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Wealthy 20-Year-Old Arrested For Role in BLM Riot That Caused $100,000 in Damage


A 20 year old from a wealthy family is being charged for her role in participating in a 3 hour Black Lives Matter “protest” in Manhattan that resulted in nearly $100,000 worth of damage being done to businesses.

Clara Kraebber was arrested after a barrage of destruction in Manhattan’s Flatiron district last Friday. The group was spotted chanting “Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground!” , according to RTHer group carried signs saying “Death to America” and “Free All Prisoners”. 

Kraebber is the daughter of an architect and child psychiatrist and comes from a family who owns homes in both the Upper East Side and Connecticut. She was demonstrating with groups calling themselves the “Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement” and the “New Afrikan Black Panther Party”.

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Instagram “Influencers” Use Floyd Protests For Photoshoots

Four Arrested for Arson on West Coast, One a ‘Regular Attendee’ of Anti-Cop Rallies in Seattle


Four individuals — two in Washington, one in Oregon, and another in California — have been arrested for arson as firefighters battle dozens of blazes across the West Coast. One of the arrestees is reportedly a “regular attendee” of anti-police rallies in Seattle.

Michael Jarrod Bakkela, 41, has been accused of arson, partially sparking the massive Almeda fire, according to the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office. Oregon Live reported that he has been arrested on “two counts of arson, 15 counts of criminal mischief and 14 counts of reckless endangerment”:

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release Friday afternoon that on Tuesday evening, a resident of Phoenix saw a person, later identified as Bakkela, lighting a fire behind their house on Quail Lane. Because there was an impending blaze, the residents who saw him set the fire had to flee their home.

Bakkela was arrested and initially lodged in the Jackson County Jail on Tuesday on a charge of possession of methamphetamine. He remains in jail on the arson and criminal mischief charges.


Man Accused of Hate Crime Yelled “Black Lives Matter” Before Stabbing White Victim


An African-American man yelled “black lives matter” before stabbing his white victim and now faces attempted 1st degree murder and hate crime charges, according to police in Aurora, Colorado.

The incident occurred on Tuesday night near East Alameda Avenue and South Sable Boulevard when 30-year-old Steve Sinclair approached 29-year-old Michael Conner and told him, “I’m going to kill you and your dog.”

Conner tried to run away and defend himself with a stick.

“An arrest affidavit says Sinclair used a knife to stab 29-year-old Michael Conner who was transported to the hospital for his injuries and a collapsed lung,” reports 9News.


Daycare Worker Arrested For Physically Abusing Children

Tiana McElveen

A daycare worker in South Carolina has been arrested after allegedly hitting and throwing a 5-year-old child in an incident captured in surveillance footage.

Tiana McElveen, 24, faces a charge of unlawful conduct towards a child, according to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office.

Video of the attack surfaced on social media, reportedly showing two young boys involved in a minor skirmish at Care-A-Lot Daycare Center before an adult caretaker intercedes and proceeds to badly abuse one of the children.

“According to an incident report, McElveen was terminated from her position at the facility on Friday after a seperate incident, where it said McElveen became disrespectful to staff after she was confronted about putting food on the floor for children to ‘eat like dogs,’” the Sumter Item reports.


Man Shot By Militia Member Carried Pistol Even After Being Shot


A photo uploaded to Instagram appears to show one of the three men allegedly shot by a member of a “Boogaloo Boy militia” carrying a pistol that was not previously visible in other footage, indicating the militia member faced an additional threat on top of the men tackling him.

Instagram user LourieAlex notes that “Shootings occurred tonight during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This injured victim was treated by civilian volunteers before the police intervened.”

Specifically, LourieAlex notes “The injured man was also armed at the time he was shot. The man was not shot by law enforcement.”

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Man Shot in the Arm by Kyle Rittenhouse Says His Only Regret Was “Not Killing the Kid”

Ex-NYPD Sergeant Beaten in Broad Daylight (Video)


Surveillance cameras captured the moment a former New York City police sergeant was beaten in broad daylight by a couple of thugs.

The footage from last Tuesday begins as one of the thugs, identified by police as 20-year-old Masterjadin Roman, throws an object at the retired officer near a deli in Manhattan.

After charging at the thug who assaulted him, the officer hits his head as he’s hurled onto the pavement, before Roman begins throwing several punches targeting his face.


BLM Protester Who Nearly Killed Man Arrested For Attack


Marquise Love, the Black Lives Matter protester who allegedly knocked a motorist unconscious in Portland, has been arrested days after the attack.

The 25-year-old was busted by Portland police and booked into Multnomah County jail early Friday, online records show.

He is charged with felony counts of assault, coercion and riots, with bail set at $250,000 on the top count of assault.

Love was allegedly caught on viral video coming from behind and kicking driver Adam Haner in the head Sunday night, knocking him out.

Haner said he stopped at the protests to help a transgender woman who was being mugged. He believes he was attacked for being white.

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Man Viciously Beaten by BLM Was Trying to Help Transgender Victim of Robbery

Jail for Double Rapist Who Tried to Murder Victim Because ‘He Felt Like It’

A man has been jailed after carrying out a double rape and attempted murder of a stranger while on bail for a similar attack on another middle-aged victim in London.

Aaron Murphy, 21, tried to murder his victim because he “felt like it”, in a brutal attack which left the woman with multiple facial fractures and missing several teeth, a court heard.

On May 21st in Harrow, northwest London, the 49-year-old victim was “minding her own business” in the early hours of the morning when the Jamaica-educated Murphy “grabbed her and ran off with her”, prosecutor Marion Smullen told the Central Criminal Court.

The defendant “smiled menacingly” upon being shown CCTV footage of the attack in court, “before smirking again when the court was shown photographs of the victim with the severe injuries he had inflicted”, according to a report from Court News UK.


FL Man Arrested For Enforcing Social Distancing By Firing Shots In Hotel Lobby


Authored by Jonathan Turley,

According to police, Douglas Marks, 29, has a curious method for reinforcing social distancing.

After he spotted people without masks, he allegedly fired “four warning shots” at the Crystal Beach Suites Hotel.  The criminal charges contained one interesting element.  While Marks did not reportedly aim at anyone, he was still charged with assault.

This follows an incident in California where a woman maced a couple who was eating with their child at a park without masks.

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Marxist Cries Over Rubber Bullet Wounds after Trying to Burn Down Courthouse


An anarchist protester in Portland showed off multiple rubber bullet wounds which he claimed happened after he was “peacefully protesting” outside the fenced-off Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse.

The Antifa terrorist claimed he was merely banging on the fence chanting, “Black Lives Matter,” and “All Cops are Bastards,” “literally just standing there,” a cohort describes, when federal agents shot him.