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BLM Vandalizes Church Statue of Slave Holding Infant Daughter


Black Lives Matter supporters in New Albany, Indiana have defaced a statue depicting African American Lucy Higgs Nichols fleeing slavery with her infant daughter in her arms.

Higgs Nichols was a black woman who escaped slavery with her child and became a nurse in the Union Army, serving the Indiana 23rd Regiment.

The letters “BLM” were found spray-painted on the statue and covered Nichols’ face and the baby’s face with red paint.


Fox 35 Orlando Calls BLM Vandalism ‘Murals’

Two surveillance cameras recorded graffiti being sprayed on the recently painted “Black Lives Matter” street mural on Rosalind Ave. in Orlando, police said.

Police said one camera captures several subjects approaching the mural on the night of June 26, just before 11:30 p.m.  A second camera appears to show vandals defacing the mural while others kept a lookout. 

“Abolish Police” and “Not Enough” read some of the graffiti. The mural was restored the following day with some fresh paint.

Fox 35

African-American Rioter Caught Spray Painting Swastikas On Church Gravestones


Keveon Gomera, a 26 year old African-American man was charged with assault and vandalism after he was caught spray painting gravestones of Dominican friars with swastikas and assaulting a security guard at the Catholic Church-run Providence College.

Friars Brian J. Shanley and Kenneth Sicard were at the scene and issued a statement on the matter.

“Officers approached the individual to question what he was doing and to confirm the vandalism when they noticed the suspect had painted swastikas and anti-Catholic language on the cemetery’s central cross and on several of the headstones, and was actively burning American flags that stood at some of the gravesites,” the friars said in a joint statement.

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BLM Protesters Deface Statue Of Famous Abolitionist


Black Lives Matter demonstrators in Philadelphia have vandalized and defaced a monument of Matthias Baldwin, an American inventor and a strong supporter for the abolition of slavery in the United States.

Photos of the defaced statue with the words “colonizer” and “murderer” written on it quickly went viral online, prompting a flood of critical comments.

The exact date on which the vandalism occurred is unknown and the statue has since been cleaned.

“We can confirm that the statue of Matthias Baldwin, along with other statues in the area of Philadelphia’s City Hall, was tagged with paint and graffiti at some point during the first days of protests that took place in Philadelphia,” said a spokesperson for Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s office. “There has been no subsequent vandalism of the Baldwin statue in recent days. So, while the Baldwin statue was in fact defaced, it did not take place yesterday as the tweet and accompanying image claim.”

LaCorte News

Statue of Queen Victoria Defaced With ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Slave Owner’ Graffiti


A memorial to Queen Victoria in Leeds has been defaced with the words “racist” and “slave owner” following a wave of Black Lives Matter protests.

The monument, situated at Woodhouse Moor in the Hyde Park area of the city, has also been spray-painted with the words “educate”, “colonise”, “justice” and “Black Lives Matter”.

The memorial – designed by sculptor George Frampton – features a large stone plinth with a sculpture of the monarch on top.

Yahoo UK

Belgian City Removes Statue of Longest-Serving King After it Was Defaced Black Lives Matter


After Black Lives Matter protesters in the Belgian city of Antwerp defaced a statue of King Leopold II, Belgium’s longest-reigning monarch, authorities removed it and said it will be put in a museum.

The statue, which was situated in front of a church, was daubed with paint by demonstrators, prompting its removal by local authorities.

However, according to Johan Vermant, a spokesman for Antwerp’s mayor Bart de Wever, the statue will not be returned to its original position after restoration and will instead likely end up in a museum.

“Because of the renovation work planned for 2023 in the square in which it was placed, the statue will not be replaced. It will probably become part of the museum collection,” said de Wever.


Police Removed Protection From Churchill Statue, Allowing it to be Vandalized (Video)


Video footage out of London shows how the police deliberately removed a group of young men protecting the statue of Winston Churchill, allowing it to be defaced by the mob.

The statue of Britain’s iconic war leader was vandalized by Black Lives Matter thugs yesterday, with Churchill’s name crossed out and replaced with graffiti that read “was a racist.”

Video footage shows that a group of young men arrived before the statue was defaced to form a protective circle around it.


Virtue Signaling Leftists Vandalize Lincoln, WWII Memorials


historic monuments at the National Mall were defaced earlier this week during the George Floyd riots in DC, including the Lincoln Memorial.

Some of the spray-painted messages scrawled on some of these monuments read, “Yall not tired yet?”, “Do Black vets count?” and “Fuck 12”.

The National Park Services shared the graffiti aftermath the rioters left behind at the National Mall on social media, asking patrons of the historic site to keep demonstrations non-violent.


Rioters Deface ‘Glory’ Monument to Black Civil War Soldiers in Boston

Muslim Brotherhood Kentucky Chapter Cries “Hate Crime” Over Ali Vandalism


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — A Muslim advocacy group wants Kentucky authorities to investigate vandalism on a mural of boxing champ Muhammad Ali as a possible hate crime.

The Kentucky chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations made the request in a news release Monday.

CAIR-Kentucky chair Waheedah Muhammad says “as Americans, we must continue to stand up and loudly say no to hatred and division.”

The words “racist,” ”antisemitic” and “homophobe” were painted in orange over Ali’s portion of the “Kentucky Rushmore” mural that features other icons from the state, including Abraham Lincoln. An employee at a nearby candy store first noticed the graffiti June 12.

The vandalism came days after Louisville celebrated Ali Week to honor the Kentucky native who died in 2016.