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The New Left Says You’re a Bigot Unless You Have Sex With EVERY Gender


It sounds insane to say, but the party that once rallied against gay conversion therapy is coming shockingly close to promoting it themselves. All under the guise of supporting the trans community.

Suck the d**k, bigot. No, really! In today’s increasingly strange world, in order to show full allegiance to those who tick the final letter of the LGBT acronym, one must forgo all dating preferences and swallow their pride – or something else – to prove they are true allies.

A fringe belief is gaining traction, and previously well-respected publications such as the BBC are now promoting people who present the idea that ‘genital preferences’ are transphobic. In an article titled ‘The black transgender push to keep the fight alive at LGBT Pride’, non-trans gay men are called ‘transphobic’ for not wanting to date trans men. Aka, biological females.


JK Rowling: Gay People Being ‘Shunted Towards Hormones and Surgery’ is ‘New Kind of Conversion Therapy’


Harry Potter author Joanne ‘JK’ Rowling has again been targeted by trans activists for warning that children believed to be “trans” should not necessarily be “shunted towards hormones and surgery”.

“I’ve ignored fake tweets attributed to me and [retweeted] widely. I’ve ignored porn tweeted at children on a thread about their art. I’ve ignored death and rape threats. I’m not going to ignore this,” wrote the Scotland-based author in the first tweet of an 11-part thread responding to an individual who accused her of “pivoting to supporting those who call people who take mental health medication ‘lazy’.

“When you lie about what I believe about mental health medication… you cross a line,” she said, detailing her own “mental health challenges” and past use of anti-depressants.


MSM Panics Over Trump Proposal to End Men in Women’s Homeless Shelters

The Trump administration announced a proposal on Wednesday to allow federally-funded housing services to turn away individuals whose gender identity does not match the sex they were assigned at birth. The proposed rule, according to Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, would “better accommodate religious beliefs of shelter providers.” 

The proposal rolls back provisions added during the previous administration. In 2016, former President Barack Obama added a section to the Equal Access Rule that “requires all HUD funded housing services to be provided without discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity,” according to Carson’s statement. 

Under the proposed modification to the rule, shelter providers that “lawfully operate as single-sex or sex-segregated facilities” will be allowed to develop “admissions determinations” for people who have a different gender identity than what they were assigned at birth. 


JK Rowling Says She Has Received Thousands Of Emails Of Concern Over ‘Aims And Methods Of Trans Activism’


Author JK Rowling took to Twitter once again Sunday and posted another string of tweets condemning the trans-activist movement, noting that she has received thousands of emails of support from people who are concerned it is being used to further sexual assault.

Rowling’s posts came in response to a commentary piece by Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle over the weekend, charging that Rowling is using her history of sexual assault, which she revealed in a recent essay, as “justification” for “discriminating” against transgender people.

Russell-Moyle apologised to Rowling after receiving a backlash over the piece.

“JK Rowling’s first disclosures of domestic abuse and sexual assault in her recent article on trans issues were heartfelt and must have been hard to say.” the MP wrote.


McDonald’s Releases ‘Trans’ BLM Ad Featuring George Soros Minion

soros garbage

McDonald’s has hopped on the Black Lives Matter pandering bandwagon, releasing a “trans black women” ad by an acolyte of far-left billionaire George Soros.

The fast food giant launched a BLM ad campaign for the BET Awards that took place Sunday.

The string of ads featured black artists, media figures, and activists such as Imara Jones, a fellow with the Soros-founded Open Society Foundation.

In the promo, Jones referred to the the nationwide rioting and violence in the inner cities as a “Black Lives Matter moment” and told white America to “stop killing” black trans people.


Woke Authors Quit JK Rowling’s Agency After It Refuses To Cave To Trans Mob


At least four authors have severed ties with the literary agency representing them and JK Rowling, after it refused to distance itself from remarks made by the Harry Potter author on transgender issues.

The authors, all identifying under the LGBTQIA umbrella, issued a joint statement resigning from The Blair Partnership that said “This decision is not made lightly, and we are saddened and disappointed it has come to this.”

“After J. K. Rowling’s — who is also signed to the agency — public comments on transgender issues, we reached out to the agency with an invitation to reaffirm their stance to transgender rights and equality.” the statement further explains.


Laurence Fox Slams Harry Potter Stars For Turning Against JK Rowling

JK Rowling Attacked on Social Media For Defending Biology


‘Harry Potter’ author JK Rowling has responded to accusations of transphobia in an open letter presenting reasons she is concerned about ‘toxic’ trans-activism, drawing a fresh avalanche of criticism.

“I know it’s time to explain myself on an issue surrounded by toxicity. I write this without any desire to add to that toxicity,”Rowling wrote at the beginning of her 4,000-plus word essay, published on Wednesday.

The novelist has been labeled a “TERF” – a trans-exclusionary radical feminist – on several occasions, most recently thanks to a tweet questioning a story that referred to “people who menstruate,” declining to instead characterize such people as women.

That position got Rowling targeted not only by activists on social media, but even by some of the actors from film adaptations of her work. This includes Daniel Radcliffe, who became famous for playing Harry Potter in the movies, Emma Watson (Hermione) and Eddie Redmayne (Newt Scamander) from the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ adaptations.


Trans Twitch Moderator Who Identifies as a Deer Threatens to Censor Critics


A transgender Twitch “Safety Advisory Council” member who identifies as a deer (yes, really) bragged on a live stream about having the “power” to censor critics, asserting, “some people should be afraid of me.”

Twitch is a live streaming video platform that has become notorious for its draconian levels of censorship which in many cases outstrip even YouTube.

Last week, transgender streamer “Steph” Loehr, AKA FerociouslySteph, who was born a man and apparently had his genitals removed, was announced as a new member of Twitch’s “Safety Advisory Council,” giving Loehr the power to influence Terms of Service and potentially ban individual users.

Before we get to Steph’s comments on this, let’s get to know xe a little better.


Video Game to Allow Customized Genitals in Non-Binary Gender Option


The video game Cyberpunk 2077 is set to include genital customization as part of a drive to include a non-binary gender option.

Forbes reports that the ESRB rating for the game includes a paragraph detailing character customization features.

“Players can select a gender and customize their character; customization can include depictions of breasts, buttocks, and genitalia, as well as various sizes and combinations of genitals,” the ERSB rating summary reads.

It remains to be seen what exactly “combinations of genitals” entails.

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Australian Mother Claims Her Trans Teen Son is Going Through Menopause

what the shit

A mother has penned an essay declaring how “proud” she is of her transgender son, 15, for going through “menopause.”

In the article for Essential Kids–an Australian magazine for parents–the mother begins by telling her readers that her trans son, born female, was feeling a bit funny.

She writes:

My 15-year-old son started feeling nauseous and “a bit off” a couple of weeks ago. He skipped dinner and headed to bed early, but the next morning he still wasn’t himself. The nausea had lifted but it was replaced with sweats and hot flashes.

It couldn’t have been something he ate because we’d all been eating the same food, and it would be bizarre if he’d caught anything because my house has been on a pretty strict lockdown for weeks, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Mother Says She Is Proud That Her 15-Year-Old “Transgender Son” is Going Through Menopause