakestream Media Admits Purging Trump of Loyalists in Effort to Remove Him

Bonanno, Gambino…Trump?

The first two are recognizable as bosses of the notorious Five Families, as the leading organized crime outfits of New York and other areas of the country were once known, and the third obviously belongs to the president of the United States and his famous New York real estate family. Other than location, location and location, the three names also have something else in common: aggressive federal investigations.

At least that’s the analogy made by one former federal prosecutor and current law professor in describing the tactics undertaken by special counsel Robert Mueller as he delves into Russia’s alleged collusion with the Trump campaign last year, as well as into the president’s finances.