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Tucker Warns America: Dems Fighting for “Complete Control” of Us


Talk show host Tucker Carlson warned that Americans are now witnessing a brazen power grab by the Democrat Party for “complete control” of the United States.

He supported his claim by saying none of the unrest of the last few months is about civil rights at all.

“Democrats are working to systematically to dismantle the core institutions of American life, beginning with the family and faith,” said Carlson during Thursday’s monologue. “They’re subverting the core system in our government.”

“They systematically repurposed our federal law enforcement agencies as political weapons, they have imprisoned their political opponents, their leaders have called for making all these changes permanent by packing the Supreme Court, packing the United States Senate, packing the electorate itself by importing tens-of-millions of new voters.


We Are In The Process Of Completely Losing America


When I was growing up, I was taught to love America. 

My father was in the U.S. Navy, our family spent six years overseas as he served at a military base in a foreign land, and every day I would say the Pledge of Allegiance at the local school for military children that I attended.

It was during this period of time that Ronald Reagan was first elected president of the United States, and the things that he said about the greatness of America’s values really inspired me.

Of course no nation has ever been perfect, but at one time the United States was united by a common set of values that we were constantly striving to live up to.

And one of the reasons why I am often so hard on America in my articles is because I want us to rediscover those values and start trying to live up to them once again.

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Dems Brace For 2020 Loss by Claiming Trump Coup Necessary Once They ‘Win’


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) became the latest prominent Democrat to assert that President Trump won’t accept the election results if he loses.

During the Democrats’ weekly address on Friday, Schiff said Trump’s attacks on mail-in-voting signal that he’s preparing not to accept the election results, which he says will end up “doing more damage than any foreign government could.”

“By suppressing the vote and seeking to disenfranchise people, he is trying to help himself, not the nation,” Schiff said. “By attacking vote-by-mail, by forcing people to choose between their health and their vote, he is trying to help himself, not the nation. And by seeking to discredit the results of our election before it even takes place, he’s trying to help himself, not the nation.”

“Doing all of these things and at the same time, Donald Trump may end up doing more damage than any foreign government could by refusing to accept the results of the election or allowing a peaceful transition of power. If this is his ambition, he will not succeed.’


Pelosi Admits COG Talks, Plan to Remove Trump

Dems to Remove Trump With Military Force, Arrest Anyone Who Speaks Out

The Atlantic Admits Dems Have Will Not Accept 2020 Election Results if Trump Wins

civil war

An op-ed from The Atlantic suggests that the far-left violence already wreaking havoc in inner cities will intensify if President Trump is reelected in November.

In the Wednesday op-ed titled, “Trump Is Determined to Split the Country in Two“, Ronald Brownstein claims Trump is intentionally trying to “provoke” the far-left rioters to scare suburban voters.

“In deploying federal forces, Trump appears to be trying to provoke clashes with protesters, which he can use to convince white suburban voters that he’s the last line of defense between them and the chaos allegedly incubating in cities, Rahm Emanuel, the former Chicago mayor, told me,” Brownstein wrote.

“Referring to the street battle between construction workers and anti-war protesters in Manhattan in 1970, Emanuel said, ‘Trump is trying to create his own hard-hat riot, and they are wearing [law-enforcement] helmets.’”


Pelosi Admits COG Talks, Plan to Remove Trump

Dems to Remove Trump With Military Force, Arrest Anyone Who Speaks Out

Pelosi Admits COG Talks, Plan to Remove Trump


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) claimed President Trump will be leaving the White House “whether he knows it yet, or not.”

“Whether he knows it yet, or not, he will be leaving,” said Pelosi during a Monday interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “Just because he might not want to move out of the White House doesn’t mean we won’t have an inauguration ceremony to inaugurate a duly elected president of the United States.”

The speaker went on to push the popular Democrat talking point that Trump would need to be “fumigated” out of office because he would refuse to honor a defeat in the coming election.

“I’m second in line to the presidency, and just last week, I had my regular continuation of government briefing,” said Pelosi. “This might interest you because as I say to them, this is never going to happen — God willing, it never will — but there is a process.”


Dems to Remove Trump With Military Force, Arrest Anyone Who Speaks Out

Soros Brags About Funding Civil Unrest in the US

sick bitch

In an interview with the The New York Times, Open Society Foundations President Patrick Gaspard announced that the organisation, headed by billionaire George Soros, is to “double down” on funding “black-led justice organizations”.

The interview was accompanied by a press release from the Open Society declaring that “The largest share of this support—$150 million—will be through a set of five-year grants to Black-led justice organizations that helped to create and now sustain the momentum towards racial equality.”

“Open Society’s response reflects our conviction that real progress requires sustained support over many years and letting leaders accountable to impacted communities shape the path forward.” the release adds.

It also notes that another $70 million will be allocated to “more immediate efforts to advance racial justice,” which include efforts  to “reimagine” policing.

Gaspard noted that the recent uprising in the US and across the world is “the moment we’ve been investing in for the last 25 years.”


George Soros Funding Race War With $220 Million

Trump Slams BLM Leader: This Is Treason, Sedition, Insurrection!


In what is sure to elevate race tension to ’12’ (since they are already at ’11’), President Trump has responded to comments from the BLM movement’s leader earlier in the week:

Trump’s comment follow comments by Hawk Newsome – who chairs Black Lives Matter of Greater New York argued that because violence and rioting appeared to be getting the point across more effectively, those efforts were justifiable.

Zero Hedge

United Nations Openly Hijacks U.S. Police Departments

strong cities

The Democrats emerged to ask for civility for Black Americans, when they have not shown a shred of civility toward the rest of America.

Meanwhile, after tens of millions of dollars worth of damage to NYC, former Clinton and Obama underling Loretta Lynch is called upon by Attorney General Letitia James to oversee a predictably pro-looters and neoliberal socialist instigator cleanup job flying in the face of federal oversight. On top of that, Lynch isn’t there to follow up on the millions of merchandise looted by “peaceful” protesters. Loretta Lynch is there to apply pressure to an already crippled NYPD.

As The Hill reported, “…..New York Attorney General Letitia James’s (D)…said in a statement. ‘As we continue our investigation, I will continue to use every tool at my disposal to seek answers and accountability, and that includes calling on the sharpest minds to lend their expertise. There is no greater responsibility of government than the protection of its citizens,” Lynch said. “It is time to examine recent events to ensure that all New Yorkers receive truly equal protection under the law. I look forward to working with Attorney General James and her outstanding team on these important issues.’”