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Police Show Up at El Paso Residents’ Doorsteps Ordering Quarantine


We all knew that the CV-1984 pandemic was going to cause the loss of our individual freedoms, liberties, and rights. But now tyranny has risen in Texas and police are showing up at the doorsteps of citizens deemed non-compliant with contact tracing measures in El Paso, Texas and ordering them to quarantine for 14 days.

Cases of CV are once again spiking in urban areas across Texas, but the state has done the unthinkable. Well, at least we thought, “this is America, what happened in China can’t happen here, right?” Wrong!

Police have turned to drastic measures to curb the spread of the virus across the U.S., not just in Texas, but the entire country is facing a loss of liberties.

This week, police officers were dispatched to the homes of residents who have tested positive in the Texas city of El Paso to order them to quarantine for 14 days. Those who disobey the order could find themselves brought before a judge or facing a $500 fine.


Tyranny in Texas: Wear a Mask in Public Or Face Fines, Arrest

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Austin Officials Playing Numbers Games to Keep the City Shut Down

Texans Fined $4,000 For Violating COVID-19 Curfew

All Across the Country People Are Being Arrested For Simply Going Outside

Chicago Claims Citizens Have No Right to Grow Food on Their Property

food garden

The most delicious vegetables are the ones you grow yourself, as many have come to realize during the pandemic. But some cities and counties have restrictions that prevent people from gardening at home. In one Midwestern town, a temporary greenhouse has ended up on the wrong side of the law, revealing a value system that is distinctly regressive.

Nicole and Dan Virgil, who live in Elmhurst, a suburb of Chicago, are dedicated vegetable gardeners. By the summer of 2015, they had maxed out their 2,000-square-foot backyard with raised beds and were relying on them for much of their family’s produce. They had branched out from simply growing the typical salad ingredients to cultivating potatoes, fennel, leeks, and tomatillos. In late August, the plants were still going full-bore, and the Virgils wondered how they could extend the Midwestern growing season. (In this climate zone, seedlings go into the ground on Mother’s Day and peter out in October.)

Civil Eats

Michigan Supreme Court Strikes Down Whitmer’s COVID Restrictions

tyrany bitch

The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled, for the second time in less than 30 days, that Governor Gretchen Whitmer illegally overstepped her authority, substituting executive orders for legislation during the COVID crisis.

The state’s Supreme Court struck down all executive orders Whitmer had issued during the COVID-19 pandemic. The 4-to-3 ruling declared the executive orders Whitmer issued under the Emergency Powers of Governor Act have “no continuing legal effect.”

In a separate ruling, the Michigan justices ruled 6-to-1 to reject Whitmer’s request to delay the annulment of her orders until October 30, 2020.

Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield (R), celebrated the ruling, writing on Twitter, “Another big win at the Supreme Court today!”


Whitmer Kidnap Plot Distracting From Illegal Lockdown Ruling (VIdeo)

Suspect in Whitmer Kidnap Plot Was Pardoned by Delaware Governor in 219

MI Supreme Court: Whitmer Lockdown Measures Unconstitutional

Whitmer Uses Emergency Alert System To Dictate Mask Wearing

Daniel Andrews Admits COVID Lockdowns Rolling Out “New World Order”

sky news2

Sky news interview with Daniel Andrews where he accidentally says new world order when dealing with COVID in your home.


Melbourne Authorities Use Surveillance Drones to Enforce Face Masks

If America Falls, the New World Order Wins

Who Plays Critical Role in New World Order System (Video)

UN Romanticizes New World Order With ‘Pacific Unite: Saving Lives’ (Video)

The World is Awake to the New World Order Globalist System

‘New World Order’ Now ‘Liberal World Order’

Globalists Pledge Allegiance to the New World Order (Video)

Lockdowns Restrictions: A Test To See How Much Tyranny Americans Will Accept

mask world

The pandemic lockdowns are a complicated issue, and that is absolutely deliberate.

The point of 4th Generation psychological warfare is to present the target individual or population with a hard choice – a no-win scenario.

You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

I often equate this to the key moves in a difficult chess game; your primary goal is to create a dual threat and force your opponent to sacrifice one piece over another in order to escape with the least amount of damage. Do this a few times and you have won the long game.

There are multiple aspects to the global pandemic which seem engineered to push our society to make “sacrificial decisions”. We can choose to sacrifice the lives of those that are susceptible to the virus, sacrifice our economy, or sacrifice many of our freedoms with the promise that the economy and lives will be protected. The easiest choice is always to give away a little more freedom. We’ll get it all back eventually…right?


COVID Lockdowns Used to Punish Populism, Collapse Economies

Europe Pushing For More Lockdowns Despite “Beating Back” Covid

Illegal Lockdowns Are Being Used to Break the Will of the People

Europeans Are Waking Up to Govt Covid Tyranny While Americans Remain Asleep


Tens of thousands of Germans marched through Berlin on Saturday, proclaiming a “Day of Freedom” and demanding an end to government-mandated face masks and “social distancing.” The UK and Netherlands also saw large protests against their governments’ tyrannical actions in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

According to media accounts, the Berlin protesters held signs reading “We are being forced to wear a muzzle,” “Natural defense instead of vaccination,” and “We are making noise because you are stealing our freedom!”

Good for them!

The New York Times Tweeted that the masses of Berlin demonstrators were all “Nazis” and “conspiracy theorists.” Does the “paper of record” really want us to believe there were perhaps a million Nazis active in the streets of Berlin? Wouldn’t that be alarming?

The fact is, Europeans are realizing that their government-mandated lockdowns did little or nothing to protect them from the virus, while causing economic catastrophe and untold human suffering.

Ron Paul

Thousands Protest COVID Restrictions in Berlin (Video)

UK Govt Advisers Issue Stark Warning: Lockdowns Will Lead to Total Anarchy

Spain: Activists Launch Grassroots Uprising Against ‘False Pandemic’


Activists in Spain are mounting a concerted effort to expose the coronavirus crisis as a “false pandemic” and protest against draconian measures imposed upon residents by the government.

Spain has reported the highest number of coronavirus cases in Europe, paving the way for Madrid to impose draconian lockdown rules after declaring a state of emergency on March 14.

While elements are of the lockdown are being progressively eased, Spanish authorities recently announced that face masks and ‘social distancing’ protocols will remain mandatory nationwide until “we definitively defeat the virus, which will be when we have an efficient therapy or an effective vaccine.”


Enraged Italians Abandon Masks, Denounce Pandemic As Scam

Government Wants to Make it Clear That They Dictate Our Rights


You have no rights.

That’s the lesson the government wants us to learn from this COVID-19 business.

Well, the government is wrong.

For years now, the powers-that-be—those politicians and bureaucrats who think like tyrants and act like petty dictators regardless of what party they belong to—have attempted to brainwash us into believing that we have no right to think for ourselves, make decisions about our health, protect our homes and families and businesses, act in our best interests, demand accountability and transparency from government, or generally operate as if we are in control of our own lives.

We have every right, and you know why? Because we were born free.


Cop Prepares to Be Fired After Slamming Corrupt Officers in Viral Video (Video)


A Port of Seattle Police Officer has been placed on administrative leave after refusing to delete a viral video reminding police officers that they don’t have unlimited powers.

“I have seen officers around the country enforcing tyrannical orders; I was hoping it was a minority of officers, anymore, I am not so sure,” said Officer Greg Anderson, a Special Forces veteran.

Anderson took to Instagram on Tuesday to explain that he will likely be fired for refusing to remove the video, as it is considered insubordination.

Zero Hedge

Seattle Democrat Refuses to Clean Crap Off Sidewalks Because “Hoses Are Racist”

Seattle Plans to Fine Gun Owners For Improper Storage of Their Firearms

BY DESIGN: Red Flag Law Used For Gun Confiscation in Seattle

Seattle Morality Tax Doubles Cost of Sugar Drinks

Pedophile Seattle Mayor Resigns