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Meet the Career Criminal Whose Shooting by Police Triggered Riots in Philly


Black Lives Matter rioting and looting in Philadelphia on Monday night was triggered in response to police shooting a career criminal with a lengthy record who charged at them with a knife.

Walter Wallace Jr, 27, has so many mugshots I couldn’t fit them all into one properly-sized header image.

The media, which has done everything in their power to either ignore or cover-up the BLM riots in Philly, chose to use what appears to be a high school prom photo of Wallace in their stories — which didn’t dare use the “R-word” (i.e. riots) despite having over a dozen mugshots at their disposal.

Information Liberation

BLM Protesters Chant: “Who Do We Protect? Black Criminals!” (Video)

Tyrant PA Gov. Wolf “Helps” Small Businesses After Destroying Them With Lockdowns


Aiming to offer some help to an industry battered by the coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Tom Wolf said Thursday he wants to waive liquor license fees for restaurants and bars.

Wolf said he is working with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to waive licensing fees through 2021, starting January 1, 2021. The administration said the move would provide $20 million in relief to more than 16,000 Pennsylvania restaurants bars, clubs, and hotels.

“My administration continues to look for innovative ways that we can support the bar and restaurant industry,” Wolf said in a press release. “Eliminating liquor license fees is an important step toward helping bars and restaurants retain the capital they need to weather the storm of COVID-19.”

Wolf held a press conference in Pittsburgh to talk about the effort. He said the liquor control board would move to waive the fees at its next board meeting. He noted the board is independent and has the authority to act on its own. But he said he hoped the liquor board would do “the right thing.”


Federal Judge Slams PA’s Shutdown Order, Wolf to Appeal Ruling


PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP) – Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration says it will appeal a federal judge’s ruling that pandemic restrictions that required people to stay at home, placed limits on gatherings and ordered “non-life-sustaining” businesses to close are unconstitutional.

Butler, Fayette, Greene and Washington counties — and some Republican officials like Congressman Mike Kelly and state Reps. Marcie Mustello, Daryl Metcalfe and Tim Bonner — filed a lawsuit against Gov. Wolf and Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine.

“We didn’t seek a dollars worth of damages, we sought a declaration that these things were wrong and that’s exactly what Judge Stickman’s order finds. The state was wrong,” said Attorney Tom King.

Tom said the plaintiff’s constitutional rights were violated. The counties were in the “red” phase when they filed the lawsuit in May, saying the restrictions on businesses and gathering limits were unconstitutional.

“It declares that the stay at home orders were unconstitutional — should never have happened, that the business shutdown orders violate two sections of the U.S. Constitution and picking winners and losers shall not happen again in Pennsylvania under these circumstances,” King said.

CBS Pittsburgh

MI Supreme Court: Whitmer Lockdown Measures Unconstitutional

Kentucky AG Calls Governor’s Travel Restrictions Unconstitutional

Texas Judge: Mandatory Face Masks Laws Unconstitutional

Pennsylvania Admits Using Face Masks to Socially Condition Public

Tom Wolf Holds Pennsylvania Hostage Until a ‘Foolproof’ Vaccine is Available

DOJ Requests Nursing Home COVID Data From Four Democrat Governors


A recent study revealed 45% of all US coronavirus deaths occurred in nursing homes.

That comes out to over 75,000 Deaths in US Nursing Homes!

That is a bloodbath!!

Only 0.6% of the US population lives in nursing homes but over 45% of the coronavirus deaths were in these centers.

On Wednesday the Department of Justice requested data from four Democrat governors on their orders to send sick COVID-19 patients to nursing homes.

Gateway Pundit

Whitmer Accuses Feds of Timing Request of Nursing Home Data With 2020 Election

DoJ Cracks Down on Dem Governors’ COVID orders that “May Have Resulted in Deaths of Elderly Nursing Home Residents”

PA Governor Wolf Says Large Trump Crowd in Gettysburg Not OK


If President Donald Trump delivers his nomination address at Gettysburg National Military Park, it could involve an outdoor crowd of no more than 250 — the state-imposed limit due to the pandemic.

The Gov. Tom Wolf administration late Monday responded to the possibility of Trump coming to Gettysburg to deliver his address following his formal nomination as the Republican presidential candidate on Aug. 27.

Trump announced on Twitter on Monday afternoon he is considering delivering the address at Gettysburg. He said it’s been narrowed down to two possible locations, with the White House being the other.

He wrote “We will announce the decision soon!”

A spokesman for the military park and Eisenhower National Historic Site on Monday afternoon said he didn’t have details on things such as what the address would entail in terms of number of people involved, whether it would be open to the public and whether any special permission is required.

Penn Live

Pennsylvania Admits Using Face Masks to Socially Condition Public

face mask 5

With COVID-19 infections surging, Pennsylvania’s health secretary on Monday warned that making the right “choice” on face masks and social distancing is critical to avoiding a repeat of the situation that prompted major restrictions during spring.

“If you feel uncomfortable with how close people are at, for instance, a restaurant where you might be dining, then make the choice to leave,” Dr. Rachel Levine said. “If you are in a store where people are not following the mandatory mask order, make the choice to leave. And if you are getting together with people who might be talking that they are not changing their lifestyle or not wearing masks, then make a choice not to go to be with those people.”

Levine said, “As much as our efforts are about laws and mandates and requirements, they are mostly about your choices.”


Wolf and Levine want it ‘socially unacceptable’ to be caught without a face mask

Dehumanizing and Demonizing Skeptics Who Don’t Wear Face Masks

Protests Become Riots in Philadelphia, Where a Curfew is Imposed


Hundreds of people gathered in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to protest the death in Minneapolis of George Floyd, but the peaceful demonstrations later turned violent with cars set ablaze and other property damage, and Philadelphia police announced an 8 p.m. curfew in the city.

A crowd estimated by police as numbering 500 people gathered at Philadelphia’s City Hall, kneeling for more than eight minutes in honor of Floyd, a black man who died after a white officer pressed a knee into his neck, then marched through Center City to the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Saturday.

Back in the City Hall area, protesters sprayed graffiti on a statue of former Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo, tried to topple it and set a fire at its base. Rizzo, mayor from 1972 to 1980, was praised by supporters as tough on crime but accused by critics of discriminating against minorities. His 10-foot-tall (3-meter-tall) bronze statue outside the Municipal Services Building, across from City Hall, has been defaced before and is to be moved next year.


Tom Wolf Holds Pennsylvania Hostage Until a ‘Foolproof’ Vaccine is Available


Pennsylvania cannot fully return to normal until a “foolproof” vaccine is available, Gov. Tom Wolf (D) said on Wednesday.

When asked if the return of large events are contingent on a vaccination, Wolf said Pennsylvanians need to be confident that the novel coronavirus is under control and treatable. He said he believes it will take a vaccine or “some assurance that they’re not going to get sick” to attend big events, go shopping, and return to school.

“Ultimately I think what it’s going to take for everybody to feel safe going to a Penn State game or a basketball game is that they have some confidence that they’re not going to get sick by being in close contact with somebody else,” Wolf said, noting that the state is focusing on testing and contact tracing.

“I think that’s what it’s going to take to really get our economy back to normal, and I really think that can’t happen fully, 100 percent until we have a vaccine that is foolproof,” Wolf said. “That’s my own stance.”


Pennsylvania Lawmaker to Introduce Resolution to Impeach Governor Wolf

Fascist Governor Whitmer Extends Michigan’s Lockdown Through June

Gov. Wolf Eases Restrictions For 12 More Pennsylvania Counties (Video)


Another 2.6 million people across western Pennsylvania began to emerge from pandemic restrictions Friday as Gov. Tom Wolf announced that 12 more counties soon will join them in a partial easing, but not Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. Wolf said that Adams, Beaver, Carbon, Columbia, Cumberland, Juniata, Mifflin, Perry, Susquehanna, Wyoming, Wayne and York will be the next batch of counties moving to the “yellow” phase of his reopening plan, effective May 22.

They are primarily in the south-central and northeast regions of the state.

They’ll join residents of 13 lightly impacted counties — including the cities of Pittsburgh, Johnstown and Altoona — where Wolf lifted his stay-at-home orders on Friday and gave permission for retailers and other types of businesses to reopen. Twenty-four counties across a vast swath of primarily rural northern Pennsylvania were the first to see a partial reopening last week.

CBS Philly

Pennsylvania Lawmaker to Introduce Resolution to Impeach Governor Wolf

Pennsylvania Lawmaker to Introduce Resolution to Impeach Governor Wolf

Daryl Metcalfe

A Pennsylvania state lawmaker is calling on colleagues in the State House of Representatives to co-sponsor a resolution calling for the impeachment of Governor Tom Wolf.

Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) circulated a memorandum to House members, calling on them to hold Gov. Wolf “accountable for his actions that have harmed so many of our citizens and violate so many of our rights.

In the memorandum, Rep. Metcalfe cites a lack of transparency from the Wolf Administration, his handling of the state’s unemployment system, the current stay-at-home order, and Wolf’s overall response to the COVID-19 crisis as reasons to impeach him.

Local 21

President to Visit PA During Rebellion Against Gov. Tom Wolf’s Lockdowns

Gov. Tom Wolf Accuses Pennsylvanians Defying Lockdown of ‘Cowardly Act’

Pa. Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Business Shutdown

USA Today Attacks PA Lawmaker For Defying Gov. Wolf’s Illegal “Orders”

Gov. Wolf Extends Stay-At-Home Order in Philadelphia Region Through June 4