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SCOTLAND: COVID Police Crash 10-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday Party After Neighbors Snitch on Family

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Police in Scotland turned up at a 10-year-old girl’s birthday party after a neighbor snitched on her family for not following coronavirus social distancing rules.

Yes, really.

Mum Leanne Macdonald said she deliberately spaced out visits by relatives so as not to violate Scotland’s strict COVID-19 regulations.

But this didn’t stop her neighbor from snitching on her and two uniformed police officers entering the home to warn her she was now on “alert” and would be charged and fined if she broke the rules again.

“I could not believe it. They came to the door and told me I had been reported for having people in my house,” she told the Daily Record.


Scotland Bans Household Visits Under New COVID Rules


Fierce arguments have broken out on Twitter after Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon laid out strict rules on household visits, in an effort to curb a rising coronavirus infection rate.

Under the new rules effective from Friday, Scots cannot visit each other’s homes unless they are from extended households. Other exceptions include couples not living together, those in need of childcare and tradespeople. A maximum of six people from two households are allowed to meet in private gardens and public outdoor spaces.

“We are once again at a tipping point. We must act to get Covid back under control,” Sturgeon said in a speech on Tuesday night. She asked citizens to “make sacrifices for our national well-being” in order to curb the spread of the disease. Sturgeon argued that “tough” measures are necessary to keep schools, public services and businesses “open as far as possible.”

The restrictions quickly caused a stir online. The hashtag #ResignSturgeon was used by people blasting the new policy. “I am heartbroken that my family can’t visit me once again. The regulations are contradictory and are punishing the majority for the actions of the minority,” one disgruntled person wrote.


WHO Official Threatens to Remove Families From Their Homes

Australia: Pregnant Woman Arrested in Her Home Over Anti-Lockdown FB Post

Chief Medical Officer Resigns After Violating Own Stay-at-Home Orders


Scotland’s top health official has resigned after being caught traveling to her holiday home twice – in violation of her own stay-at-home demands for the rest of the country.

Photos of Chief Medical Officer Catherine Calderwood at her second home in the countryside were published by the Scottish Sun, forcing her to issue a “groveling apology” and admit she had traveled there on consecutive weekends with her family.

The entire United Kingdom is currently under draconian lockdown protocols which forbid all residents from going outside without a ‘reasonable excuse,’ with city dwellers urged not to travel to rural areas, even if they own property there.


Scottish School Bans Halloween Costumes to Promote ‘Inclusivity’


Students at a school in Edinburgh, Scotland, have been forbidden from wearing costumes to an upcoming ‘Halloween’ party in an effort to promote inclusivity and lower costs for parents.

The parent council of St. David’s RC Primary School reportedly made the decision over concerns children who do not celebrate the holiday might not feel ‘included.’

“The Catholic school shares a campus – including a shared dining hall – with the non-denominational Pirniehall Primary School, where children are allowed to dress up,” the Daily Mail reports.


Scottish National Newspaper Calls Trump ‘Racist, Serial Liar, Sex Abuser’

Scottish Church Obsessed with SJW Sex Changes

Scottish Police Officially Make the Hijab Part of the Uniform

1984: Teen Expelled From School For Saying There Are Only Two Genders



A Scottish teenager has been barred from his school after filming an encounter with a teacher chastising him for saying there are only two genders.

Seventeen-year-old Murray’s viral video captured his teacher saying his “only two genders” opinion was against “the authority” and school policy that says there are many genders.

Murray is now saying the school’s staff has told him not to return, putting him in a rough position.

“This won’t just affect me in this school this could affect me in getting into another school as well,” he said. “(I’m) in limbo, I’m either going to have to find a new school or go to college but it’s definitely a big speed bump in my life at the moment.”


Leftists Force Maritime Museum to Stop Calling Ships “She,” “Her”


A maritime museum in Scotland has been forced to change the pronouns of its ships to reflect ‘gender neutral’ codes of political correctness after offended SJWs vandalized signs for the second year in a row.

Yes, really.

Despite vessels being traditionally called female names, David Mann, director of the maritime museum, in Irvine, Scotland, said they would now have to be “gender neutral” because vandals targeted their “very expensive” signs once again.

The signs were attacked in places where they used the words “she” and “her”. Perhaps the vandals were upset that the ships had not been asked what gender they identified as beforehand.


Woman Who Dangled by Hair During Attack Dropped to Her Death in Scotland


An Eritrean woman plunged to her death after being dangled by her hair from an 11th story window of high-rise building in Glasgow, Scotland, according to local media.

Alem Shimemi, 30, fell roughly 100 feet after witnesses reportedly heard her screaming and attempting to climb back in the window while someone inside held her hair, the Daily Record reports.

Bystanders apprehended an “African” man who was “chanting” and “praying,” according to a witness.


Twitter Suspended Ex-Muslim Activist For Criticizing Genital Mutilation


Shazia Hobbs, a well-known ex-Muslim and anti-female genital mutilation (FGM) activist, has been suspended indefinitely from Twitter – the latest in a string of dissenting voices to be silenced on the platform.

Hobbs, who lives in Scotland, discussed her suspension with conservative news outlet Breitbart, stating, “it’s absolutely disgusting.”

“There was no reason given. Twitter would not tell me what tweets were in violation of their rules. They said it was because of harassment. All I tweet about is the rape of Pakistani children by Pakistani men.”

What Twitter has done here cannot be understated. They’ve shut down one of the few prominent ex-Muslim voices speaking out against the sexual abuse of children that appears to be so rampant in Islamic culture.

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