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MNPD Single Out, Arrest Trump Supporter For Not Wearing Mask (Video)


Video footage captured on an IRL (In Real Life) livestream shows a woman in a “Trump 2020” shirt being singled out and handcuffed by police in Nashville, Tennessee for not wearing a mask on an open-air.

Many pedestrians can be seen walking maskless down the sidewalk throughout the encounter, leading viewers to theorize that the woman was targeted because of her political affiliation.

The incident was captured on video by popular livestreamer Timothy “Baked Alaska” Gionet, who had been detained and written a citation by police for not wearing a mask on the sidewalk moments earlier. Like the woman who was arrested, Baked Alaska is a vocal Trump supporter.

Within seconds, multiple police officers surrounded the woman, despite the protestations of her companions, and place her in handcuffs. Dozens of passerby could be seen walking down the sidewalk unmasked – just like the woman in the Trump shirt – however, none of them were wearing pro-Trump merchandise, and none were detained.


Trump Fires CEO of Tennessee Valley Authority for Outsourcing Jobs to Foreign Workers

TN Council Member Wants People Who Won’t Wear Face Masks Charged With Murder

Woman Who Died 6 Months Ago Suddenly Tests Positive For Coronavirus

COVID-Compliant Peabody Hotel to Lay Off 50 Employees Due to COVID

Univ. of TN to Require Students Get Flu, COVID Vaccines

16 Tri-State Governors Demand Mandatory Quarantine For Travelers

RINO Tate Reeves Reissues Illegal Face Mask Mandate, Cites “Rising” Cases

TN Gov. Lee Extends Illegal Face Mask Order Through the End of the Year


Gov. Bill Lee intends to extend an executive order that allows the majority of Tennessee’s counties the option to require face coverings in public as the state has seen coronavirus case counts grow.

Gillum Ferguson, Lee’s spokesman, confirmed Monday the executive order will be extended until the end of the year.

The order, which applies to 89 out of the state’s 95 counties, was scheduled to expire at the end of the month. Meanwhile, the state’s six larger metro counties with locally governed health departments already had authority to implement their own COVID-19 restrictions, including mask mandates.

News Channel 5

TN Mom Resigns From Job After Son Falls Behind in Virtual Schooling (Video)


After being in school for a month, an Alcoa City Schools’ mom realized it was time to make big sacrifices for her child.

Unable to work from home as an essential worker, she resigned from her job since her child was starting to fall behind in school.

“It’s hard enough as a parent and a mom to have to make that sacrifice,” said Elizabeth Carpenter. “I have nowhere else to go. I’m at my wit’s end.”

She had concerns with the newly structured online school year from the start. 

“This may be OK for a high school student or a college student, to be in front of a teacher then go online, but my fourth grader is just now learning to put sentences together,” she said.

Her son, Anthony, is a fourth-grader at Alcoa City Schools. For a month he’s been going to school one day a week — the rest is virtual. Starting next week, he’ll go to school two days a week. 

But as an essential worker, Carpenter said she can’t be there while he’s learning at home. 

“Where’s he gonna be, who can we get? Who are we exposing today?” she said.


Leftist Columnist Vents After TN School Bans Media From Football Game


Dear students of Collierville High:

These are difficult times. But you knew that. What you may not have known is that the people who run your school would choose this precise moment to teach y’all an important lesson in leadership. So pay attention, OK?

The lesson is: Don’t do it like they’re doing it. Observe how they are doing it — take a close look at the stupidity of it all — and someday, when you are faced with a crisis, think back to your leaders at Collierville High School and tell yourself: “Oh, I remember! I’m not going to be as small and as boneheaded as they were!”

This has to do with Friday night’s football game, of course. And if you have been wondering why a high school football team is playing in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, well, extra credit for you. But the team played anyway. In front of roughly 650 friends and family. So, naturally, the local media planned to head out and report on the proceedings. What sort of social distancing measures were in effect? Did fans comply with them? Did it appear to be safe?

In response, your intrepid leaders decided to address these critical issues of public safety by saying: “No media allowed.”


That was the solution.

In America.

Daily Memphian

Germantown Local News Praises School COVID Changes (Video)


Students in Germantown Municipal School District returned to the classroom Monday.

The school district is following a hybrid model for high school and middle school students. The students are separated alphabetically.

Kindergarten through sixth grade students are attending class in person five days a week.

There are also students who are enrolled in 100% online learning.

Germantown Superintendent Jason Manuel is optimistic about the start of the school year. He spoke with WMC Action News 5 about protocols that have been put in place to keep students and staff members safe.

“We’re excited for school to start even with the new changes. It doesn’t have exactly the same feel but we’re still excited to have kids Back in the schools,” he said. “One of our protocols that we’ve really worked on with our staff and our teachers is knowing where students are, who they’re with at all times. That’s where we really have to look at the seating charts in the classrooms, the seating arrangements and making sure that we’re staying six feet apart from each other.”

WMC Action News 5

Shelby County Declares Racism a Pandemic

mind control

Racism is now considered a pandemic in Shelby County. Commissioners approved the resolution Monday evening.

Commissioners said they are committed to supporting policies that defend minorities.

In the resolution, Shelby County Commissioners pledged to eradicate the effects of systemic racism affecting black people and other minorities in the community.

The resolution cites studies that suggest experiences of racism or discrimination raise the risk of emotional and physical health problems, including depression, hypertension.

Fox 13 Memphis

Nashville Protesters Descend on TN Capitol, Governor Vows ‘Autonomous Zones Will Not Be Tolerated’


Taking cues from Seattle, protesters in Nashville are attempting to create their own “autonomous zone” near the Tennessee Capitol, but the governor is having none of it, warning that “lawlessness” will not stand in his state.

A small group of demonstrators showed up to Nashville’s Legislative Plaza near the state capitol on Friday, setting up a tent and tables, laying out food and even informally renaming the area to “Ida B. Wells Plaza” after the famed civil rights leader. The move mirrors a similar effort in Seattle, where activists have occupied several city blocks and an abandoned police station for nearly a week, fashioning an “autonomous zone” along the lines of an anarchist commune.

In videos shared online, a small crowd of activists could be seen at Nashville’s fledgling free zone, banging drums and chanting slogans in a festive atmosphere.

Some protesters plan to spend the night in the plaza, according to local media, despite a stern warning from the governor to clear out.


City of Germantown implements ‘Indefinite’ curfew


The City of Germantown announced a curfew for residents on Monday that will continue indefinitely.

Germantown’s curfew announcement comes hours after the City of Memphis did the same thing following local and national protests.

The curfew for Germantown begins daily at 10 p.m. and expires at 5 a.m., which is an hour before the expiration of Memphis’ curfew.

Germantown police said there is no indication of any imminent threat to Germantown residents, and this is a precautionary measure for the overall safety of residents.

There is an exemption for essential workers traveling to or from work and for people experiencing medical emergencies.


Workplace Complaints Related to COVID Piling Up Against Memphis Employers


As the Mid-South reopens, staying safe at work is a top priority. But thousands of people across the country have filed complaints, accusing their employers of not doing enough to protect them from COVID-19.

Since March, the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration (TOSHA) says they’ve processed 333 complaints related to COVID-19.

Chris Cannon, director of communications for the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, said 319 of these complaints have been closed.

Cannon said 109 of the complaints were filed in March and 224 were filed in April.

WMC Action News 5 obtained data from TOSHA’s federal counterpart, OSHA, which highlights a small portion of those complaints against at least 18 Memphis area employers.

Action News 5

Small Businesses Won’t Re-Open if They Risk Falling Victim to COVID Lawsuits

TN Restricts Communion, Bibles, Choir Singing Because They “Spread the Virus”


Officials in Knox County, Tennessee, are telling local churches to stop conducting communion, to remove Bibles from the pews and to even discourage singing during service.

The county released a “phased reopening” plan which, ironically enough, references several New York City guidelines for its models on how churches should conduct worship even though Knox Co. has no where near as many cases as NYC, nor does it even have the most cases in Tennessee, according to a case map by Tennessean.com.

According to Knox Co.’s own data, the county has had 232 positive cases of Covid-19, with 199 reported recoveries as of the time of this writing.